Bear the Unbearable

Bearing the Unbearable

‘In both Western and Tibetan cultures, having a big heart is associated with generosity, kindness, warmth, and compassion. In Tibetan culture, a person with a big heart is also someone with the ability and courage to hold even the most painful truths in his or her heart without becoming despondent.

During difficult times my mother used to say, “You need to make your heart big enough to hold a horse race inside.” Working with difficulties in a compassionate way doesn’t necessarily mean we can resolve them. Samara, by its nature, can’t be fixed. It can only be worked with and transcended - which means seen through.

A traditional Buddhist image of compassion is that of an armless woman watching her only child being swept away by the raging torrent of a river. Imagine the unbearable anguish at not being able to save your child - and not being able to turn away! In the practice of bodhichitta, this is the unconditional compassion we try to cultivate toward all sentient beings, even if we’re unable to truly help them until we ourselves become free.

The willingness to not turn away from our anguish as we reflect on the suffering of samsara is the bodhisattva path. This path is possible only because we have seen that the true nature of suffering is egoless, or empty. Not turning away from suffering doesn’t mean “toughing it out.” It means that, having seen the true nature of suffering, we have the courage to encounter suffering joyfully.“

- Dzigar Kongtrul, It’s Up to You: The Practice of Self-Reflection on the Buddhist Path.

Unbearable Bears

Imagine a pocket-sized you plastering a green star sticker on the side of your house, adding the first of many that you’re going to use to decorate your beloved dollhouse. Namjoon enters the living room clad in a Ryan onesie. He plops on the couch and grabs the remote to flicker on the television. Moments later, Yoongi also enters the room, this time sporting a Kumamon onesie. As he is about to approach the couch, he notices a fellow person clothed in a bear onesie. It seems Namjoon notices that as well because as he turns his head to face Yoongi, a similar expression to the latter’s covers his face: pure disgust.

Yoongi finally walks towards the couch and stands tall as he crosses his arms at the edge of it. If he were in an anime, there would sure be dark smoke surrounding him. He speaks with a rough tone, one of a person who had just witnessed someone spit in their cereal.

“I see you are also wearing a bear onesie.”

“I am.”

Seeing that Namjoon doesn’t do anything about the predicament the two are in, Yoongi takes initiative.

“Well seeing as though there is only room for one bear, I will allow you to walk out of the premises unscathed as you go change.”

“Excuse me?”

The leader finally rises to his feet, unhappy with the words the other rapper had just said to him. He stands well above the older and glances down with a raised brow. The shorter male keeps his stance and doesn’t dare break eye contact. The two don’t speak but one could definitely tell that they are speaking with their eyes. In the next second, the two of them sprint to where your dollhouse rests and shout for you.


Their loud shouting causes you to yelp and leap into the air while in the middle of adding a purple car sticker to your dollhouse. You turn around and quickly lean against your wall after witnessing how close their faces are. At the same time, they ask you, “Who has the better onesie?”

You, in a panic, answer without a single thought, “The one with the bear onesie!” In your panicked state, you didn’t realize that the two are both wearing bear onesies and that you didn’t help their situation at all. The rappers, unsatisfied with your answer, sprint out of the living room and disappear into the halls to compete to see who is the better bear.

But where is our distribution transformer?
Where is our telecom cabinet? Our
debut is a highly idiosyncratic venture
into the beehive of Virtues:
Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Bricolage

watch videos & listen free
drive to the hills of discount stores
there are multiple zesty herbs
and multiple artists with the same name
of busy zeitgeists

once more turned around to find the oldest sister,
the little bear unbearable, able to do everything
admits the broadcasting

you’re not sorry

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Another thousand apologies, yet he will never forgive himself.

pairing: jimin | reader
words: 3.1k
genre: angst
summary: you would forgive him again and maybe a thousand times more. but it just seems as though you didn’t want to anymore

The person you are calling is -

The phone flew across the room with such aggression that the hard slam against the wall could possibly left an indentation but Jimin didn’t care. He didn’t care that his phone was probably shattered into pieces.

Silence took over, like a fog on the cold streets of Seoul at night when all the nightmares roam about. The stench of cheap bear became too unbearable in the confinements of his room that Jimin didn’t notice at all because for the past weeks, that was all he was greeted too when he came stumbling home. An apartment that bore nothing but thickened silence and his mistakes.

He buried his face in his hands, his figure overcame with fatigue as he sat at the edge of the bed for what seemed like an eternity. It became a routine. Calling, failing and then regretting.

This was all his fault.

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The signs as Persona games memes
  • Taurus: Fsteak
  • Gemini: October 4th
  • Cancer: Everyday's great at your Junes!!
  • Leo: :sexy motorcycle noises:
  • Virgo: Persona 5
  • Libra: Non-canon-chan
  • Scorpio: Mara
  • Sagittarius: "I hope you're BEARy preBEARed for this unBEARable BEAR of a battle!!"
  • Capricorn: The Reaper
  • Aquarius: Go play a REAL SMT GAME