Two years ago today was one of the most significant days of my life. It was the day my late martial arts master, Chad Boxx, found me and took me on as his martial arts student. He became my cherished friend and mentor that I greatly needed. After what I went through overall and at my old dojang, he came at the perfect time.. He did so much more than present me with my black belt…. He lifted me up and helped guide my entire life. My eyes finally opened to the essence of purpose and life/martial arts.
I began writing because of the inspiration and confidence, to which he guided me. This led me to getting recommended and accepted as a Writing Fellow at the college. He was also a magnificent mental health worker; my interest in psychology furthered through the inspiration and brilliance he portrayed to me.
I cannot imagine my life without my three passions and ambitions that make up my life: martial arts, writing, and psychology.
Simply, everything  began through him.
Thank you, Master, for the love and guidance that changed me forever. Thank you for changing how this chapter could have ended and for allowing me to have an incredible journey ahead of me. I was truly lost, and I thought I wanted to disappear forever. I guess all I wanted was to be found. You’ll always be by my side, just as you said. I love you.

In March I dropped my job and left town to help better understand my intentions for my future. At the end of what ended up being a 2 week road trip, I found myself spending a lot of time in Kansas City with Alexander McClain from Bears and Company. He is my friend, my mentor, my role model, and someone who changed my life that week. We decided to record songs together in his garage, 2 from me, 2 from him, and we just let ourself be as vulnerable and unperfected as we could be.

You can listen to Looking Out, Looking In at

Thank you Nick Ferran for the beautiful album artwork.
Thank you Jake Kalmink for mixing and mastering this album to sound just like we heard in our heads when we were pouring our hearts out in a smokey garage.
Thank you Alexander McClain for giving me your time, guidance, and your friendship.
Thank you Luke Nowland (yes myself), for finally understanding the purpose of self confidence, and choosing to embrace it fully.

No words can describe how incredibly blessed I am to have completed this journey with these incredible people. We’ve laughed we’ve cried and have fought through many nights of stress and exhaustion. But now here we are three years later. I suffered so many losses these last few years and there were so many times that I wanted to give up but through the support of my friends family and cohort I pulled through. To this class of 2015, thank you so much for my being my biggest teachers and most valuable mentors. You’ve been my home away from home these last couple of years and I am eternally grateful ❤️🎓 #wedidit #classof2015 #msw #gradschool #masters #cohort #happy #family #lovethem

#exposeyourself challenge day 2: What do you use to mask your insecurity? What do you hide behind?

Didn’t want to answer this but I do want a @lululemon gift card lol, so let’s do this personal growth thing.

I don’t really hold on to physical insecurities, so I’ve to go emotional with this one. I trust God with my life. But my main stressful uncertainty is will I be provided a partner? Masters degree, career in my field, volunteer, mentor, single, no kids. Did I mention 4'11" ball of sassy adorableness? Lol but I look around and most of my friends have tied the knot and I wonder “God, about me?” I often fall asleep on the couch because I don’t want to go to bed. Because I go to bed alone. Don’t misunderstand, my life is pretty great and I’ve been blessed over and over again. I would like my partner to share it with. I don’t necessarily hide this, I guess, I just don’t talk about it outside my inner circle.

My pastor @drvjhurte always closes out prayer by saying, “Lord, if your will is done, then we shall be pleased with the outcome.” In mulling over my insecurity, I realize that whatever He has planned, I should be pleased with it. If He’s saving someone for me, great. If He’s keeping my time available to continue being a positive influence for youth and community work, great. If it’s something I haven’t even thought of, that’ll be great too. I’ll just keep seeking Him and meeting Him on the mat for our daily chat. And enjoy the perks of doing what I want in my solo apartment #RiskyBusinessdancetime #growth #seekHim #yoga #atleasticanhogallthecovers #bothpillowsaremine #noonemesseswithmythermostatsetting