Our boy who always eat food from convenience store and room service finally get exposed to real food ^0^ And he even tried to sing to mess with Nobu :O XD (x)

And here’s for anyone who want to hear the song Yuzuru mimicked XD

Jenna talking about how she dreamed of being a zoo keeper when she was little, then remembers all the pets she and Julian already have and the audience starts to scream names of other animals they should get

Jenna: *trying to understand the screaming* an owl? a towel? ….. oh dan howell! *laughs* Whenever you mention Dan Howell is just *makes cute little noises* You know who loves Dan and Phil more than anybody though *points at Julien* Exposed!

Julien: Oh yeah, are you kidding me? I got to sit on a couch with them, it was amazing!

This made my day

Y'all but

Evak being in a healthy committed relationship supporting eachother through hard times and assuring the other that they will always be there for them and they are never alone.

Jonas and Eva breaking up so they can both be independent and develop their own opinions and have fun and make friends but still being able to ultimately come back together and fall back in love again but this time around they are both more mature and ready for a relationship.

Sana and Yousef dating despite the fact Sana is religious and Yousef is not, that even though the other one has different opinions on those things they still are happy with themselves and their own beliefs and can still care deeply for the other person and respect one another’s beliefs.

Vilde being able to feel loved and safe with Magnus. Vilde actually finding a boy to treat her with respect she deserves and being able to talk to about her home life issues with him.

Discord… was so fun. 

I love listening to everyone speak they are all so cute and nice and supportive. Azura wailing about a spider and Cam staying up till sunrise and Aki making more AUs and Danny being a sweetie reciting Chariot lines and Rae being supportive sending me stuff from Alex and Ray laughing so hard at Neon’s gif they literally stopped breathing and had to lie down and Neon crying for like an hour straight.

Everyone. Is so cute. I am in heaven I am blessed with all of these angels.


so we had a huge summer reading kickoff event at work and I was in charge of face painting. So a lady and her kid walk up to get face painted and i see the lady has a bearded dragon on a leash in her purse???!!! (which is honestly???? goals?!?!!) anyway, I was like “.… hey not to be weird or anything but can I hold your lizard???????? and that’s how today became one of the best days ever the end