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The Magnificent Seven (2016)



A big screen remake of John Sturges’ classic western The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

The Magnificent Seven

tumblr should love this movie.

First, it takes a classic movie that is favorite of angry old men - I mean, the original had Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson - and puts our creepy multiethnic sjw fingers all over the reboot.

Native American characters being played by Native Americans.

Asian characters being played by Asians.

A Mexican character being played by an actual Mexican. ( Manuel Garcia-Rulfo should get half a dozen pilot offers from the networks based on this one movie alone.)

Now Martin Sensmeier is Tlingit, not Cherokee, but it’s a huge step up from Johnny Depp. And  Byung-hun Lee is Korean, not Chinese, but at least he’s not a white guy with a tan.

It’s so much more historically accurate to have a black, an asian, an hispanic, a native american, and three white guys than a pale white western. And they aren’t perfect. There is lots of casual racism, which is accurate for the time. They’re alcoholic. They insult each other in a variety of languages. They have PTSD. They’re assholes to each other, but they have each others’ backs too.

Also, the movie starts by a beautiful man being killed to fuel the female character’s revenge arc. Yay for womanpain!

Finally, it’s an amazing movie. Really. I love westerns, but this is just a great movie. Everybody puts in amazing performances. The cinematography is beautiful. It would get Oscar noms for the acting if it wasn’t a genre movie. Hell, Denzel might get one. The Academy loves Denzel. D’Onofrio might pull a supporting actor nom, too. The problem the other actors face is that there are so many of them that it prevents any of them from having enough screen time to put together a convincing nomination reel.

Go see it. You won’t regret it.

spidey-loving-starkid  asked:

The PrattPack's reaction to meeting The Avengers? What is the first thing that the Pratts say to them? - Buffy/Universe.

Andy: Freezes up and his jaw drops and he is just this bubble of excitement like omg there they are, they’re here omg, and it takes him like fifteen minutes to regain his composure, and even after that, he has no clue what to say

Peter: Is all cocky like “Yeah, you’ve probably heard of me I’m Star-Lord, legendary outlaw and savior of the galaxy and–oh mY GOD IS THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA!?!?!?!?!?”

Owen: Puffs his chest out and tries to act unimpressed because he is not some fangirl ready to gush over a few people in tights. So he gives them a smile and is like “What brings you to the island?” But his voice cracks in the middle as he internally screams because holy shit it’s The Avengers.


anonymous asked:

hey bb can you do a dating faraday would include xx

  • he insists that you hang around during his poker games because you’re his good luck charm 
  • and if you give him a nice shoulder rub while he plays, he’ll repay the favor later on at night 
  • if you are more than 20ft away from him doing something, and you happen to glance over, 110% of the time he will wink at you from across the room
  • aside from that, he actually saves his winking for special occasions because he likes to catch you off guard with it because let’s face it, he knows it makes you weak in the knees 
  • you’re always finding him passed out in random places with his hat over his face
  • that fucking nerd will name one of his guns after you and he will cherish that gun almost as much as he cherishes you and if someone touches it there will be hell to pay
  • it’s also very important to him that you know how to defend yourself, so he makes sure to teach you how to shoot
  • he’s very protective of you, but in a quiet type of way–like he’d never say you can’t do something, but no matter what, he has one eye on you at all times, just in case 
  • Faraday is always, always, always shuffling his cards, partially because he needs to always be doing something with his hands, and partially to show off how good he is with his fingers
  • he buys you gifts a lot; usually clothes that he thinks would look nice on you, and nothing makes him happier than seeing you wear them 
  • but he also likes tearing those clothes off–and he really likes it when he finds that you’ve got on some sexy lingerie underneath the long skirts and dresses you wear
  • Faraday enjoys spanking you 
  • he also enjoys when you ride him, and when you do, his hands stay gripped on your hips the entire time, guiding your every movement 
  • oh my god when he comes it rocks his whole body and his hips buck up in a way that throws you over the edge every time
  • the second you’re done, he lights a cigarette 
  • the typical grand finale for said magic tricks is that he’ll hold your card up really close to your face, then quickly move it to the side and kiss you hard
  • it doesn’t take long for you to discover that mister rough and tough cowboy is actually a big softie who would do absolutely anything for you
  • and the only reason he hasn’t married you yet is because he’s having trouble finding a church in a town that he hasn’t been chased out of 

anonymous asked:

*dead* Im waiting for someone to write that theeshome tbh. Aldo, I think that Billy and Goodnight would share a gilfriend, like they wouldn't be jealous one over other Just when another man tries something with their girl ;)

I mean, they seem to share everything, so why not a girlfriend? 

  • Billy insists that you snuggle up with Goodnight when you sleep, because you’re able to help him cope with the night terrors in a way that Billy can’t 
  • You, running to give Billy a big kiss after he wins a stand off, and Goodnight rolls his eyes and chuckles to himself as he walks around collecting his winnings from the onlookers
  • Faraday and Vasquez making jokes about the whole situation, but all it takes is one glare from Goodnight and Billy and they shut the fuck up
  • Billy, being bored, and absentmindedly styling your hair with his hairpin
  • Goodnight teaching you to shoot, but whoops, while he’s trying to guide the positioning of your hands, he ends up feeling you up instead–Billy shows up, shaking his head, and puts a knife in your hand to show you that not only are knives the superior weapon, but also that he is superior at the art of seduction 
  • Jfc and then when they both decide they want to marry you it’s a big pain in the ass and they have to find two different churches in two different towns and falsify all these documents but it’s worth it 
  • And the others bitch about it so much like “Just because you have two weddings does not mean I’m buying you two wedding gifts but nice try”