I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m planning a Dragon Queen fic where Regina actually is Lily’s other parent, and no, it is not going to be a crack fic at all. It’s a legit plot. I want to stretch my creative juices and take what I know is a crack idea and run with it and make it into something/give it life in a way that I hope makes even just one person go, ‘Oh hey I totally buy this!’

i miss seeing Anna with the pp2 casts, i miss Anna being goofy and dorky and silly and funny and weird during pitch perfect press, i miss seeing Anna and Brittany together, i miss their Instagram comments, i miss Sendrick and i really hope that they will get paired up the pitch perfect 2 press.

Why Hiro is a Disney Princess to me…

He’s 14-years-old like Snow White.

Goes out at night after curfew like Cinderella.

Lives with an aunt like Aurora.

Is a rebel who has a lot of junk like Ariel.

Is an intelligent weirdo who nobody can understand like Belle.

Has a huge cat that is black and orange all over like Jasmine.

Associated with raccoons like Pocahontas.

Has a musical montage with teammates like Mulan.

Is pals with a cheerful rich person like Tiana.

Beautiful hair like Rapunzel.

Rebel who wants to do their own shit like Merida.

There’s also the whole dead parents, and non-human sidekicks thing. Plus, Hiro’s good with animals… when he’s not busy throwing Mochi around.”

We met a Russian today. He looked at Max (my Siberian husky/Alaskan malamute) & said…“oh sweet dog! He so sweet! We like dog like him where I’m from! They like snow!” Max really liked him too. Siberian husky hits it off with Russian man!

“Thor’s cape is cool. I think I like capes. I want a cape. I am going to have a cape. Now I have a cape!”
“Whose side are you on?”
“Hm what? Do you see my cape? It is really cool, you guys.”
“We don’t trust you.”
“Even with my cool cape? Okay fine, I am on the side of the living… Like Jon Snow. Thor, here’s your hammer. What? Why are you all looking at me like that???”

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Do you have some fantasy/YA books to recommend me? (Standalone or series)

Absolutely! I have tooonnnsss of recommendations. :)

Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin (not sure if it’s considered fantasy or not but its sooo worth the read???)

Snow Like Ashes by Sarah Raasch

Aaand I can’t really think of anything else off of the top of my head rn but if you want you can go on my Goodreads and look there. (I have the link to my goodreads on my blog page) hope this helped! :)

There are four doves, two ducks, EIGHT squirrels and SEVEN finches in my yard, within 10 feet of each other like am I Snow White or something and can they clean my kitchen


3.2.3: The Bonsai

Ananke: My work at the Willow is done, I have returned. Take my cloths and put them in the cave, please.

Tartarus: As you wish, matriarch.

Ananke: My little mole– come here and let me kiss you… Good evening, Xodus. Do you have anything to report?

Xodus: Nothing, matriarch, your grove has been like to white snow in that it has been silent and untouched since you left it.

Ananke: You have shown me true loyalty. How shall I reward you?

Xodus: If it pleases you, perhaps I could take this wolf I have tamed in your grove back with me.

Ananke: Of course, I will keep no wolves here– but giving you what is already yours is no reward– Tartarus, bring him a load of fruit. I am grateful. You are dismissed, though perhaps it would be best to wait for dawn… we live in strange times.

Xodus: If it pleases you, I will travel by night. My lady and my son have waited for me long enough.

Ananke: When your son’s son sings to his children of virtue, he will sing of you, Xodus of the Zabad. Farewell.

Tartarus: I have something to show you, matriarch– something that will make your shadow longer.

Ananke: Use caution when you speak of my shadow to anyone but me. We live in days when the Willow’s weeping shadow is like to black hair in Uranus’ braids, in that it is made to look smaller by art.

Tartarus: Yes, matriarch… and the Bonsai’s shadow has always been like to the wind, in that it twists among the trees to hide its reach.

Ananke: Let us look at what you have to show me, you clever boy.

Tartarus: I have found a way of making trees grow where I want them to– even the sacred trees that bear our grove’s fruit.

Ananke: I had thought this impossible since the long winter… the seeds need both air and heat to sprout- if we bury them too shallow, they die from the cold, if we bury them too deep, they smother.

Tartarus: Yes, but the green beetle makes little… ways… ways that are like to the bones of a bird, in that they are long and hollow, and the air passes through them. The beetles eat the sap from the sweet tree, if we put it in the earth with the seeds, they will make their hollows to reach it, and the seeds will sprout.

Ananke: Tartarus… you are like to a woman, in that you can create! This changes everything…

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Okay, but Michigan is the most bipolar state ever. Like why would it snow in the middle of April and I would walk barefoot to my best friends house (she lives two doors down) in December. Then that whole freezing rain shit in Oxford on halloween wasn't cool either.

Ok I had to play in 20 degree weather (with wind chill) last week against Berkeley. It was HORRIBLE. But dude when it sleeted on Halloween we got maybe 10 kids and it was GREAT cuz that meant more candy for me

11 Questions Tag

Thank you theplanethetrainthejourney for tagging me 

1) What’s your favorite book cover?

It would definitely have to be Snow Like Ashes. 

2) What book has the most interesting storyline in your opinion?’

Heir of Fire. It’s the book I have been reading as of late and all of the different POV changes, though they sometimes change with a cliff hanger, introduces all of these different plots which keep me entranced.

3) What’s on thing you wish you could tell publishers?

I guess it would have to be to cut new authors a little slack and give them a chance

4) Is there something on your bookshelf that isn’t a book? If so, what?

Yes, I have this little elephant figurine my great-great aunt Joanie gave me when I was younger. There’s a little superstition where if the tusks face a door or window it will bring luck so that’s what it’s doing.

5) What was your favorite story that you read growing up?

My favorite when I was in sixth grade, when I kept getting in trouble for reading instead of working, which was Eragon

6) Do you have any fond memories of books?

I remember spending time outside reading a book while laying on a rock and, though I feel like a weirdo admitting it, I actually felt the most peaceful when I did that. Now I just hide away in my room to read.

7) Is there anything that could be on the cover of a book that would instantly make you pick it up?

Either an interesting cover or title. That’s how I came across Snow Like Ashes. I walked into Barnes & Noble to grab my mom a book for her birthday with my aunt, and my aunt made me grab a book, telling me she’d pay for it. I walked into the fantasy section and it stood out to me.

8) Do you have any bookish pet peeves?

If the main character has an annoying ‘voice’ or is a bit too cocky about themselves I will start rolling my eyes whenever they talk and usually start hoping the villain will take care of them

9) What’s one book you find really overhyped?

Insurgent. I read the first book way before it became popular, and once it did everyone told me to read the second. I reluctantly did and found myself mostly disappointed.

10) What book is the most recent addition to your collection?

I did a little stop at B&N and grabbed a few classics. So they would have to be The Divine Comedy, The Art of War, and Treasure Island.

11) What genre of book have you really been avoiding?

Nonfiction. I had to read it last year for school and it never really did it for me.

My Questions:

1.) Who is your favorite author?

2.) What do you use at as a bookmark?

3.) What genre do you prefer?

4.) Do you like movie adaptations of books? If so, which do you enjoy the most? 

5.) How large is your TBR pile?

6.) What books do you usually recommend?

7.) Do you prefer paperback, hardcover, audio, or e-books?

8.) What books are you anticipating this year?

9.) What is the last book you read?

10.) Do you have a book that you stopped reading half-way through? If so, which one?

11.) Have you ever experienced Second Book Syndrome? If so, with which book?

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Omg your Disney princess post is funny bc literally everyone I know says I look like Snow White and I am a Pisces

oh really that’s soo cool, i’m sure you must be beautiful then x