here i am to annoy everybody

with a bitter armchair fan post thats gonna attack on ALL OF YOU.

anti jonsa ppl: stop celebrating like what Sophie said destroyed the ship. what she said is not enough proof that Jonsa is not happening. the writers will do what they like as they always have. other actors and people associated with the show have expressed opinions before contradictory to what ended up happening. anyway nobody needs authorial or actorial or whatever intent to ship.
pro Jonsa folks: can you stop fucking attacking Sophie??? like stop calling her drunk, ditzy, unreliable, jealous and whatever else the fuck. its her opinion, disagree all you want, but stop this Discredit Sophie Now campaign. FFS. its not cool.

everybody who has been mostly calm about this: THANK YOU.

Morning Meeting

Because I missed Caitlin in the sizzle reel. (Yeah, I know, she was by Wally’s bedside, blink and you’ll miss her, but shhhhh. Let me have my fun.)

Morning Meeting

The richest man in America checked the time. Shouldn’t be too much longer now.




A roar echoed through his admin’s office. “I don’t care what his schedule says, he’ll see me right now!”

You could always count on Caitlin Snow to be punctual, even for an appointment she didn’t know she had.

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anonymous asked:

If two ability users were to have a kid, will the kid inherit from the parents, have their own, or none at all?

Hm, possibly none at all.. I think it will entirely depend on if the ability is inheritable at all, or how the kid is. Since we see that Kyouka’s ability was inherited through her mother with special circumstances, some abilities might be transferable like Demon Snow.  Considering the rarity of these abilities, it is most likely that the offspring would not have an ability.

timburtonfan567  asked:

don't you ever get hot under that armor? I don't think I'd ever be able to wear armor without pretty much melting in it.

This armor is the peak of German Engineering! Plus with repairs and modification done by Torbjorn.

This armor has state of the art hydraulic muscle control, top of the line micro jet propulsion, cutting edge circuitry that near links up to my own mind, a advanced electromagnetic shield generator, plus premier cooling system.

If it was real normal armor, yes I would be like Berlin snow in middle of July.

// My dream of last night. It was like a video game. Meilou was mind controlled by the bad guy of the game who’s purpose was to revive a legendary god creature in ruins.

But Izuku Midoriya arrived to stop him. To hold him back, he forced Meilou to fight him. Not wanting to hurt him, he just tried avoiding her attacks.

There were many options of action to do to win the fight (a bit like in Sims when you decide what they must do) aaand for some reason, he ended up… kissing her. 

Just like the prince of Snow White and the prince of Aurora. owo; Though I don’t remember if it works or not.

@bunnizuku I thought about you when I woke up ^///^;

Art © Mela–chan (Ai-Kizu-RP)

Izuku Midoriya © Boku no Hero Academia

plot #02 - plot twists

(Spoilers para Snow Like Ashes, Cinder e para os dois primeiros volumes de Trono de Vidro).

Plot twists são meu vício. Eu os adoro; escrevendo ou lendo, não importa. Um bom plot twist, na minha opinião, pode salvar uma história da mesmice e dos clichés (talvez até mesmo de uma escrita mais ou menos), mas aí é que está: ele tem que ser bom.

Plot twists, como o nome diz (plot = trama, twist = virada, torção), é uma técnica que basicamente se resume a uma reviravolta na sua história, geralmente em momentos críticos (midpoint, clímax, etc), que mudo o rumo da trama. Algo que era acreditado como 100% verdade é revelado como mentira; o maior suspeito é na verdade inocente, e o personagem até então retratado como inocente é um assassino terrível; e por aí vai. O objetivo do plot twist é surpreender o leitor, renovando assim a história e impulsionando os personagens em novas direções (ou realizações).

Como qualquer outro plot device, porém, o plot twist também pode ser cliché. Sim, eu disse que ele pode salvar uma história dos clichés, mas alguns plot twists já são incrivelmente comuns. Pense no príncipe ou princesa perdida que retoma o trono, mas que até o último momento da história era visto apenas como uma pessoa comum, um plebeu; quantas vezes você já não leu uma história assim? Não é algo novo, obviamente, mas isso não quer dizer que não possa ser feito.

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outflayed-you  asked:


15: What’s your favorite map?

Can’t really think of a fun picture for this one but it’s probably Volskaya Industries. I like the snow. Least favourite is Hollywood because of horrible, horrible memories…

To be honest I have a terrible sense of orientation in this game. All of the maps bleed into each other and I don’t even remember which ones are assault, capture, or payload etc.

I’ve always liked the quote from Snow white since her knowing about dolls and dollhouses shows to me that she, at least, knows something about girlhood. Although she’s been a scullery maid for so long, it’s nice to think that she did have some childhood.

—Actually, yes, it is the heat. The humidity is just the turd on top of it. And you people who tell me to quit bitching? I listened to you when you complained about winter, cold, and snow. So it’s my turn. And sweating makes me cranky.

—That said, I have to go to an outdoor birthday party today. Ugh. See previous comment.

—I have had far too much interaction with the insect world this summer. I’m like the Snow White of the bug world. Except I can’t get the little buggers to do housework. And sometimes they bite me. And I don’t have to sing to them to get them to gather on me. Ok, so I’m nothing like Snow White. The point is: too many bugs. Too. Many. Bugs.

—Daughter wants to see Suicide Squad. I may have to give in to this one since she lost on Deadpool. I’d like to hear some reviews before I commit…so, yeah, feel free after you see it to tell me what you think.

—Is it wrong that I watch the new Walking Dead trailer whenever I’m feeling down? 12 times since yesterday. I’m not pathetic. You’re pathetic. ;)

Kidding. I’m in a pretty good mood– as long as I’m chilled properly–like white wine. Have a lovely Saturday, lovely friends!!

Literally the Evil Queen and Regina are the same person

She was not cursed, its not like Snow and Mary Margaret

They are one in the same

And of course EQ is going after Snow, when its been established many time that Regina was in the wrong, Snow was a child who was trying to help Regina

But I am sure Regina will save Snow from the EQ and everyone will be like omg you are a hero, you are not the evil queen, all those murders of innocent villagers you slaughtered are not on your hands!