I said it over on my insta, I’m saying it here.

There’s an audio on musical.ly of music over gunshots. The shots are from the Florida shooting. Please don’t make a video to that audio. It’s disrespectful as fuck. 17 people lost their lives that day. Also, the audio could trigger people, and cause them to hurt themselves.

Don’t bother trying to find it. It shouldn’t even be allowed to exist.

Please reblog to spread awareness. A school shooting is such a horrible thing to happen, and anyone who uses the audio is fucked up.

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I will delete if necessery but please. Try and avoid it. Especially if you get triggered by gunshots very easily.

Better names for your favorite musicals

The book of Mormon: everyone’s gay

Into the woods: ruined childhood

Be more chill: computer vore

Heather’s: murder

Newsies: jumping boys


Dear Evan Hansen: lies™

Tuck everlasting: why did this show close?

The great comet: why did this show close part two?

Falsettos: tears

an issue with writing fic

I hate when I’m writing fic and then my dad comes by to ask what I’m writing

and what am I supposed to say? “I’m writing about two gay boys that belong to a thing I obsess over.” 

Yeah no.

So I just have to awkwardly tell him “Nothing.”

Dear Heathers Chill The Blue Squad Headcanons

-Jeremy, Evan and Veronica all go to the same school, Jeremy’s a junior and Veronica/Evan are seniors

-they didn’t meet each other until the middle of the school year when they got the same English class, Jeremy being in advanced placement

-they’re assigned to the same group for their Macbeth project and since this is post their shows there’s a little awkwardness to be had

-Evan is silent most of the time, afraid to speak up about the project and when Jeremy invites them over for the project he suggests they grab slushies from the 7/11 down the street

-all three feet blueberry when Jeremy notices they’re all wearing blue too and makes a joke about it

-Evan actually laughs at the joke and it’s probably the first time either Veronica or Jeremy have seen him smile like that

-Veronica still likes the red flavor the best but it brings up painful memories of her former boyfriend and their love of red slushies

-the three start meeting at 7/11 every Thursday for slushies and they rotate who pays for them

-Michael sometimes joins them and he’s the only one to get cherry

-funnily enough Michael actually used to live next door to JD and they met at the 7/11 a few times

-they also may or may not have smoked weed together but that’s not important

-Evan who’s lost all his friends after the Connor Project is happy to actually have people to talk to who don’t hate him

Also: They have a tendency to exchange clothes. Usually Evan’s polo, Jeremy’s cardigan and surprisingly Veronica’s skirt.

I follow a lot of Squip blogs and there’s quite a lot of angst. Okay so there’s some story behind this song for me. I listen to it to feel happy, and these blogs make me happy, and i feel like these characters could use some happiness too! Violet @violet-makes-an-entrance Charlie @squip-filth Eric @ericonthestage Sid @radplaidduo Spencer @asktheubersquip

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