Be square

Aspects to the Sun ~

Sun-Moon aspects – Faces of the Phases
~Sun conjunct Moon, Sun sextile Moon, Sun square Moon, Sun trine Moon, Sun opposite Moon:

  • Threatened by the external world   

  • Hides a secret life   
  •  Struggles with self-reflection
  • Hurt by parents
  • Self-expression and style of interaction is emotion and security based
  • Feels emotionally unstable  

Sun-Mercury aspects – Faces of the Phases
~Sun conjunct Mercury

  • Illuminated Mind

  • Quality of mind is evident in self-expression
  • Bright Eyes
  • Instantaneous responses

Sun-Venus aspects – Royal Wedding
~Sun conjunct Venus

  • Radiant and Appearance based
  • Openly affectionate and demonstrative

  • Heart on sleeve

  • Strong likes and dislikes
Generous with inner resources 

  • Self-focused 
  • Self-Presentation is a reflection of the identity

Sun-Mars aspects -
~Sun conjunct Mars, Sun sextile Mars, Sun square Mars, Sun trine Mars, Sun opposite Mars:

  • Prepared to be hurt and betrayed
Influential and independent  

  • Self-starting and initiative  
Reactive and wounded

  • Childlike temperament
  • Assertive and uncompromising when it comes to personal desires

  • Creativity borne of inner tension

Sun-Jupiter aspects – Lucky Star
~Sun conjunct Jupiter, Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun square Jupiter, Sun trine Jupiter, Sun opposite Jupiter:

Marvellous appetite for life and self-discovery 

  • Generous with inner resources
Fortunate when positive
Anticipates the future  
Spiritual and faithful
Intelligent and educated
  • Struggles with moderation  

Sun-Saturn aspects – King’s Slave
~Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun sextile Saturn, Sun square Saturn, Sun trine Saturn, Sun opposite Saturn:

Difficult to break down walls
Composed and self-contained
Privately wounded
Resilient and inspiring

  • Uncompromising when it comes to personal standards
Dissatisfied in themselves 

  • Generous and kind, though hesitant, around others

Sun-Uranus aspects: Unlikely Heroine
~Sun conjunct Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus, Sun square Uranus, Sun trine Uranus, Sun opposite Uranus:

  • Easily bored and unstimulated
  • Disinterested in most people
  • Misunderstood by most people
  • Enjoys proving people wrong
  • Politically active despite claiming dislike for people  
  • Stirs chaos 
Does not conceive limits
  • Psychological tension

Sun-Neptune aspects: Forget my name
~Sun conjunct Neptune, Sun sextile Neptune, Sun square Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, Sun opposite Neptune:

  • Weak identity boundaries
  • Creative self-expression
  • Sensitive and psychic
  • Absent parent
  • Inexplicable sense of loss  
  • Feels controlled by life/external forces
  • Catches other people’s feelings like colds
Longing to be saved

Sun-Pluto aspects: Dying every Birthday
~Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun square Pluto, Sun trine Pluto, Sun opposite Pluto:

  • Psychologically complex
  • Introverted  , prefers isolation
Fears vulnerability and detests intrusion
  • Desperate and Distrustful
  • Incapable of self-deception  
Resentment for parent
  • Answerable only to the authority of soul 


Remember To Buy “RWBY: After the Fall” by E.C. Myers

If you like Team CFVY, are a hardcore fan, a casual fan, or even just someone with a passing interest in RWBY, this new entry in the franchise is something that most–if not all–fans should experience.


Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade/NT - Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII reveal trailer.

character render and screenshot

According to a Famitsu interview with Nomura, the main reason for the FFVIII Remaster is because SE noticed a lot of people overseas upset about its very obvious absence among the re-release of every major Final Fantasy game from 1997-2006. It also confirms that the original source code was (and is) still lost, and apparently because of the demand and that it was going to be a challenge no matter what, they decided to go the extra mile for this one compared to VII and IX, including Nomura supervising the project himself and bringing back FFVIII’s original lead modeler to help with the new ones.

So, thanks to anyone who made noise about FFVIII. I assumed it was a total lost cause, but between this, all the attention on Trials of Mana, and the state of FF7R, it seems like Square-Enix is really giving a goddamn about what people want.