Okay I gotta frigging infodump about this!!!

Optimus’ theme in the Transformers movies. It is literally, and I mean literally, the sound of his Spark-pulse.

Grab your headphones or pull a speaker up to your ear and listen.


Do you hear that faint tink-tink-tink noise of violinists plucking instead of moving the bow? That’s the pulse of the piece. THAT IS OPTIMUS’ SOUL. That sound is present throughout the entire song. It’s the first thing you hear and the last thing you hear. It’s there, even when other instruments almost drown it out. It is still there.

Then you get this flute to establish the melody. I think it’s a flute, but it could be an oboe. They sound very similar to me. Anyway, why is it so sad? Because his Spark is sad. He watched his world die, and he’s part of the reason it had to die. He’s watching his war spread to another world that is totally unprepared. He can’t let that world die, too. But he feels alone, because who do you look up to when you are the one at the top? To be a Prime is to feel alone.

And suddenly that flute changes. Now there’s strings and brass playing the melody and voices come in as a bit of “coloration” that makes me think of light. That is the courage coming out. That is the Prime in Optimus Prime. That is where he is looking ahead and deciding he will do whatever it takes to protect other worlds from the same fate as Cybertron. That is hope. That is Optimus standing up and saying “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

Here comes the percussion. The same melodic line played in the previous section repeats, but now it has percussion behind it. What is that? It’s Optimus charging into battle. It’s his determination to protect, to sacrifice and to fight for what is right. The voices rise and that is glow of his Spark brightening into his optics as he stands up for what he believes in.

Even Optimus’ beliefs can be shaken. Sometimes he loses sight of his goals. But, in the ruin of his doubts, he always rises again and again to fight for freedom.

And THAT is what is in his Spark and THAT is what his theme sounds like.

2007: Megatron - So what if we revived our race here on earth?

2009: The Fallen - So, I’ve got this Star Harvester and a ship full of starving robo-babies..

2011: Sentinel Prime - Pretty much the only way to save our planet is to teleport it over here…

2014: Lockdown - Hey, I found this Seed that could turn Earth into a new Cybert..

2017: Optimus - For my world to live… Yours must die.

Can we all just acknowledge for a moment at how tired Optimus is, and not just physically tired, but mentally tired as well? 

IDW Optimus has been through so much shit and all he wants to do is frikkin help. That’s all he wants. He is just so tired of everyone’s shit.

In TFA he was so done about being left out of every frikkin decision in that entire show, and so confused about absolutely everything. 

In TFP, he just wanted the war to be over so he could rest. I mean he frikkin almost gave the matrix to Smokescreen. He would have done anything to be able to rest as long as he knew his family would be safe.

In Bayverse, he is just so one with everyone’s shit it’s not even funny anymore. 

In Rescue Bots, we can just tell Optimus is tired not only because it’s part of the TFP universe, but also because he was so drained after adapting to a T-Rex alt mode. I mean his mental state was so absolutely drained that he couldn’t control it, partly owing to the fact of the TFP universe’s timeline.

In RiD 2015 Optimus is just so exhausted by this point, he just absolutely wants to sleep. Even though the show shows him having more of a positive attitude towards all of this, that is only because that particular show is directed towards a very young audience. When in reality, the Prime is just DONE.

Optimus is just so tired, I hope at some point in the future he just gets a frikkin break.