By the way, you owe me eleven cents.
  • Bayliss:You think that there's one perfect person for each of us? I mean, what if your one true love was an Eskimo and you lived in Des Moines? And you had spent your whole life looking and looking and looking and then you never met her. Or, you did meet her, and she married another Eskimo.
  • Pembleton:There are a lot of nice girls in Des Moines.
  • Bayliss:Yeah, I know that Frank, but in your heart - in your heart, Frank! - you'd want the Eskimo.
  • Pembleton:Finding love is like solving the perfect crime. You look at every shred of evidence. You talk to every witness, follow up every lead. But more often than not what wins in the end is just pure, dumb luck. And you, my friend? Are just not lucky. By the way, you owe me eleven cents.

I know this isnt an artsy photo or relatable quote, but please reblog this! She was last seen on security footage around the golden gate bridge and authorities believe she jumped.. But a body has not been found and no one actually saw her jump.. So I wont give up hope until they find her.. Dead or alive. . Please reblog this and lets find Alliy Bayliss!!