Draft beer, not people.  ~Author Unknown

A few weeks ago I found a bottle of Baying Hound Aleworks beer on the shelf at a local market. Never heard of this place, and it’s based in Rockville, MD- the first [and to date only] brewery in Montgomery County.

The guy who runs it, Paul Rinehart, went to cooking school and was going to be a chef but some wise man told him he lacked the asshole gene and that he wouldn’t do well in the food service industry as a result. So he started brewing beer instead.

The beers are named after hounds Rinehart has known. There’s lagers, ales, and recipes like stout flavored with chocolate and marshmallow, and a wheat beer spiked with sweet red beet juice.

Stop by, say high, and grab a pint. But bring your own food, because they’re not doing munchies yet. Something tells me when Rinehart’s ready for that phase it will be epic.

I went to the Baying Hound Aleworks brewery near my house for their Fall Equinox Festival after work. Pictured is Black Hole Sun, a strong 12.6% ABV ale. I also had the Smash and Dash, which was a single malt (pils) and single hop (warrior) ale. Both were very good.

Saturday 7/12/14

Doink in a box.

Rosebud just climb straight into my lap.

She had such beautiful coloring!

Got free big gulps from 7-11!

Went to an “event” that the shelter was participating in, and boyfriend wanted to try the beer samplers. Still not a beer fan. Two were pretty nice and fruity. One was pretty light on the alcohol so that was pretty good haha, but the middle one was really spicy as well as hoppy. Did not like that one at all.

Tried a pulled pork sandwich from the food truck, dog tags.

We kind of hogged the corn hole game. (Boyfriend successfully made all 4 bean bags in the hole!)

Seoul food. Noms.

Got a free mousey for Luna.


Just east of Rockville’s Town Square, nestled in an industrial park lies the unassuming Baying Hound Aleworks. Founded by Paul Rinehart in 2010, this nano-brewery produces small batch beers on a weekly basis with three flagship beers. These beers include the Lord Wimsey Mild Pale Ale and Hopshot IPA, as well as the seasonal varieties: Long Snout Stout, “Rockville” Kolsch Style Ale, and Sarvara Black India Pale Ale.

When the Beer Heads went to visit, the taps were of a different variety. As we arrived, the owner, Paul was being interview by Ale Street News so I snapped a few photos and headed inside. We each paid $5 for a very brief tour given by one of the brewers and then proceeded to the tasting.

Our first beer was the Pepper Saison (7.1% ABV) which had some nice spice and fruity notes to it. Second taste was the slightly smoky S’mores Stout (9.3% ABV) with hints of roasted marshmallow and chocolate. Next was my personal favorite, the Fumida smoked Rye (6.4% ABV) which only got better as it warmed up. And finally, we finished our tasting with the Sif’s Harvest Barleywine (9.3% ABV) which had a strange viscosity to it but was overall enjoyable.

Overall, we had a great visit and met some people that are clearly passionate about their craft. The place needs some organizing and maybe a rug to tie the room together, but we are definitely looking forward to a return trip in the future and thank Baying Hound Aleworks for accommodating our fairly large group that day!

Sale and Party at The Noon This Sunday

Sale and Party at The Noon This Sunday

Some of our favorite people, The Noon, are having an awesome event this Sunday. This solid DC supplier of Hookahs, Pipe tobacco, Rolling tobacco, Papers, Pipes, Butane, Clothing, E-cigs, E-cig juices, and more is hosting a celebration that includes a sale, live glassblowing, live music, DJ’s, a raffle, and free food!

It’s going down Sunday at noon at their store at 7918 Georgia Ave. Silver…

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