Bayern München


“Thank you for staying despite the chances you could get, thank you for your loyalty
Thank you for your perseverance and hard-work to lead us
Thank you for being more than just a coach, you are a father, a family
Gracias for everything, for uniting us into one
Thank you for inspiring us
Thank you for having faith in us despite we never fully support you, thank you for having our backs even when we rarely appreciate you
Thank you for all these wonderful years

We may not see you guys with the same badge in front of the jersey anymore, but the name on the back would forever remains in our heart. 

Thank you.”

The signs as football clubs

Aries ♈: Manchester United
Taurus ♉: Bayern Munich
Gemini ♊: Borussia Dortmund
Cancer ♋: FC Barcelona
Leo ♌: Paris Saint-Germain
Virgo ♍: Atletico Madrid
Libra ♎: Arsenal FC
Scorpio ♏: Liverpool FC
Sagittarius ♐: Real Madrid
Capricorn ♑: Chelsea FC
Aquarius ♒: Southampton FC
Pisces ♓: Ajax Amsterdam