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Sei Guten Mutes, Thomas

Originally posted by dxbayern

Recently I got an anon message saying we should have a Cheer Thomas Up campaign since he’s been having so much trouble this season. And I kind of thought about it and I was like… well, why not? Thomas Müller could use a little cheering up, I think. 😊 And a reminder we all support him and he’s amazing.

So here’s the plan. 

For some period of time as yet to be decided (a week? a month? to the end of the season? the end of TIME???), I’d like us all to pull together and send Thomas as much uplifting edits, messages, photos of you in his kit, whatever, on Instagram or Twitter. Whenever you do, use the tag #SeiGutenMutes. And if you have the urge, you can post any edits or photos or messages etc here as well and @ me, I’ll reblog it using the same tag.

IF you don’t have Twitter or Instagram and you still want to participate, you can send me an ask, a submit, @ me in a post, whatever, and let me know to deliver whatever you wrote/made. I will post it to Twitter or Insta (with full credits to you of course) (or anonymous if you prefer that) to make sure it gets to him.

I would love if we could get this going in a good timeframe because as we are ALL AWARE, there’s a big game in just a few days! So @oficialmuller @miasanfamilie @fussballgoth if you guys could reblog to help me get the word out. Also, I have like two followers on social media lmfao so IF ANYONE has a Twitter or Insta with a relatively good following, could you try to spread the message for me there as well? I’m not expecting some wildly viral internet campaign but it would be great to get a nice noticeable number of participants!

I think that’s about it. So, thank you to the anon for the idea and I hope you all participate somehow!