Bill Skarsgård for GQ Magazine, July 2018 issue | credits to @GifsOfSkarsgard on Twitter for the photos 

Break Me Down

Requested: Yep
Pairing: You and (Dominant) Billie Boi
Prompt: Bill’s brother flirts with you to piss off his brother and Bill gets jealous and you have angry sex. 
A/n: These are actually 2 very similar requests put together so here ye go my little lambs. This gif makes me uncomfortable because this is a rape scene but I used it so you guys could have a visual anyways Im sorry.
I don’t know how to writeimsorry.

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You couldn’t have been more fed up with Bill at the moment. You were sat down looking like an entire fucking meal. Hair done up, make up on point, a cream colored dress that showed off your fantastic legs and cleavage. You’d only dolled yourself up for the purpose to catch bills attention and he’d hardly looked your way all night. 

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Please, Daddy Fuck Me Some More

Requested: Yesssss
Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Reader
Prompt: In which Roman catches you masturbating and wants to show you it’s better to let him do it for you.
A/n: This is just super kinky. Ropes, blindfolds, blood, and daddy kink. Because c’mon after that episode where Roman and Annie fucked, its PRETTY obvious he’s got it.

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You were bored out of your mind to put it bluntly. You’d come over to Roman’s home in hopes of watching some movies and just kicking back together. But as soon as you got to his place he was on his way out saying he had a meeting to get to, an important matter to discuss with Pryce. Which you weren’t sure was his best lie considering he was dressed in some slacks and brown cardigan with his sleeves pushed up to his mid forearm. 

He seemed to be impatient and anxious, but you didn’t question it. Roman was a strange kid to say the least, but he offered for you to wait for him to get back so you guys could catch up and see whatever you wanted.

“Promise?” you pouted as you let your hands cross over your chest.

“Promise,” he forced his smile before he rushed past you and out the door before giving you a chance to delay him any further.

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