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Hey are there any fics where dramione is discovered/reveled at the final battle when Draco is told to come to his family but he chooses hermione instead?


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Isolation by Bex-Chan - M, 48 chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP

2 May 1998: the battle of hogwarts

17 years ago today, people fought for freedom. 

17 years ago today, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin died fighting for what they believed in: love and equality. 17 years ago today, Teddy Lupin became an orphan.

17 years ago today, Fred Weasley died fighting for family and joy. 17 years ago today, two became one and nine became eight.

17 years ago today, Colin Creevey and Lavender Brown fought for education and their friends. 17 years ago today, a boy lost his older brother and role model and two couples lost their child.

17 years ago today, Severus Snape died because he stayed loyal to the man who gave him a second chance. He died fighting for forgiveness. 

17 years ago today, 50 others died too. Leaving family and friends.  

Let us raise our wands in memory of all who fought bravely for what they believed in. They all fought for freedom and love, knowing that if they’d lose, they’d lose many friends and family. They didn’t want to live in a society were muggle-borns would be killed or had to go into hiding. They didn’t want to live in a society filled with darkness. They fought for light and goodness, because they knew that living without love isn’t living at all.

2nd May 1998

18 years ago today, George lost his twin.
18 years ago today, Teddy Lupin was orphaned.
18 years ago today, Harry was ready to die.
18 years ago today, Narcissa made the right choice.
18 years ago today, Draco lost a friend.
18 years ago today, Ron and Hermione stopped pretending.
18 years ago today, Dennis Creevey lost his brother.
18 years ago today, Neville was the bravest of them all.
18 years ago today, Ginny stopped waiting.
18 years ago today, Molly killed for her daughter.
18 years ago today, Snape died a hero.
18 years ago today, Harry saved Draco.
18 years ago today, Many innocent lives were taken.
18 years ago today, Many died heroes.
18 years ago today, Lord Voldemort lost his greatest battle.
18 years ago today, The Battle of Hogwarts ended.

Raise your wands for the fallen who sacrificed their lives for the wizarding world. /*