Battle of Blackwater

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"(If you doubt me on this, see the first siege of Storm’s End)" What did you meant by that?

During Robert’s Rebellion, Mace Tyrell put Storm’s End under siege and maintained the siege until the end of the war. While most fandom focus on the Siege has been on Stannis and the people inside the walls, it’s important to think about Mace and the people outside the walls:

  • Mace put Storm’s End under siege rather than pursue Robert Baratheon into the Riverlands, forcing Jon Connington to personally take the field to try to run down the Stormlander army. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even when Connington was beaten at the Battle of the Bells and the rebel hosts of the Starks, Tullys, Arryns, and Baratheons united. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even after Rhaegar returned and marched to the Trident. 
  • He kept Storm’s End under siege even after Rhaegar was defeated at the Trident, and nothing stood between the rebels and King’s Landing. 

Does anyone think that Lord Merryweather, Lord Connington, Lord Chelsted, or the King didn’t send letters in all that time, asking the largest contingent of loyalists in all of Westeros to come to the defense of the king? Pointing out that Mace could easily divide his enormous host and still keep Storm’s End under siege while making a decisive turn in the war by giving the loyalists a numerical advantage over the rebel host? 

Mace stayed at Storm’s End because it was safe, because he is by nature a cautious and conservative man. It’s the same reason that, when Renly was marching on King’s Landing with a massive, seemingly unbeatable host, Mace stayed behind at Highgarden with 10,000 men to keep him safe and stayed there while Randyll Tarly sorted things out at Bitterbridge, and then went to Bitterbridge once things were safe. 

So in a moment of profound uncertainty, with his daughter having been wed to a dead rebel and the Reach politically divided, is Mace Tyrell going to attack Stannis Baratheon on his lonesome, with only the word of Petyr Baelish as surety that he’ll get what he wants after? 

No. Because that’s not what happens. Mace stays at Bitterbridge while Baelish sends riders to get Tywin to force-march down to the Reach and sign onto the deal while there’s still time. And as a result of those riders and Tywin’s speedy arrival, they arrive just in the nick of time.

But any delay, even by an hour or two, means the Battle of Blackwater would have been lost. 

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Why are you so mean to davos

every Davos chapter:

“I can’t let Stannis down,” Davos thought to himself after fucking everything up yet again due to his abject lack of charisma or likability. He found himself reaching for his pouch o’ finger-bones, only to remember that he lost them when he fucked up during the Battle of the Blackwater. That reminded him of his many dead sons, which made him very sad, though he did not forget his duty. He never forgot his duty to Stannis, who had spared his life. “I must never forget that Stannis spared my life,” Davos thought, clenching what remained of the fingers on his left hand. Stannis had removed the first joint of the fingers on his left hand as punishment for his crimes as a smuggler. Stannis was a hard man, but just. He reached for his pouch o’ finger-bones, only to remember that he lost them. He missed the bones that he kept in a pouch around his neck. They were his luck, and now he had no luck. “Even without my luck, I must not let Stannis down. He could have taken more than the first joints of my left hand, yet he gave me a lordship,” Davos thought. Even though he earned a lordship, four of his sons would never know about it, as they died on the Blackwater, where Davos lost his pouch o’ finger-bones, which he considered his luck. Davos took a moment to remember his dead sons. “I miss my dead sons,” Davos thought. “Perhaps they would have fared better if they had my luck. Though I lost my luck on the Blackwater. Even then, I must not let Stannis down.” Instinctively, Davos reached for his pouch o’ finger-bones, which he considered his luck.

Summary of That GOT soulmark au I'll probs never write

In this au everyone in Westeros gets a soulmark at puberty, nobility mostly never tells anyone where the mark is for safety reasons and because 99% of the time highborns get matched to lowborns and that’s just sad or dangerous for all involved, the mark is only visible if the person wants to show it so soulmarks in Westeros are some high kept secret people never share and such.

Some lucky people were like Ned and Caitlin who had the marks of a silver wolf and a blue fish in their arms respectively and yayy for them. Ned was intimately the only one who ever knew his sister Lyanna had a dragon in her chest and that’s why he took in Jon, because hd knew Raegar and not Robert was her true soulmate.

Depending on the place of the mark people can tell what kind of soulmates they’re matched to, arm means strength, legs means endurance, head means intelligence and so on.

Nobody knows what the Starks had as marks because like all houses they never told.

Robb was probably the most sad because he had a thorny rose in the palm of his hand and he knew what he was giving up when he married Talisa. And despite being married to Renly for political reasons when the grey wolf in Margaery’s own hand dissapeared only Loras knew that she mourned Robb in a way only people that never get to meet their soulmates do.

Joffrey never cared to look for the girl who had his mark and Roslin Frey was better off for it when the black lion in between her shoulder blades disappeared the day the ‘king’ was poisoned.

Cersei’s mark was a golden lion in her hip, she was convinced that it meant Jamie was her other half because they were twins, Jamie loved his sister so much he lied and told her that he was, only Tyrion knew that Jamie’s mark was a sword in the underside of his arm. The Lannister cousin that shared Cersei’s mark eventually married someone from Casterly Rock and outlived her by decades, Heynri Lannister didn’t mourn the soulmate he never met, because he never knew who she was.

The sword in Jamie’s arm eventually led him to think that being a knight was his life’s calling, he served under Aerys, then Robert, then Joffrey. He crossed paths with Brienne of Tarth, grew to admire the great amazon woman greatly but it wasn’t until she named his gift 'oathkeeper’ that he knew why there was a sword in his non dominant arm. Arms were supposed to mean strength and Brienne was all that and more.

Brienne suspected the rusty Lannister pretty boy was her soulmate since the bear, knowing he had that weird thing for Cersei, Brienne didn’t bother to ask him, but she knew for sure that the sword in her dominant arm was Jamie’s when he almost died in the battle of dawn. It kept blinking in and out of existence while Jamie was being tended to the maesters of Winterfell…plus Tyrion totally tattled.

When Arya Stark had her first moon blood a black stag appeared in her leg, she didn’t care about soulmate business tough, not when she had already seen so much death and half of her family was already dead, or when the man in the house of black and white told her to cut off the skin where her mark was in her mission to become no one, and didn’t care when she decided to become Arya Stark again.

Gendry tough, he knew that Arya was his soulmate from the moment she told him who’s daughter she was, his leg had the head of a brown direwolf and how much of a coincidence could that be? He only knew her for a short time and she had her list of names but he knew he would love her even if he never saw her again.

He did see her again, in King’s Landing, Arya never knew who found who, but one minute the city was celebrating Cersei’s death and the next thing that happened Arya and Gendry were face to face. From then on its unclear if it was Arya who dragged Gendry to Winterfell or in Gendry followed Arya on his own. Point is that Sansa told everyone that Arya and Gendry were a thing and everybody took her for her word no matter how much Arya and Gendry denied it.

Samwell Tarly almost died ten times before meeting his soulmate, because of that, Gilly was fairly used to watching the owl on her shoulder appear and dissapear since way before anyone told her what soulmarks were, Sam’s was a gillyflower naturally and his father thought that it was such a stupid mark that it only accelerated his wish to send Sam to take the black. These two were such dorks, they were the type of soulmates that thought that love and destiny and survival against while walkers meant that they were always supposed to be together because 'soulmarks’. Gilly still looks down on people who give up on their soulmates and Sam eventually writes his own book studying the subject after Gilly’s boy grows up.

Sansa and Tyrion were the rare type of people who had a mark in their neck, which means that quite literally their other half will be… not good for said neck.

Sansa used to dream that her soulmate was someone like Jory, but on getting her soulmark in King’s Landing, horror of horrors Sansa thought that her mark was Joffrey’s, because she had on her neck an exact replica of the Lannister sigil in black, exept for one detail…her lion had gold dragon wings. So she consoled herself that it couldn’t be Joffrey and since she didn’t know any man who fit the description of a BLACK lion with wings, she told herself and anybody that asked that she’d never met him or her. Tyrion was the only Lannister who she thought she trusted enough to ask about the sigil but the day she finally plucked the courage was the day he was forced to tell her lady mother and Robb.

While he didn’t believe in soulmark hogwash even before Tysha, Tyrion thought that his soulmark was the most handsome thing ever, his neck had a red direwolf howling to the moon, it was a piece of artwork straight out of a artisan pen. He thought being a dwarf and a Lannister he wouldn’t ever meet his soulmate let alone be allowed to marry her so he was reckless with his dick and never paid it much attention. Even tough he fancied that he knew her when he was drunk, his neck wolf. The soulmate who could cost him his neck. He went in a very deep denial when he met the stark children, because he suspected that Sansa was his mark, even deeper during the battle of blackwater and it wasn’t until Tywin forced Tyrion to marry her that he realised that it was far more likely that HE would cost Sansa her life. So he tried to protect her and didn’t tell her.

Then Joffrey died and Sansa left and Tyrion was accused of murder. So it always came back to the neck metaphor. Tyrion and his survival and Sansa and hers.

Then of course Ramsey happened and Mereen happened and the battle of the bastards happened and Danny happened. So Tyrion and Sansa were a bit busy playing the game. It wasn’t until they saw eachother again while brokering a treaty between the south and the north with Danny and Jon that literally everyone noticed how Sansa and Tyrion simultaneously touched the same spot in their necks on sight.

Sansa never knew if it was parentage, being considered worthy to ride Viserion on becoming the hand of the 'dragon’ queen that gave the golden wings to her soulmark’s black lion, neither did Tyrion( tough Varys probably did). But for them the soulmark thing was more of a full circle kind of omen. When Danny used Sansa as an excuse to leave Tyrion in Winterfell while she mobilized supplies and troops to battle the white walkers Tyrion in Sansa’s turf was almost a thing of déjà vu when Sansa had to use HER influence as sister of the king to avoid getting Tyrion by Lannister haters.

Eventually they settled into a routine of Tyrion protecting Sansa’s neck, Sansa protecting Tyrion’s and when the war of dawn was over Tyrion took Sansa to the ruins of Casterly Rock and asked her to marry him again. They became the kind of soulmates everyone looked up to, powerful, smart and very much in love, the couple everyone else went for advice on THEIR soulmate troubles because Sansa and Tyrion went trough all these stages of loss and separation in between meeting, falling gradually inlove and getting (voluntarily) married that they usually did have an answer for everything.

Daenerys and Jon both thought that they were born witout soulmates, Viserys liked to taunt Daenerys saying that Targaryens never got things like soulmarks but Jorah was the one who told Danny when she married Khal Drogo that people with the blood of old valyria were rumored to get their soulmarks only in unusual circumstances, since the gods had a tendency to match power with more power, endurance with endurance and strenght with strength, marked Targaryens were by far the most dangerous.

When a wolf shaped icicle surounded by fire appeared in Danny’s breast the day she emerged from Drogo’s funeral pyre with her hatchlings. She knew she was destined to take back Westeros, because she was the first marked Targaryen in centuries.

Jon always thought that not having a mark meant that he was defective and that’s why he was okay with taking the black and becoming a crow, but the night Igritte died he woke up to a burning in his chest only to find the mark of an impressive white dragon just above his heart and it almost broke him.

Blood of old valyria soulmates were so unheard of that nobody could tell Danny why she kept dreaming of snow and cold, or why Jon kept seeing the sunny buildings of Essos and Mereen when he warged into ghost. Eventually they got used to it and even found it nice to have a mystical 'companion’ share their soulmark, why not let it be?, it wasn’t like it was harming anybody.

Then Jon died and Drogon had to almost burn Daenerys back to life again because she felt it all, Tyrion and Varys were worried as hell when Danny collapsed one moment and then spent a week with her children recovering from how frightening the ordeal was.

Mellisandre saw Jon’s mark when she revived him, she warned him that there was only only one person that dragon could belong to but Jon didn’t listen. Not to her or the fire God. He knew the heart of the person his mark matched and it wasn’t some egomaniacal people burning dragon queen.

To be fair when Danny told Tyrion what her mark looked like the imp knew her soulmate was someone she might want dead, but he did tell her who he suspected. And likewise Danny didn’t listen, because the very idea was ridiculous.

Ironically when Jon and Danny met for the first time in the battlefield after Danny took the throne from Cersei, it was Raegal and Ghost who recognized eachother like some sort of long lost animal brothers. Forcing Danny and Jon to admit that they had a problem, Danny didn’t want to kill her soulmate anymore than Jon wanted to kill his and they were in the middle of a battle.

So Sansa and Tyrion were called in to broker a ceasefire and in the process Jon and Danny joined forces to fight the real threat to Westeros: the night’s king, Daenerys almost died, Jon almost died, even when they held lightbringer together and pushed it in the monster’s stomach there was a moment both thought that they wouldn’t make it, but they did and when Westeros united itself once again to celebrate the end of winter nobody was surprised to hear that the people wanted them BOTH in the iron throne. And since Jon refused to live without Daenerys anymore and Daenerys was willing to execute anybody who told her she couldn’t keep Jon, it was decided that on marrying Danny Jon would in good faith take the Targaryen name for the sake of any offspring they might have.

An: so yeah I wish I could write this, but I have to many projects and cant, still at least now you know the condensed version.

Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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Sansa is Jon’s #1 priority?

So I just realized, after reading a shit lot of fic where Jon claims Sansa brought him purpose in his second life, that the show has sort of repeatedly confirmed it to be true? Going back to season 6- after Jon is brought back, he’s done fighting, his watch is over, he wants to leave. He doesn’t know where he’ll go, but he knows he can’t stay at Castle Black anymore. Adding a friendly reminder here that Jon at this point in time has seen and fought the Night’s King, and is indeed aware of what is to come. He still doesn’t care, not enough to stay and fight.

Enter Sansa, who tells him she will win WF back with or without him, and he reluctantly agrees to fight [because where will we go, they are a pack now]. Jon, who was done fighting, almost dies again but defeats the Boltons, retakes Winterfell, and immediately focuses all his attention on fighting the WW. This is the part that feels the most significant to me, because people seem to think that Jon is fighting for the North and its people, and while a part of him is, that’s not what motivates him, or compels him to fight? Compare to Tyrion winning the battle of Blackwater, and how the people of KL rewarded him for it. Jon might have felt a similar sense of betrayal? He had seen it all before he died, but waking up he didn’t want anything to do with it, didn’t make him feel the need to protect anyone. And what made him care? We know it to be Sansa. Because why else is defeating the WW the highest on his list of priorities right now, when he was so willing to leave and be done with it all? Why take another fight upon himself, one that not many people would even take seriously at the moment? The only thing that changed in the equation is Sansa. Since Sansa came back into his life, it’s been where will we go. How will we survive. It’s about her. I find this interesting because Sansa keeps repeating that no one can protect her but Jon has literally made it the purpose of his life to do so. 

When Davos mentions a potential romance with Dany, Jon says there’s no time for that, because he’s seen the Night’s King [can we take a minute to appreciate how consistent the boy is in bringing up the dead? The Night’s King and Sansa is pretty much what all of Jon’s conversations revolve around these days]. But later on in the same episode Jon lets Theon go, telling him Sansa is the only reason he’s not killing him. 

The only reason? I mean Theon, for better or for worse, is Dany’s only ally right now. If Jon killed him he might not get his dragon glass, he might even make an enemy out of Dany. But he’s not thinking about that at all is he? In that moment, he’s not thinking about the war or the WW. He very conveniently pushes that down his list of priorities because he’s thinking about Sansa, who ultimately is his only reason to fight right now (especially since he doesn’t know about Arya or Bran). Even if Jon ends up bending the knee (which, sorry to say, I’m fairly certain he will), ultimately it will all be about Sansa won’t it, like everything has been so far? If he thinks bending the knee will get him to defeat the WW, he will do it, because defeating the Night’s King is the only way he can ensure a world where Sansa Stark is alive and protected. Sansa is undoubtedly the most important person in Jon’s life right now, the highest in his list of priorities, and the thought that someone is finally thinking of Sansa makes me really, really happy. 

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I was wondering, do you have any headcanons for Sansa and Ned's relationship?

I could talk about Ned and Sansa’s relationship for hours and I have so many headcanons. Their relationship is one of the most looked over in the whole series, which is odd for me, since the Starks have always been close, but many of Sansa’s relationships are brushed off. Many think Ned loved Arya more than Sansa, and that’s so untrue. He loved them both equally, and he loved them both so much, he was just able to understand and connect with Arya more, but that doesn’t mean he thinks any less of Sansa. Anyway, here are some of my Ned and Sansa headcanons:

  • Sansa was precious to Ned from the moment she was born. This tiny, beautiful baby who looked like her mother, and he felt like he was breaking her by just holding her. Sansa was the first baby that Ned saw that young, he didn’t meet Robb until he was a few months old, and Jon wasn’t just born when he reached Lyanna (at least he didn’t look it in S6), so Ned never held a baby that small until he first held Sansa and from the moment he held her, his heart melted. She is his first daughter, the first child whose birth he was there for (because I also headcanon that Ned was present for all the Starks born in Winterfell) and she was so perfect.
  • Because Ned missed so much of Robb’s early life, he stayed with Cat and Sansa everywhere when he didn’t have work to do because he didn’t want to miss anything important in her early life like he had her brother.
  • Sansa didn’t cry much as a baby, but when she did, it was in Ned’s arms she settled quickest. She settled quickly for Catelyn too since she wasn’t a fussy baby, but no arms felt safer than her father’s so she stopped fussing quickly when he picked her up.
  • Sansa’s first word was ‘Papa’.  If Ned were a man more prone to outward emotion, it would make him tear up because he has his doubts as a lord, husband and a father, but hearing his little girl calling him ‘papa’ for her first word begins to get rid of them fears and it’s a moment he thinks of when he turns to get one last look at her before he is beheaded.
  • When she was young, she was a daddy’s girl. Before she became too interested in being a lady, Sansa would’ve craved Ned’s attention. Asking him to play with her, drawing him things, picking him flowers, asking him to help her build things in the snow while the boys played with snowballs. But most of all she loved that he would take her to the Godswood. Sansa liked the pretty colours of the weirwood leaves and loved the fact it she was able to skip along the paths and pick flowers. She loved how quiet it was and she loved the silent praying as she sat next to Ned. Her visits to the Godswood with Ned were among her favourite things as a child.
  • Ned was Sansa’s first and biggest hero. We know Sansa loved the stories of knights, of Aemon the Dragonknight and others. But none of them compare to her father. He always has and always will be her number one protector and number one hero. Ned doesn’t talk about the rebellions he fought in, but others would have. And for Sansa, her father fighting valiantly to find his sister and avenge his father and brother, or fighting to save the mainland from the terrible Iron Born, means that he is a true knight, and a hero.
  • Because of the point above, many of Sansa’s expectations come from Ned. Ned isn’t perfect, but he is a very good man. A loving, caring man, almost found nowhere in Westeros. She thinks that all men are noble, good, loving and strong like her father, and so that’s one of the reasons she believes in the stories of knights. And because she sees her father have such a strong, loving relationship with her mother, she assumes that her marriage will be like that. That her husband will be like her father.
  • Because Sansa is so precious to Ned, he wants to keep her sheltered. Of course, Arya is precious to him too, but Arya is wilder, knows the truth and harshness of the world more. Sansa is into her fairytales and stories and doesn’t know how bad the world truly is, and I feel that Ned wanted to protect her from the evil in the world, which is why she grows up quite naïve and believes the best in people, as her father does. She shares many characteristics with him because he has sheltered her from the real world, and so she grows up with a similar perspective to life as he does. Because Sansa believes in the stories of knights and honour, and Ned believes in honour.
  • On the morning of her nameday, Ned would always be the first person Sansa sees. Every year he would wake her up with a tray of lemon cakes just for her to eat. He’d give her a kiss on the forehead, and then sit with her as she ate the lemon cakes before escorting her to the great hall where everything was set up for her special day. And in my head, this happened every year.
  • In the dungeon, after Varys all but threatened Sansa, she was all that was on Ned’s mind for hours. His mind was made up straight away. Robert was his best friend and he didn’t want to betray him, but Sansa was his baby girl. The first newborn he held. He knew there was only one choice. And when Joffrey calls for his head, he forces himself to get one last look at his baby girl.
  • Sansa blames herself for Ned’s death. Although she doesn’t know the whole story, she knows that her father is not and never would be a traitor. As she gets older and smarter, Sansa realises exactly why Ned confessed to a crime he didn’t commit. She knows that Cersei was controlling her and keeping her close and she manages to realise that the only reason Ned confessed, and was therefore killed, was because they were threatening her. So she blames herself for his death.
  • After Sansa finds the doll Ned gave her during the Battle of Blackwater, she always keeps it on her bedside table so she can see it when she sleeps so it gives her comfort. Ned would always comfort her when she had nightmares, so the doll is her comfort when she dreams about his beheading, or Joffrey beating her. When Sansa misses her family, or is upset about something, she takes the doll from the night stand and sleeps with it cuddled against her chest as extra comfort, because it’s the one thing she has in King’s Landing that reminds her of home, and it reminds her of the first man she ever loved.
  • I like the idea of Alayne stumbling across a chamber in the Eyrie, and entering it to discover it once belonged to Eddard Stark. She enters and goes through the draws, untouched since her father left the room many years ago. She finds letters from Brandon, Lyanna, Benjen and Rickard, and a wooden sculpted wolf on the side, as well as other small possessions of his. She comes back to the room time and time again because when she is in the room, Alayne Stone becomes Sansa Stark again.

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You said patchface is the true prophet of the drowned god, could you elaborate on that please?

With pleasure. Patchface is among the most accomplished prophets in the story, up there with Maggy, Quaithe, the Ghost of High Heart, etc. He directly foretold the shadow-babies…

“The shadows come to dance my lord, dance my lord, dance my lord. The shadows come to stay my lord, stay my lord, stay my lord…”

…the Battle of Blackwater…

“Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black.”

…and the Red Wedding… 

“Fool’s blood, king’s blood, blood on the maiden’s thigh, but chains for the guests and chains for the bridegroom, aye aye aye.”

…but no one around him had enough information (or took him seriously enough) to realize it. The grand irony, as many have noted, is that while Mel struggles and repeatedly fails to make sense of the images she sees in the flames, there’s a far more accurate prophet right there under her and Stannis’ noses. 

So where does this power come from? We know that Patchface was once a jester in Essos, brought over the Narrow Sea by Steffon Baratheon, and went down with the Windproud in Shipbreaker Bay. He washed up two days later; as Cressen tells us, no one can explain how Patchface survived, and indeed, the man who found him swore he was deathly cold to the touch. 

There’s one motif that Patchface hammers on like a piano key: his third eye was opened “under the sea.” I think the reason he survived, and the reason he can see the future, is that he encountered the Drowned God underneath the waves. When a mere mortal actually beholds the Lovecraftian thing-in-itself, the result is a divine knowledge too much for the mind to handle. Aeron Greyjoy, I think, is meant as a deliberate contrast to Patchface in this regard. Damphair believes he communicates with the Drowned God, but all his POV chapters make clear that it’s a projection; he’s talking to himself. Patchface, by contrast, is what a mainline to the divine really looks like. This theme runs through a lot of GRRM’s examinations of magic, religion, and the intersection between the two. Take, for example, the Undying of Qarth: their projected image of oh-so-high-fantasy kings and queens and wizards covers up their true form, which is what it really looks like to sell your soul to the voices in the flames, in the trees, in the water. 

Okay, I feel the need to say this. As a fan of Jamie and Cersei and someone who loves house Lannister, I am so annoyed at all the Dany hate. I’m not even a fan of her, I do find her annoying at times but listen, she was not wrong to burn the lannister soldiers.

Now, they are in the middle of a war, of course Daenerys is going to be killing people, that’s what war is, it’s not a pretty sight. I mean, think of any battle in this series, people die, there’s no way around it. Whether she’s burning them or killing the with arrows and swords, there’s not way for her to win without slaughter, Cersei is not going down easily. Daenerys is trying her best, she listened to Jon and Tyrion, she didn’t burn down King’s Landing, but’s she’s fighting a war and she is loosing. She had to do something so attacking a smaller group of soldiers was meant to scare them, show them what she can do. Keep that in mind. 

Why was nobody crying over lannister soldiers during the battle in the Whispering Wood? You remember? When Robb Stark killed a bunch of lannister men during a war? Where was everybody hating on Robb then? I mean, he was doing the same damn thing just without fire.

What about the battle of the Blackwater Bay? Did you hate on Tyrion then? I mean, he was also doing the same thing but I’m pretty sure y’all were praising him. I mean, going by you’re logic, Jon should be getting hate too, how many men has he killed in battle? What about all those poor bolton soldiers that died in the batle of the bastards? 

Also, at the people hating on her for using her dragons in a battle because it’s unfair: she’s fighting a fucking war, what do you expect her to do? When you’re fighting people, you show them what you’ve got, you give them you’re best. As for burning down the food and resources, there was no way around that. They were not going to hand it over to her just like that, what did you want her to do? Go in the middle of the battle field and just push a couple of wagons to safety? Dany did what she had to do. She’s been listening to Tyrion, hiding behind on Dragonstone and look where that go her. She’s lost most of her allies because she’s not taking risks whilst Cersei is. Okay, there was no way she could’ve known about Euron showing up at Casterly Rock but my point still stands, that whilst Dany is sitting there doing nothing (because that’s what she’s being told to do) Cersei is over here making allies and winning battles.

I love Cersei, she’s one of the favourites. She’s also one of the most interesting and complex characters, plus Lena is an amazing actress, but calling Dany the ‘mad queen’ for buring soldiers in a battle, whilst Cersei did the exact same thing only it was for pure revenge.. like what? How can you justify one and spit all over the other?

At this this point, Dany will get hate no matter what, and I hate that. I mean, she sits at Dragonstone and does nothing: she’s boring as fuck; she goes into battle and wins: she’s the mad queen. What do you want her to do? Go into a battle and loose? That’s not how war works people.

Oh and for the people saying that Dany is nothing without her dragons: The dragons are not something she randomly came across, they are a part of her, they are her children, it’s like saying what is Bran without being the three eyed raven. It’s not something he did because he was bored like tf

I guess to summarize, I love house Lanniser, I would die for Cersei and Jaime because they are two of my favourite charcters, but all this hate on Daenerys is competely pointless.


“Jaime?” he croaked, almost choking on the blood that filled his mouth. Who else would save him, if not his brother?

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Why hasn't Jon asked Tyrion about the Red Weeding, why hasn't Davos said anything about the son he lost at Blackwater battle? do they even care about the lost loved ones or the writers don't understand their heros and what they should be feeling?

Because the show’s never grappled with what it means that Tyrion worked for his family to the best of his ability, even knowing the full extent of their corruption and cruelty. The closest we get is in “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” in a discussion between Tyrion and Shae contemplating them leaving Westeros. In a single sentence (”What would I do [in the Free Cities], juggle?”) Tyrion spells out quite clearly that without Lannister wealth and title, he’s seriously lacking for options and utterly defined by his disability.

It’s been far more common for the show to use Tyrion’s tenure as Joffrey’s Hand to show how Tyrion limited the damage - which undoubtedly he did, but equally, without his able assistance, Joffrey would not have remained king anywhere near so long. Tyrion knew all along that Joffrey was illegitimate, and stayed silent (out of love for Jaime, Myrcella, and Tommen, I would think), knowing the consequences of his silence. And after the Red Wedding, knowing what his father had done and how, he remained in his father’s employ and brought all his skills to being Master of Coin. The show left it at “Tyrion had nothing to do with it, he’s the good Lannister,” rather than dealing with it as knowledge after the fact and Tyrion as a knowing beneficiary of some ugly crimes.

Tyrion’s choices were all bad, all along. Doing the right thing for the country would get his family killed and throw him into poverty at best; supporting his family means supporting tyranny and what we understand to be war crimes. But picking these bad options rather than those bad options means something, and it’s a lousy situation that all Tyrion’s wits couldn’t get him out of. Tyrion’s a far less complicated and far more virtuous character in the show than in the books - the showrunners don’t seem to want to discuss the complicated issue of his complicity in his family’s crimes.

Friendly reminder that if you had no problem with any and all acts of warfare committed on Game of Thrones until and in season 7 (the war of five kings, the battle of blackwater, the battle of castle black, all the shit Tywin did, the battle of the bastards, the battle between the Boltons and St*nnis, E*ron destroying Dany’s fleet, J*ime taking Highgarden etc) but you scream “Evil! she’s turning into the mad king!!11!! villain!!!111″ when Dany destroys her enemies, then you’re not really a pacifist or anything, you’re just a hypocritical misogynist who hates it when women are the ones who wage warfare for their own ambition :) :) :)

I love that quote in Game of Thrones where Salladhor Saan says, “You Westerosi are funny people, A man chops off your fingers and you fall in love with him!” and Davos just laughs and smiles fondly like yeah dude you aren’t being as subtle about it as you think you are, literally everyone know you’re in love with Stannis.