Jokers Daughter Imagine: Betrayal

Request: (anon) Can I have an imagine where you are Joker daughter and batsman takes you. Thinking you can be saved. You fall for his “tricks.” When he teaches you your parents are bad, but the save you??


You woke up in a dark room and the soft sheets made you think you were home, you went to close your eyes to get more sleep when suddenly you remembered what happened and shot up. You had been walking to the club to meet your parents when a hand covered your mouth and a hand swept over your face.

“Hello?!” you called out in the dark room. “Can I get some lights in here please?” Your heart was racing. You weren’t sure if it was a pissed off business partner trying to get back at your dad, the cops finally catching up, or if Amanda Waller was going to walk in. “Do you know who I am? Who my family is? When my fathe-”

“I know all too well.” a voice said before the lights flicked on. You were on the opposite side of a glass wall from the one and only: Batman. He had you in a cell within the batcave. When you saw him you threw your body against the glass and started punching it. “STOP!” his voice was so deep and violent it shook you to the core. No one ever talked to you like that before. “I don’t have you here to hurt you. I have you here to save you.”

“What the hell are you talking about batsy? I don’t need saving” you threw your head back and cackled. The laugh sounded just like your fathers and Batman’s jaw dropped. He put his head in his hands and hesitated for a moment before pulling his cowl off. You stepped back away from the glass and your knees locked. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. All the years your parents spent fighting him and all the stories you told, you laying awake at night wondering and now you knew. “Bruce? Bruce fuckin Wayne is Batman?” He started to walk towards his computers and hit a few buttons. “Dude aren’t you rich why are ya dressing up as a rat with wings?”

He ignored you and the screen flicked on. “You do need saving. I’m going to show you the truth about who your father is.”

“I know who he is silly just let me out of here and I’ll ask him not to kill you too hard.”  you were silenced when the screen showed robin tied to a chair beaten and bloody. You knew your father had killed robin but you didn’t know it was filmed.

“Whats your naaaaaame?” You heard your father ask him.

“Jason Todd” he coughed out as blood fell from his mouth.

Bruce saw your confused face and paused the film when your father showed his face to the camera. He stepped over to the glass and you went forward to look his straight in the eye.

“The Joker didn’t just kill some superhero. He killed my son. Do you understand? He’s not a glamorous kingpin, he’s not in it for a grand message, for anarchy, he wants to hurt people. If he can hurt a child like my son how can he feel love and how do you know he loves you?” You had never seen Batman like this before. He was always like a mythical creature, now he stood just a broken man.

Then your stomach started to ache. You felt like you were going to be sick. You slowly sat down on the floor so you wouldn’t pass out and hit the ground. You had never questioned your fathers love before, but then you thought you had never questioned if it did exist either. You just assumed and went on. What if it was just all fickle, the lavish world the clown family lived in, what if it was all artificial after all?

The Joker stared and growled at his phone waiting for Frost to answer him. He had spent every single second since you went missing going all over the city. He sent all his goons and Frost looking for you. He felt exhausted and empty and went back to the house to check if you had come home. Did she run away, did I do something his head started pounding at the thought. No no no no she would never leave me, she wouldn’t. He was pacing around the entire house gripping his hair. The thought of you being in danger, of someone hurting you made him pull out strands of his hair. He heard the front door get kicked open and ran to it grinding his metal teeth together.

You stood in the doorway and all the tension in his body faded. He breathed heavily and a warm smile covered his face. He shot towards you with his arms open ready to grab you. 

“Princess are you ok-” you stopped him dead in his tracks with a gun pointed to his head. He let out a subtle laugh thinking you were joking. When he saw the rage in your eyes his face went blank. “Sweetheart what is this? Where have you been?”

“I’ve been with Batman.” you said cocking the gun. “He showed me what you did to Robin.” The Joker was even more confused than he was before he asked the question.

“Princess you know what daddy did to that little birdy….you thought it was funny remember?” 

“NOT ANYMORE!” you shouted at him. “You never told me what really happened. His name was Jason Todd did ya know that? Oh of course you did because you asked him. You didn’t kill him to stick it to Batman you did it just to be perverted and sick.”

“… were never supposed to see that video. You don’t understand the situation.” The joker had his hands still out from his body. It was the first time he had ever had a gun to his head and cared about who was holding it. He just wanted to smack it out of your hand and embrace you.

“I don’t want to understand. This isn’t even about Jason or Robin or whatever. It’s about the fact that you hurt someones child. Would you even care if someone hurt me? What if Batman didn’t let me go? What if he killed your child like you did his?” The word child left a bad taste in your mouth. When you looked in Bruce’s eyes it was like the fantasy world was broken down. “Do you even really love me?” Tears started to well up in your eyes.

The Joker grabbed his chest, the pain in his chest grew and he felt out of breath. You lowered the gun not understanding what he was doing. You wanted to ask if he was okay, to help him up, you hated how your heart still loved him, you wanted your mind to lead the way.

“Prin…Princess…” he could barely get the words out. “I can’t believe you would even ask me that. You have to understand it’s not the same. Yes I killed his son and I loved it. But it’s different.” he put his hand on yours and slipped the gun away from you. “We are above them darling. You are not just my child. You’re the daughter of the Joker. We are entities. We are ideas. You are the world to me.” He put the gun in his mouth and stared up at you.

You couldn’t believe it. In just a few hours you saw the two most powerful men in Gotham cry before you. He moved his tongue around the barrel and rested it on the metal in his mouth. “If you believe..” he spat out “That I don’t love you.” he put his finger on the trigger. “Then I don’t deserve to live.” 

You didn’t know what to do. Your mind had been played with, you knew that for a fact but you didn’t know which side was responsible. Was this the Jokers trick to get what he wanted? Was Batman trying to get what he wanted? What this a sick game Batman was playing because he was angry about Robin? The Joker started to pull the trigger.


You and your father fell to the floor. You held your hand to your chest in pain from smacking the gun away. Pieces of the drywall fell beside the two of you from the bullet hole in the ceiling. You dug your nails into your fathers chest and felt his arms wrap around you.

“Daddy no no no no please!” you stopped fighting holding the tears back. “I believe you just don’t leave me.” He didn’t speak but you felt his heart start to beat faster and faster. “I don’t want you to leave that’s not what I wanted.” He sat up and pulled you with him. He ran his finger tips over your tears and wiped them away from your cheeks.

“You better know it. Ya know I’d do anything for you. Do you believe me now?” he growled.

You looked at the gun on the other side of the room and back at the sincerity in his eyes/ “Yes…” you admitted to him and yourself. “I see now.” The two of you embraced in a hug and he began to do his signature laugh in your ear.

“So the batman had ya huh?” his emotion changed like the snapping of fingers and he quickly tried to use his laughter to cover up the emotional outburst. He wanted to be in control of everything again. “Ya find out who he is?” he cackled thinking he was asking a joke question.

“Of course not daddy.” you laughed with him and rested your head on his chest. I’ll save that for a rainy day.


I literally told my brother that I ship batjokes because of the lego movie and now I’m making batsman and the joker in the sims and cont stop laughing because all of the face expressions he making 😂😂😂😂 and he not use seeing my face fangirling because I usually have a serious face, oh wow I’m having sooo much fun right now 😂😂😂😂

gendfleur  asked:

OKAY BUT ME W UR MCFUCKING LEGO BATMAN MOVIE TAGS im so ready 2 see the lego batman movie and i am the Number One Batman Hater


like I’ve seen batman movies obviously but like….augh superhero movies and batsman especially are all so GRITTY but this one just looks like so much fun and I’m like…god. Choice.