Other people and Cartoon Network themselves don’t seem to understand WHY people hate Teen Titans Go

If you bring up TTG and your dislike of it, you’re either greeted with people who agree with you, or people who say ‘You’re living in the past’ or ‘It’s a KIDS show get over it’ or ‘This is different, it’s not meant to be taken seriously’

This is what people and Cartoon Network themselves fail to understand: We get that and pretty much fully accept this is not OUR Teen TItans

It’s not that we’re opposed to the idea of a comedic reboot of something we love at all, I mean it’s worked amazingly in the past! Sonic is really benefiting from it with the new cartoon series, and even something as serious as BATMAN turned into Batman Brave and the Bold, and a lot of people love that series!!

So it’s not the fact that they turned Teen Titans into a comedy: It’s the fact that they did it wrong on so many levels, and the fact that the show runners and the network itself act like literal children when it comes to criticism.

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“Aliens, Imps, Sprites, & Tykes” (2014)

Starring The Powerpuff Girls, Astro Boy, Bat-Mite, The Impossible Man, Calvin, The Great Gazoo, Atom Ant, Clarence, Quisp, Dumbo, Tinkerbelle, Dolly, Mister Mxyzptlk and Fin Fang Foom. By Jeremy Eaton, 2014.
22" x 36" acrylic pop art painting on ¾" plywood.
The original is owned by Powerpuff Girls creator, Craig McCracken.

Source: Jeremy Eaton

Ladies and gentlemen, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue the Final Crisis covers. We shall continue now with our Batman the Brave and the Bold interlude.
Seriously guys, you can’t believe how happy I am about BtBatB literal Rebirth.
DC Universe Rebirth Batman 1 cover recreation after Howard Porter