Based on an ongoing fic where Clark and the league stumble over a space’s zoo and rescues a Triton named Bruce who has awfully a bad temper.

Fic ongoing and spanish only in the meanwhile. Planning to translate into english but I’m slooooow. I’m so sorry u_u

Fic was based on this absolutley cute comic:

And I had some old fanart.


Sketch Livestream Commissions part 4

Carol and Steve being besties for exit-the-king , Clea, Strange and Wong <3 for greatmoustachesploosh , Newt and Tony being college bffs for mustang-sal , Bruce Banner for @sense-of-poisoned-rationality , Avengers/Justice League for robinade , Batman/Superman for spoopydoctorstrange 

Hey guys! can you please send me a note here and I can give you a hi-res version of your sketches! :) 

(I realized not everyone’s paypal emails is their personal account)

Finally, a true Male Bombshell From DC Comics

When DC Comics first issued their bombshell versions of their superheroes I noted that they were all woman and I noted that is was a problem.

DC Comics came close to showcasing some male bombshell material with their movie variant spoofing Magic Mike.

This round of bombshell covers, however, finally features a male bombshell equal to the female versions including showing plenty of skin.

Which hero got the treatment? Batman? Superman? Or, fan us all, Dick Grayson?

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