Based on an ongoing fic where Clark and the league stumble over a space’s zoo and rescues a Triton named Bruce who has awfully a bad temper.

Fic ongoing and spanish only in the meanwhile. Planning to translate into english but I’m slooooow. I’m so sorry u_u

Fic was based on this absolutley cute comic:

And I had some old fanart.


Sketch Livestream Commissions part 4

Carol and Steve being besties for exit-the-king , Clea, Strange and Wong <3 for greatmoustachesploosh , Newt and Tony being college bffs for mustang-sal , Bruce Banner for @sense-of-poisoned-rationality , Avengers/Justice League for robinade , Batman/Superman for spoopydoctorstrange 

Hey guys! can you please send me a note here and I can give you a hi-res version of your sketches! :) 

(I realized not everyone’s paypal emails is their personal account)

crispfencer  asked:

I'm freaking out, that Eddsworld animation is absolutely amazing! The style was so cute and the animation so expressive, I adore it! You and everyone working on it did such an amazing job!

Thank you to you and the whole bunch of others who sent me such nice positive asks about the episode! I hope you dont mind if I post them all here!

Thank you everyone, and @batmansuperman-fan , I used TV paint for the animation, and @paticmak used Photoshop for the backgrounds, and @signetveitan used After Effects to fit one ontop of another!


Most Anticipated #NCBD Releases 6/26/13

1) #BatmanSuperman Issue 1

Writer: Greg Pak

Artists: Jae Lee, Ben Oliver

Publisher: DC Comics

A new epic begins with the debut of this new, ongoing series! Don’t miss the first fateful meeting of Batman and Superman in The New 52! (

If you didn’t expect this book to be my Most Anticipated, then you don’t know me very well :) The Jae Lee art alone is worth the price of admission, but I also have great faith in Greg Pak’s storytelling.  Apparently, so does DC, since Pak also just signed on as series writer for Action Comics.  I have very high hopes for this book, & I expect them to be met :)