A guy just came into my work. He was with his gf and the first thing I noticed was, as usual, his awesome tattoos. He had POKEMONS ALL DOWN HIS ARM. So I’m making their food and I was asking about how he deals with people who judge him because of the tattoos’ theme. I still don’t know how to deal with people who ask me “Why would you get a tattoo of that?” He gives me good advice, like the whole ‘Stare an idiot down until they have to explain their shitty joke and sound like an asshole’, ignore them because they’re sad enough to say something about it. He said that he gets more positivity than negativity. I showed him my Batman and Joker wrists and he was fascinated, despite the clear Captain America shield on his hat. We joked that we were enemies and then he pulls up his shirt sleeve to reveal a MASSIVE Captain America shield tat. We laugh, I give them a discount, no one gives a fuck that one of us is DC and the other is Marvel, the end.

“[Oswald and Edward] are both outcasts in their own way and in a way that actually complements each other. Oswald is more emotional, whereas Edward is very cerebral and they both have lost everyone in their lives.”  -   Robin Lord Taylor.

These two characters complement each other so well and they will always end up entwined in each others lives, one way or another.

Second tattoo for this excellent human being - just one day after the first! 

Looking for Easter eggs is so outdated, why not use the long weekend to take a trip to Berlin and get your feet covered in bat-shaped galaxies, right? 😆

Thank you so much for those wonderful two days!💕

GOTHAM Snow Globe I’ve done for a Batman flash sheet I’m working on! Give me suggestions of what you’d like to see on a Batman flash sheet and I might do them!! Coming soon.

Oh hey here’s this dotwork drawing that took me like 6 months, on Instagram I had a tonne of people asking me why Jerome is there instead of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, & it’s very simple really, BECAUSE I LIKE JEROME MORE THAN JACK NICHOLSONS JOKER
Also idk really how this idea came about, I was originally gonna like merge their heads together but somehow it turned into a weird squishy 3 headed thing


Final product pictures of Hot Toy’s action figure of the “Clown Prince of Crime” in his boxer style outfit with purple coat, batman leggings, and tattoos as seen in Suicide Squad.

Featuring the Joker with a maniacal grin, numerous tattoos over his upper body, and a variety of weapons and accessories (cane, straight razor, gun, hammer, gold chains, cell phone, etc), this 1/6th scale The Joker (Purple Coat Version) collectible figure is available by Hot Toys.

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As if someone said that to your face. No one cares about real fans or not

Are you by any chance a straight white fake geek boy?

It’s happened to me multiple times at work, all from the trope above. Whether it’s my jumper, my necklace or a conversation I’m having with a coworker they’ll ask things like ‘So do you actually read the comics, or…’, or they’ll fire questions off about DC at random. One had just come from seeing Wonder Woman and said to his date ‘Girl’s like her, babe. They just wear the stuff, they don’t actually watch it’. If his girlfriend hadn’t squeezed his arm so tight hoping I wouldn’t see I’m sure he would have started to say fake geek girl. The tat always shuts them up, except for one relative I met last year who grabbed my arm and tried to scrub my tattoo off. 

Some girls do it too. Girls who are wearing their kmart/target-bought Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman shirt. The actual fake ones who’ve maybe only seen half of Young Justice or Teen Titans and attempt to assert their ‘DC Dominance’.

It’s funny how they can come into play here

So, fake ass white geek boy and all those people:

The joke’s on you :)