“[Oswald and Edward] are both outcasts in their own way and in a way that actually complements each other. Oswald is more emotional, whereas Edward is very cerebral and they both have lost everyone in their lives.”  -   Robin Lord Taylor.

These two characters complement each other so well and they will always end up entwined in each others lives, one way or another.

Damian's S/O Having Tattoos

Inspiration: @juliesweetz

A/N: Hope you guys like these headcanons and feel free and request anything

Prompt: Headcanons for Damian’s significant other having a lot of tattoos

- he always thought tattoos were impractical and unprofessional- his views were limited to what his father had to say about them.

- you were brought up rather differently, however.

- you had a story that was told with every intricate line of ink.

- when you first met Damian he was a bit taken aback at how much ink you had and tended to, very offensively, question you about them.

- after you and Damian started going out, he tried asking again, a bit nicer this time.

- he liked the stories you had to tell and found them masterfully executed in the tattoos.

- he admires how a lot of your tattoos are self-designed.

- Damian was never the touchy feely type but he loves to trace your tattoos.

- he asks you about your tattoos often and has you repeat a lot of the stories, especially when he’s stressed or feeling off.

- you’re all too happy to repeat some stories for him, always finding his interest in your ink very charming.

-you love your tattoos too much to ever get tired of the stories.

- when you first met Bruce you tried to cover up all of your tattoos with clothes but he found the more obvious ones right away.

- off the bat, Bruce saw you as irresponsible and rebellious despite not wanting to judge too quickly.

- after a while, Bruce got used to them and eventually would start asking about them.

- Bruce’s interest would excite you and you’d ever excitedly tell him all of your stories, showing off the tattoos you were very proud to call your own.

- Bruce sees why Damian likes you so much – your passionate and driven; he wonders how he hadn’t seen it before.

- while not being a big fan of him or his kids getting tattoos, Bruce admits that they suit you and you have good reasoning behind them.

- Jason and Stephanie immediately loved your tattoos, the two having always wanted one for a while but never had the guts to go against Bruce’s wishes or the time.

- for Jason, it was mainly just the time, lesbe honest.

- Tim thought you were pretty edgy and had a sort of respect for both your creativity/expression as well as your pain tolerance.

- Dick would be the one to insensitively ask a ton questions that you’d nervously answer.

- Cass didn’t have much in a thought on them and thought that if you could take her demon brother she didn’t care what you looked like.

Oh hey here’s this dotwork drawing that took me like 6 months, on Instagram I had a tonne of people asking me why Jerome is there instead of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, & it’s very simple really, BECAUSE I LIKE JEROME MORE THAN JACK NICHOLSONS JOKER
Also idk really how this idea came about, I was originally gonna like merge their heads together but somehow it turned into a weird squishy 3 headed thing

A guy just came into my work. He was with his gf and the first thing I noticed was, as usual, his awesome tattoos. He had POKEMONS ALL DOWN HIS ARM. So I’m making their food and I was asking about how he deals with people who judge him because of the tattoos’ theme. I still don’t know how to deal with people who ask me “Why would you get a tattoo of that?” He gives me good advice, like the whole ‘Stare an idiot down until they have to explain their shitty joke and sound like an asshole’, ignore them because they’re sad enough to say something about it. He said that he gets more positivity than negativity. I showed him my Batman and Joker wrists and he was fascinated, despite the clear Captain America shield on his hat. We joked that we were enemies and then he pulls up his shirt sleeve to reveal a MASSIVE Captain America shield tat. We laugh, I give them a discount, no one gives a fuck that one of us is DC and the other is Marvel, the end.


Final product pictures of Hot Toy’s action figure of the “Clown Prince of Crime” in his boxer style outfit with purple coat, batman leggings, and tattoos as seen in Suicide Squad.

Featuring the Joker with a maniacal grin, numerous tattoos over his upper body, and a variety of weapons and accessories (cane, straight razor, gun, hammer, gold chains, cell phone, etc), this 1/6th scale The Joker (Purple Coat Version) collectible figure is available by Hot Toys.

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An idea a friend had re: Dr. Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley:

I was talking the other day about how at least some of Batman’s female villains could stand to be revamped in a different direction than the glamorous scheming seductress archetype they pretty much all have always embodied.  Here’s the first idea: Punk Rock Riot Grrrl Poison Ivy.  Instead of killing people with poisonous kisses, poisonous thorns pop up out of her flesh when it’s go time (like Marrow or Spyke from X-Men), and she brawls and slashes and stabs people.  Keep the green skin and red hair she’s had in modern times, but replace the flowing locks with a short, spiky style.  Get rid of the beauty pageant bathing suits and planties, and give her big stompy combat boots, torn denim jeans or shorts, and the classic flannel-over-tee-shirt combo, with the flannel sleeves rolled up so she can show off her biceps, and so she doesn’t tear them when she pops the aforementioned poisonous thorns to fuck somebody up.  Throw in copious ear and facial piercings, and maybe even some thematic tattoos.  Batman facing off against a bunch of cops mind-controlled by Ivy is a stock scene, but imagine how much scarier that scene would be if, instead of maybe some trace pollen on their lips where she kissed them, they all have foot-long plant-spikes sticking out of their chests/necks/etc. where she stabbed them.  Imagine the mind-control poison takes hold, and then her new slaves all pull those foot-long thorns out of their own flesh and try to stab Batman with them, while vines and moss grow up out of their wounds, turning them into human-plant hybrids Borg-style.

I’d watch it!

GOTHAM Snow Globe I’ve done for a Batman flash sheet I’m working on! Give me suggestions of what you’d like to see on a Batman flash sheet and I might do them!! Coming soon.

Second tattoo for this excellent human being - just one day after the first! 

Looking for Easter eggs is so outdated, why not use the long weekend to take a trip to Berlin and get your feet covered in bat-shaped galaxies, right? 😆

Thank you so much for those wonderful two days!💕