FAVORITE MOMENT  -  you expected me to pick one?  (I have too many in                              Hellblazer so you get my favorite Injustice moments) 

                              INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US:

                                         Year 3: 003 - Wherein Harley is all of us

                                         Year 3: 004 - Wherein John hits on Batman

                                         Year 3: 006 - Madame Xanadu remembers John

                                         Year 3: 011 - Doctor Fate scares the shit out of John

Batman #437

Batman Year 3 is a retelling of Dick’s origin story, but it also revolves around the aftermath of Jason’s death. Dick returns to Wayne manor to find that there’s barely any evidence that Jason ever lived there, aside from a sterile bedroom. Bruce has yet to truly acknowledge Jason’s death, and he didn’t even bother to tell Dick. Now he has to answer to Nightwing and his legendary quips.

anonymous asked:

Any chance of getting a post about Tim and Dick's relationship? You may totally already have done so apologies if you have... I LOVE your posts, by the way. I think you're one of the most thoughtful meta writers and you have, hands down, the best grasp on Dick that I've read.

I have a great grasp on my Dick. I’m sorry you made that too easy 

(Nightwing Vol 2 #25)

Thank you so much! I don’t know if you still follow me since this is my oldest drafted ask – literally over eight months old, I’m so sorry.

Dick and Tim, though. I know there’s this impression that all the Robins are siblings to each other, annnnnd… All the Batkids have very unique relationships with each other, but Dick and Tim are the only ones who I’ve actually seen refer to each other as brothers. Cass, Steph, Jason, Damian… the ‘sibling’ relationships are much more obscure, although a strong argument could definitely be made for [Dick and Damian].

But yeah, Dick and Tim definitely stand out as brothers in canon, though they had a rocky start.

(New Titans #61)

“Now, who the hell are you?”

Ha, Dick, calm down. Alright, click click the read more and let’s get started.

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jxnnys  asked:

I really like Dick Grayson. Any recommendations?

well I already did one for him as Nightwing so I’ll treat this as a Dick Grayson as Robin one if that’s alright!

  • Batman: Year 3 (this is a great retelling of Robin’s origins)
  • The Gauntlet (this is a good thing to read after Year 3 because it has Batman training him to be his side-kick as well “final test”)
  • Robin: Year One (this is his first year as Robin and what they like to call his “trial by fire”)
  • New Teen Titans v1 (he’s important through out but my favorites of the series being #4, 8, 26 37, and 39)
  • Robin: Teen Wonder (this is a really cool collection in that it collects a different stories from every Robin, dick of course, included)
  • Worlds Finest Comics Archives #1 (this collects a ton of early worlds finest comics featuring Batman & Robin)
  • Dynamic Duo Archives #1 (this collects a lot of early Batman and Robin comics)
  • Batman Archives #1 (this collects a lot of Batman comics, the later half also featuring Robin)
  • Robin Archives #1 (this is a big one for Robin fans as it collects his early solo comics from Star Spangled Comics)

Hope his helps!

anonymous asked:

I mean this may be a longshot but do you by any chance have some 1930s Batman ideas? Like have a timeline of events in correspondence to the Second World War and where his Robins fit in?? Like I said, kind of out there, but I think if you did have some idea, you should share them






Okay here I made a chart.

Mind you, Damian’s entry as Robin is still a little shaky time wise. It’s difficult trying to fit everything into 10 years before World War Two, lord knows how New 52 fit things into 5.

Some points

BRUCE WAYNE 1903-1989

- Parents are shot in 1912. Not only is Bruce Wayne the child of tragedy, he also grows up a member of a shrinking aristocracy as an orphan during a time that the world is tearing itself apart in world war. He sees injustice and chaos and pain and becomes committed to fighting it wherever and however he can.

- Leaves Gotham at the age of 20 in 1928 having made academic success at a relatively young age. Travels to Europe under the guise of a Millionaire heir going to the culturally revitalized Europe, actually travelling the world training himself in !Justice crime fighting

- Returns to Gotham five years later. Batman begins not to long afterward in 1928. Not only is early Batman hated by most city officials for his penchant of cleaning out and disrupting corrupt officials, but many actual clean cops are against him, thinking that he’s actually an enforcer for a new organized crime group trying to make inroads into Gotham and that his clearing out of criminals is them removing competition.

- 1929, the stock market crashes, Gotham’s crime splits open with increases in petty theft, civilian protests and riots, gang wars; the Batman becomes more well known and starts working with a certain detective inspector in the GCPD. 

- By October 1929, The Long Halloween story line begins in a 1929 setting, eventually Dark Victory comes into play. Instead of Freaks v Crime however, organized crime isn’t going to get stamped out by the increase of masked criminals, instead gangs are forming around them adopting those monikers like the Joker’s Gang wearing clown masks and purple, Penguin’s goons are typically well dressed, top hat doffed muscle, etc. Integration of “Freaks” and Crime bosses.

- Bruce Wayne acts as Batman from 1928 - 1941 when he is called up for service with the second world war. Still uncertain to what function he would lead, but by this time Bruce feels confident that Gotham is in good hands with the batfam that will be left behind, and willingly goes into service to do what he can to fight the bigger injustice of the world.

- That said, he does return to being Batman when he returns home in ‘44, continuing the role until 1949 when he retires as Gotham’s Batman at the age of 45, recognizing his own age limitations and the toll that being batman for 20 years and serving in a war has done on him. Instead he turns his focus to using Wayne wealth for community building, education, charitable programs in the post-war boom. Much of his time is also spent coordinating the efforts of the Batfamily, developing modern technologies for them to use through the 50′s and 60′s and playing a more active role as a founding member of the Justice League. Eventually he transitions into a sort of hybrid Alfred in his latter years, and dies peacefully at the age of 86 in 1989

Right, so this goes on with some points for almost all the robins, some villains, and Babs and the batgirls. …yea I’ve been thinking about this. If that sort of stuff interests you, it’s all under the cut!

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