What’s funny about Damian and Jon age difference is that Damian is 13 & Jon is 10 and it’s cannon that Damian completed his first assassination mission when he was only 3, which mean he has killed someone before Jon was even born, you can’ tell me Damian would not use that as an excuse to be the one to call the shots.

“Kid just follow my orders I have been doing this before you were even born!”

“Quit over-exaggerating! we are almost the same age-”  

“No you don’t understand, I have LITERALLY been doing this before you were born”

Clark: Did…did you carry that glass of wine all the way here?

Bruce: *hiccup* may…maybe. 

~~HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! *lovelovelove* Here’s a Supaman dropping off a drunk Bruce from a New Years Eve party!! They’re going to spend midnight together tho. 

Today at nursery we were talking about our favourite games… Barbie, Ben 10, Batman…
Then a 3 year old girl suddenly burst out with, “I LOVE MINECRAFT”. She was laughing so hard telling me about the little piggies and climbing ladders and making houses for chickens. Her parents are doing it right.