Batman: Night of Owls

Everything that has happened in the Scott Snyder run of Batman comics has came to the first big story arc of the year for DC. This story is to crossover into different DC titles that features most of the ‘bat family’ taking on the court of owls. Now anyone will agree with me that the Court of Owls story arc is one of the best to come out of the DC New 52 and it’s all coming to an epic conclusion. Will Batman finally put this new enemy to rest or has that dark knight finally met his match?

The idea to bring in the bat family had to be done as we know batman cannot take on the Owls by himself. Over the years batman has always called Gotham City, His city and all that has came into question over the past 7 or 8 months. Its not just one villain batman must face but the Court of Owls is a society of people that are Taking Gotham City back and its up to the Bat society to stop them, thus carrying the story into different DC books.

Scott Snyder’s Owls story has been one of my favorite since Batman RIP and its always great to watch the events unfold. This is something that i cant wait to get my hands on over the next few weeks and cant wait to see the epic end of this battle. Anyone who has not been reading Batman comics will not need to panic because if you are a batman fan you can always lift the Graphic novel that is set to come out after everything is reveled but I strongly recommend that people read through the first 7-8 issues of Batman because they have just go better and better as this story continues.


Books to include the Court of Owls:

  • All-Star Western #9
  • Batman #8-9
  • Batman Annual #1
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #9
  • Batwing #9
  • Batman and Robin #9
  • Birds of Prey #9
  • Batgirl #9
  • Catwoman #9
  • Detective Comics #9
  • Nightwing #8-9
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

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Pick five of your favourite YouTubers. If they were actors/actresses what roles would they most likely be cast for?

I really like this question!

Markiplier = deadpool

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Jacksepticeye = Starlord

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Pewdiepie= Tony stark

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Vanoss = Batman (because Night owl)

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Ryan magee = Peter pan (because he’s such a child at a heart)

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Also this was harder than I thought to pick who was who