Bathroom Sink Faucets


The Great Faucet Conundrum 

It’s all too familiar to you. 

Your big meeting is just minutes away. 

You stop by the men’s room before setting up. 

You wash your hands like the competent adult you totally are—only to be met with opposition from That Sink.

The one that geysers water our of the sink onto the crotch of your pants.

What do you do next?

Maybe you cozy up to the air dryer? Maybe you wipe down frantically and pray no one comes in?

Or maybe—just maybe—you stride out and face the meeting with confidence.

You’ll lead that meeting—come hell or unnecessarily high water.

You’ll wear that splash-back like a badge of pride. 

Yes. It looks like pee. But you know better. 

You faced a watery hell, only to re-enter the world with clean hands. 


Tap Tuesday everyone! Here I have gathered the top 10 hottest faucets I’ve seen (so far).  Starting at the top, LED lights can make any tap shine! Off to the next row down, starting from the left, somewhat average design, however the sleek modern look and blue accent adds quite a lot to a washroom!  Next you have a personal favourite, a hands-free! Very nice look as well, the slim faucet is very new and bright.  Next, oh ho ho, we have a change in the line-up!  A styled faucet, a fish!  As long as it stays shiny, I enjoy the look! Great for an outdoors-y house.  Next we have another hands-free, a Japanese design, very eccentric!  The next one is probably my favourite design, the look is just so futuristic.  Also, hands-free (woot woot).  Next we have a more common look, however the modern shine is very nice.  After that, you have a neat little tap, this one looks like it would have a lower water pressure than most, but it looks very nice.  And the last one, finally has some colour to it!  Very nice design.
Coming up later, Tap Tuesday’s Worst Taps!