Julie Andrews Fantasy LPs #2

“The Beatles!” grinned Julie. “I’d adore to work with them. I don’t know whether they’d care to meet me, but I’d love to meet them. I’d also love to sing that stuff they sing, if I could make the grade”  (Batelle, 28).

Well, dream no more, Dame Julie, your wish is the Parallel Julieverse’s command!


Batelle, Phyllis. “The Julie Andrews Nobody Knows: Home Life ‘Chaotic But Not Disastrous’.” Philadelphia Daily News. 27 September 1965: 28.

anonymous asked:

Hi i'm a young student of architecture form Spain and I really like your blog since you've recently posted as a reference the Merida museum of roman art by Moneo, I would like to know your thoughts on spanish architecture and since its a really broad topic, spanish architecture that you particulary admire.

I am a big fan of contemporary architecture from Spain. That means that my list of favorite Spanish architects is LONG. I also love traditional architecture, for me it feels like home. 

So, leaving aside classics like Gaudi, Moneo and Calatrava is easier for me to list some recent projects I admire:

Auditorio Municipal de Teulada Francisco Mangado

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