• Interviewer: So will fans have to wait another three years for a third album?
  • Woody: I really hope not. Dan’s already put a few ideas down for album three; he often vanishes for a bit, kind of hides in a corner or behind a bin in the street, singing into his phone. That’s all kind of started again, but I kind of think the plan is definitely not to wait three years this time.
Hold Me

Inspo from the song Warmth

“You can’t do this to me, you can’t!” You scream at the door, pounding on the wooden board until your hands throbbing with pain. You growl, you spit, and you curse until there’s no voice left within you, and that’s when your knees hit the cheery welcome mat and you finally feel a massive sob wrack through you.

You don’t exactly know what to do with yourself. Your parents have practically barred you from the house, and aren’t answering your calls or texts. You curl up on the porch and let the tears tumble down your cheeks. Out of anger, you throw your phone to the grass, hearing the small thump as the metal hit the dirt. You feel like screaming, shouting, hollering to the wind about how your life has turned out, but you can’t seem to find the strength to do so. It’s starting to snow, but you don’t register how cold it’s getting till you’re forced to wrap your arms around your chest. 

Quelling your sobs and sucking in a deep, cold breath of air, you grab your phone from the grass and make your way toward the city, hoping to find some sort of shelter for the night.

Walking past the brightly-lit windows of various bars and restaurants, you find yourself caught in the melee of tourists and couples wandering about. Soldiering on, you look around, trying to see if anything looked familiar, or if you could find a cafe to slip into to get a drink and a bite to eat.

Pausing in a Starbucks, you unlock your phone and begin scrolling through your contacts, hoping to find someone who’d take you in. Then you remember where you are and hastily dial.

“Hi, it’s me. Um, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Can I stay at yours for the night?”

Dan passes you a mug of tea as you wolf down the cheese-on-toast. The others watch as you with eagerness, like children at a zoo.

“So how do you know Dan?” Woody asks.

Dan answers for you. “We’re family friends.”

“Oh really?” Kyle waggles his eyebrows suggestively. “How well do you know each other? Like, casual well or… naked well?”

You snort into your food. “Gross, no!” you say through a mouthful of food. You stop before you choke, letting yourself calm down. “Well… kind of… but it was an accident!”

Dan picks up your plate and heads toward his kitchen. You follow, wanting to tell him the reason you called. “Look, I know this is really out of the blue, but I need help.”

He stops, quickly giving your figure the once-over with his scrutinising eyes. “I know it is, but you’d help me if I was stuck. You always have been that person to pick up the pieces.”

“Dan, mate, we’re heading off!” Charlie shouts out, letting the door shut behind him.

You both laugh at the brief intrusion; oh how you missed that laugh of his – it was very much like his singing voice: clear and crisp.

He put the kettle back on. “Tea?”

You nod. “Um, so, back to why I need help.”


“Um,” you sigh deeply, trying to think of how to tell him, “Dan, I’m… I’m… I’m pregnant.”

Dan drops the tin of tea bags, letting them plop to the floor. He rounds on you with wide eyes and a slightly gaped mouth. “You’re… sorry… you’re what?

You feel your reserve crumble and you break, letting the tears fall like rain from the clouds. “I know, I know, I know I’m such an idiot for letting this happen, but I loved him, I really did love him.” 

Dan pulls you close to him, letting your sobs wrack both your bodies. “It’s okay, shhhh, shhh, it’s okay. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.”

You both stand there for a while, forgetting the world around you, letting it melt. “I told my parents, and they kicked me out. All I’ve got with me is my suitcase and my bag, that’s it.” You sniff, dragging your snotty nose along your sleeve. “All I have left is you.”

“What about that guy you were seeing? Freddie? Frankie?”

You make a face, your gut twisting at the thought of him. “Franklin? Ugh, the second I told him I was expecting, he bolted. He promised we were going to get married and move to LA so he could get into making movies. After I packed up, he just disappeared.” You shudder, closing your eyes and leaning against Dan. “He was the one, Dan, at least… I thought he was.”

Dan rubs smooth circles on your back, letting you lean against him in comfort “Well look, don’t worry. You can crash here as long as you want, even in that means I’ve got to play Mums and Dads for a while.”

“You don’t mind, do you?” Your voice is muffled by his jumper.

Dan smiles. “No, of course not. I’m technically this kid’s Uncle Dan, anyway,”

You pull back and smile genuinely, giving away your brief moment of happiness. “Dan?”


“It’s a cruel shitty world, and I want my kid to grow up surrounded by love and happiness and music.”

Dan smiles back at you, wiping the tears away. “And he will be, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.” 

You wrap your arms around Dan and squeeze, relishing the rush of security and heat that accompanies his hug. 

“In your warmth, I forget how cold it can all be.”

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