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Harry Potter

Orange is the New Black


Fall Out Boy

Panic! At The Disco

Twenty One Pilots

My Chemical Romance


Dan and Phil

Steven Universe

Doctor Who


Big Hero 6

Welcome To Night Vale

Percy Jackson

Ranger’s Apprentice

Artemis Fowl

The Underland Chronicles

Stuff to do with books in general

LGBT stuff


Random funny stuff idek

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Anyone planning on getting a fake ID to go to these evolution tour shows, just don’t. It 98% won’t work and you should save your money that you’d spend on an ID to go to shows on the next tour. It’s not like it’s just an age restricted gig, it’s an open bar and the event is heavily staffed by security. Yall are stressing me out and I just don’t get why so many people are trying to sneak into these. Also- good luck not getting arrested for false identification if you get caught.

For Stormers or the Bastille Community, Whichever is Preferred

I seriously do want to be a catalyst for change, if I can. I want to be able to help the community grow as a whole. There are a couple steps to take first, but to start I would like to announce to everyone that, in the least self-righteous way I can, I would like to become a sort of safe place for everyone to vent, explain, or just talk about the fandom and any issues you’ve had. I want to be a force for change, like I’ve been trying to do with my Clique project, but on a larger scale here hopefully. Step one, try and connect the community more I suppose. Then it would be to address stealing of edits and photos and posting of private photos, and of course making sure we address actual issues with band members; recognize, learn, educate, and move on, simple as that. After that really just the general attitude, but that’s an entire issue on its own.

I really really want to avoid sounding pretentious here, but I’m sure it’ll come off that way anyways, so, I guess, reblog or like if you want to help me make a change?