EDC Vegas 2015 I went with my guy friend Joe, and left my husband at home, since he had work all weekend. I love EDM festivals, the half-naked people are so sensual! I popped a Molly (it makes me a bit friendlier ;)). Joe did also. After the peak of our roll we ended up at Cosmic Meadow and laid down to rest, during which we ended up making out. I got really turned on and told Joe I felt like being slutty. I started by playing with his dick, reaching in his pants to stroke him while we kissed. He reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass, and smacked it, before reaching between my legs and dragging a couple fingers up my moistening slit.  Mind you, I was wearing a white bralette, a g-string, and a short schoolgirl skirt that barely covered ¾ of my ass. We walked over to BassPod, where we met two rather good looking guys. I told Joe I wanted to fuck them, and asked him to come with me. We walked to a secluded part the stands and Joe relaxed a bit while they made out with me and they touched me everywhere, as I played with their cocks. Soon I was sucking their dicks and one of them entered me from behind. He was about 7 inches, and decently thick. I was dripping wet, like seriously, my pussy was drooling. He came fairly quickly into my tight pussy, and then I laid back and allowed the next guy between my legs, making it look like we were making out but in reality, he was balls deep in me. His dick was a bit shorter, but very thick. He made me cum hard, and then he came also. Then the guys kissed me (very seductively, I almost fucked them again if security hadn’t cone around to ruin it), and thanked us for the experience and left. We walked back to BassPod and sat at the benches between BassPod and the hardstyle stage. Some guy lost his friends there and we chatted him up. Soon I was making out with him, and, while straddling him, I slipped his cock into myself and rode him until he came. He was so big! And filled me up pretty good too! We went our separate ways and bid him good luck finding his friends. By this time my panties were wet and useless (Joe had an extra pair for me), so I took them off, but decided to walk around without them, cum dripping down my thighs. We went to the deep house/trance stage, where I danced with several guys, a few of them groping and fingering me, some getting a good grind from me and a little cock groping. I’ve never had a bigger smile on my face. I eventually put on my spare g string, and once we got to the room (even though we promised before we left that nothing would happen, as I’m married and he’s engaged) Joe and I fucked like rabbits into the late morning. I hadn’t fucked him since two years prior, when his girlfriend left town to visit family.  Best EDC experience yet. This was Day 1. Days 2 and 3 were tame and just partying, enjoying the music (and some naughty grinding and groping with cuties). Go Vegas 2015!