Aries: where is album 2?

Taurus: gaylord danielle

Gemini: bad haim imagines

Cancer: danielle and her tacos

Leo: este’s bass face

Virgo: danielle spaghetti arms haim dropping cakes

Libra: danielle’s mom jeans

Scorpio: valli girls

Sagittarius: alana haim is 13

Capricorn: danielle the farmer

Aquarius: fake coachella lineup

Pisces: este’s high school bleached blonde mullet

I’ve never not had it. It’s strange talking about it because it’s just part of who I am. It’s a reflection of how I feel when I play music. But the thing is, if I was doing it as a dude, it would be normal. Since I’m a girl, it’s not the most seen thing, so maybe that’s why people notice it.

“Playing live is really the only time I get to let the fuck go. There are definitely times, as a girl, that I see pictures of myself and I’m like, ‘Oh, Este, maybe you want to reel it in a little bit. Maybe concentrate on not letting go so much.’ The problem with that is, when I concentrate on that, I’m not concentrating on having fun, and that’s totally reflected in my performance. It’s definitely not going anywhere, so if people don’t like it, they can shut the fuck up.

—  Este Haim, on the “bass face”

27 June, 2014: Haim brought a very short burst of Californian sunshine to Glastonbury yesterday, pulling some incredible faces as they breezed their way through their energetic set.

The show included a cover of Beyonce’s ‘XO’, when Este Haim reminisced about their performance last year. Although maybe 'reminisced’ is the wrong word: “The last time we were here, I was on stage saying, 'This is the best moment of my life’, when suddenly I nearly had a seizure because I’m diabetic. It could have been my best and my last moment.”

Luckily it wasn’t her last moment, and Haim were able to return for a triumphant performance. Here’s the best photos from their bass-face filled set.