Do you ever hear a song or a band and you just connect to it instantly?

Like, the music starts to play and you feel the beat pounding in your chest and the melody touches your soul and the lyrics will be stuck in your head for the rest of the month, but that’s okay because you love them so much anyway? And you can hear the emotion in the singer’s voice and the specific way the drummer keeps up the beat and the way the guitarist’s hands glide over the strings and the bassist’s tune is /so hauntingly beautiful/

And then one day you see them in concert, or at least see a video of it, and the singer is moving all over the stage and interacting with the mass of dancing fans who are all singing out of tune but nobody cares because it’s so great and the drummer is banging on the drums and smiling at the crowd and the guitarist is hopping around and everybody is moving to the beat and everybody is so in sync, at lest in that moment, and everything feels right in the world?

Because that’s the band that will stay with you forever. The songs will play through your mind long after the band retires or stops touring or breaks up, and you’ll remember the day you first discovered them and it made your life just a little bit better

Are you a self proclaimed badass who also plays bass?? if so then this is just the right net for you! 

to gain access of only the most badass bassists you must be following the admins @poutyiero (Sierra) and @snowghosts (Quinn)

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Pros: New people to talk to. legit i met Quinn through a net and we are best friends, signing up for these things is worth it. 

having a place to share your love for music and bass riffs that change everything about the song

if you do get in, just dont be an asshole this is a 100% safe space for everyone if you go around being a dick you are def not a bad ass bassist. 

I will message you and ask for your kik, that is if you want to be involved in the group chat

But yeah thats it, message me if you have any questions. i have no idea when this ends but lets say around beginning of October end of September 


Fender Aerodyne Bass or Guitar - as requested! 

2004 Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Rare Japanese Non Export in Dolphin Grey 

[Source: Shelton’s Guitars] 

What confuses the rest of the band/orchestra about the instruments
  • Piccolo:How do they manage to hit those high notes without killing their ears?
  • Flute:Why do they hold their instruments sideways?
  • Clarinet:Why are they always complaining about reeds?
  • Saxophone:Why do they keep playing jazz solos at random times?
  • Oboe:Why are you carrying a knife?
  • Bassoon:What are you???
  • Trumpet:How are they so confident in themselves if they don't know any of the notes?
  • Horn:Why are they always so put together all the time?
  • Trombone:Why do they keep acting like 6 year olds?
  • Euphonium:Why are you so offended by being compared to tubas?
  • Tuba:How do you not get bored by having to play quarter notes all the time?
  • Violin:Why do you care so much who's violin 1 and who's violin 2?
  • Viola:Why do you stare at the violins dreamily during rehearsal?
  • Cello:Why are you always out of tune?
  • Bass:Why are your parts so boring?
  • Percussion:How do you manage to play so many different instruments?
  • Piano:How do you manage to play different things with both your hands?
  • Accordion:why