Throngs of attendees dance, drink and party during the second night of the Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 at the Las Vegas Speedway. Some even shared a wedding night with others as the music played on. Meant to upload these yesterday but slept in and enjoyed a fine Father’s Day :D

Day 16 - Breakfast at the Gerber’s in Othello is a civilized affair, most times, I hear. Wonderful people with busy, interesting lives who are making the most of what they have been blessed with. Wish I’d been day earlier, missed the birthday party :)

Derek, a physical therapist, checked out my left shin pain and it appears to be nothing permanent or ride ending. Seems all the excessive movement with the clips is irritating the muscle that runs down and across the front of my leg. A deep massage, some ice and good stretching will heal it up just fine.

More so, my almost-brother Tim arrived last night with his bike and gear and is going to join me on the road for the two days ride to Spokane. Nice to have some company along, we should have a good time along the way,


The typical randomness of what I do…

Chocolatier Kristal Chamblee creates another batch of chocolate bars in the kitchen at the Dixie brand edible marijuana facility, unfortunately there were no free samples to be had…Moved on to a silly shoot showing some low-cost Halloween costumes can be had at Deseret Industries such as a cowgirl, minion, fisherman or celebrity. Initially they couldn’t find the costumes, then once found wanted to just display them on a table. Finally convinced them to get employees to model, was quite entertaining for all involved :D

Lots of football these days with Durango versus Sierra Vista, a found pair of broken eyeglasses then UNLV getting spanked by Colorado State. Extra challenging as our 400mm lens is not tracking well, makes for following pass plays and anything else moving down the field more challenging than usual. Decided to look beyond the action to the stands, head coach Tony Sanchez and rooftop angles. Guess its back to the 300mm for this week….


Had a pleasant time chasing the insects at the Springs Preserve’s Butterfly Habitat now open for the fall season with dozens of free-flying butterflies and a variety of tropical plants. One would think it would be pretty easy but these little guys are actually quite quick and don’t stay in one place for long. Either way, it was fun and colorful too. Some of the varieties are the Isabella’s longing, blue morpho, monarch, white peacock, banded orange, Julia and red postman….


Another fine evening spent shooting rodeo, this time the Indian National Finals at South Pointe. Certainly can be quite brutal, one guy in particular couldn’t release his hand from the saddle bronc and was tossed around like a rag doll. Needless to say the PR person babysitting me was not pleased with my documenting of the incident - life is hard :)


Quite the night covering the RiSE Lantern Festival at the Jean Dry Lake Bed, like nothing I’ve ever been apart of that’s for sure. The concept , to launch hundreds of giant lanterns in sync after writing personal thoughts and wishes on them. It was a transportation nightmare with traffic backed up for miles then hopping busses to be shuttled out to the lake bed.  Was an hour and a half trip getting there just before sundown though I made the best use of my time.

People continually streamed in and the start time was pushed back over an hour as the busses were backed up. No food or water was in the media area but May Wildman with Kirvin Doak Communications and her team came to the rescue with some water and a tasty salad. May even got me on one of the first shuttles out after the launches, I heard later that some folks were stuck out there for hours and even chose to walk back in the dark for miles to their cars. All in all a stunning visual, if it happens next year I’m sure the issues will be fixed.


Community members, officers and supporters gathered to honor slain Metro Police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo during a candlelight vigil outside of CiCi’s Pizza restaurant on Monday evening, June 9, 2014.  Was a horrible act of cowardice to kill these officers while sitting down to lunch, then taking another life at a nearby Wal-Mart before taking their own.

Feel as you may about cops sometimes, as a former military cop myself I can personally say it is a risky profession and often underappreciated…


Warning, may be offensive to young viewers!!!!!!

Covered my first assignment as the newest staff photographer here at the Las Vegas Sun :) 

Clearly I’m not in Kansas anymore, this place is a bit over the top visually and much more is permitted in publications than in Portland. Spent the day at the Las Vegas BikeFest 2013 which was much more than just motorcycles on display. Some of the other events were World’s Strongest Biker, Bikini Bike Wash, Wet T-Shirt Contest, Bike Games and so much more. Quite the visual spectacle. 

Tonight is Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult so I just may go back and soak up some old-school music with a really entertaining crowd. Enjoying my new world!

Had a great interview today at Latus Harley Davidson and just may get a sales gig there within the week. As a motorcycle rider and owner years back it seems like a great place to work and a way to get back into the motorcycling world. 

That being said I’m going to have to get my certification again after some years of not riding. Anybody have an older bike or know someone who has I might be able to get re-acquainted with the road again on. I rode for 10 years so don’t think it would take much, there’s a course I can take too but it doesn’t start again until early march. Let me know what you know :)