Throngs of attendees dance, drink and party during the second night of the Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 at the Las Vegas Speedway. Some even shared a wedding night with others as the music played on. Meant to upload these yesterday but slept in and enjoyed a fine Father’s Day :D


Covered the funeral of slain Metro Officer Igor Soldo at Palm Mortuary which attracted hundreds of officers, family and supporters from all over the valley and beyond. Not the pool shooter I was restricted to outside of the grounds on the other side of the fence but feel I covered it quite well from my vantage point. One of those days that helps to put your life in perspective, I woke up today happy and healthy and that’s pretty darn good considering :D


After a long UFC Fight Week here in Las Vegas I can relax a bit and catch up. Ended with the much touted UFC 200 at the T-Mobile Arena and I think it went well, some of the best matches ending way too quickly but that’s the sport. Felt as though I was just a fraction of a second off all night but here’s a few moments of what I captured, still combing through the 30 gigabytes of images so will likely be another set once that’s done. Nap time anyone???

Some of the featured fights included Frankie Edgar losing to Jose Aldo, Anderson Silva out of shape and being dominated on the canvas by Daniel Cormier, a huge Brock Lesnar throwing Mark Hunt around the octagon (and he’s a big guy too), Travis Browne quickly dispatched by Cain Velasquez,  Julianna Pena making quick work of Cat Zingano and Amanda Nunes doing the same with a bloodied Miesha Tate who seriously had her nose smashed.


Will likely post more from the Further Future 02 event I covered for 24 hours this past weekend just because it was visually intriguing and I made some interesting images along the way. 

For many new to this event, this is how they describe it:

A new kind of music and lifestyle festival. From 12pm on Friday April 29 through sunset on Sunday May 1, 2016, they gather at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada, for a weekend filled with incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection. I also heard it referred to as “the Burning Man for the 1%” so take it for what it’s worth.

Day 16 - Breakfast at the Gerber’s in Othello is a civilized affair, most times, I hear. Wonderful people with busy, interesting lives who are making the most of what they have been blessed with. Wish I’d been day earlier, missed the birthday party :)

Derek, a physical therapist, checked out my left shin pain and it appears to be nothing permanent or ride ending. Seems all the excessive movement with the clips is irritating the muscle that runs down and across the front of my leg. A deep massage, some ice and good stretching will heal it up just fine.

More so, my almost-brother Tim arrived last night with his bike and gear and is going to join me on the road for the two days ride to Spokane. Nice to have some company along, we should have a good time along the way,


The Black Lives Matter organization marches along the Fremont Street Experience and beyond during another protest and march in downtown Las Vegas. All was quiet except one idiot who could not wait for the procession to cross the street so pushed his way through coming close to a few folks. Gotta keep your head on a swivel, baby….


After some last-minute wrangling and help from my internal Greenspun Media Group peeps I was able to secure a decent spot for the implosion of the 24-story Monaco tower of the shuttered Riviera early this morning. Wanting an elevated spot with a decent view I sought out SpringHill Suites where I shot the last implosion but they were charging $100 each, money I hear going to charity. The Mariott Hotel was another great option but at capacity, the Westgate seemingly good too but quite a long shot.

Ended up at 101 Convention Center with the assistance of CBRE’s Maureen Williams, Ruth Carter and Barbara Tidd. Joined by my AP pal John Locher there we were told there would only be a handful of us but the crowd grew to about 100 I’d estimate up there. 

Was set up super tight on the tower but went wider instead and glad for it, two cameras going. All went according to plan and following some pretty fireworks the well-lit building began to be imploded. My guess is that it was mechanical but partly into the downing we lost the lights and the exposure changed dramatically. I changed exposure as fast as I could but the already high ISO led to some grainier images, just the way it goes sometimes. Not bad all in all in the middle of the night, think I like the dust cloud the best either way…


Three days of MMA fights concluded with the UFC 194 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. New UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor defeated Jose Aldo and new UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold defeated Chris Weidman in a night of contrasts. Covered a half dozen other matches too but had the worst spot of UFC shooting career, dead into the corner directly behind a UFC videographer on a stand. Spent the who night dodging left and right following the fighters just trying to get a shot…


More from the UFC Fight Week here in Las Vegas. The weigh ins were conducted for tomorrow night’s UFC 200 matches at the T-Mobile Arena featuring upper card fighters Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, Daniel Cormier, Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes amongst others. 

Later spent some time about the octagon for the Ultimate Fighter Finale 2016 fights at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Upper card matches featured Women’s bantamweight Joanna Jedrzejczyk battling Claudia Gadelha,  Lightweight Ross Pearson takes some licks from Will Brooks and more. Was buried in the corner just off a post but managed to do OK, tough sport…


Took my turn for an overnight at EDC Las Vegas 2015 and made a few decent images despite all the challenges a photographer faces with over 100,000 fans packed into a speedway. As usual there were credential problems, no scanners at the entry gates, late access and a media room in a garage with lots of metal that reverberated from the nearest stage so much we all wore earplugs inside. Despite those little annoyances it was entertaining to see all the bizarre outfits and idiotic behavior that come with such an event. One night of the Electric Daisy Carnival is really enough for me :D


Part of my final edit of submitted images at PDXSQ16 here in my old stomping grounds of Portland, Oregon. A great group of people I met or renewed friendships with from photographers to the “ladies” at Darcelle XV, River City Dragons, Doggie dashers and all the other nice folks I wandered across in my square and beyond. I’ve only missed one year of this ASMP and Pro Photo sponsored gig and just love the energy and creativity of the photographers and editors involved, many of the shooters early on in their photographic experiences showing fresh eyes and perspectives….

Also like to thank all of those who came out in support of the event though it would be hard to thank them all. Robert C Layman with Pro Photo Supply hooked me up with the new Canon IDX MarkII and now I’m way too spoiled to not have one of my own…I’m sure that was his plan all along! Folks like Leah Nash, Christopher Onstott, Josh Bryan, Andy Batt, Bruce Ely, John Sale, Thomas Boyd and Rob Kerr all added so much to the event with their energy, talent and insights it always leaves me photographically inspired and with some renewed faith in what we do. I’ll always return if I’m able.


A busy 24 ours with the early morning implosion of the Riviera’s Monte Carlo Tower (right) and a smaller one to clear the land for plans to expand the Las Vegas Convention Center. I’ll follow up with it later but actually was tasked with doing the video for this one, the still on a secondary remote just because. Guess you can teach an old dog….

Was home resting from the long night and was called along with Steve Marcus to an active shooter call up north at a shopping mall. Turned out that armed robbers had entered a T.J. Maxx store and one had fled, metro police and SWAT responded and the other taken into custody. Took some work and a few rejections but I needed up near the back door and got a few good frames…

Lastly, needed to try and get a few images of the former office sign and more at the White Sands Motel on Las Vegas Blvd. South in which owners are trying to sell the shuttered, decades-old property for $25 million. It’s buried behind chain link and canvas so had to shoot between the poles, could see a security camera on too and it made me nervous - shot quick and got out.  lol 


Spent a few hours at my first Hydro-Fest along Lake Spring Mountain in Pahrump which features some of the best hydroflight athletes in the world of jetboarding, jetpacking and jetbiking. A pretty cool event and visually interesting to shoot for sure, would have loved to stay for the nighttime show with lighted-up suits but maybe next time…


Took forever to get here and way too quickly my week’s vacation has gone…

Thought I’d take more images but didn’t, put the camera down and just existed in the moment with family in Rosemary Beach along the Florida panhandle about where the Truman Show movie was filmed. A very colorful area with way too little diversity, need to drive into Panama City for more of that. 

Had an awesome time reconnecting with my daughter Bayley, mom, sisters and their families including a day with Uncle Lee and Ann-Marie. Did some fishing, swimming, playing and even a little karaoke. Fun while it lasted :D


The images keep coming, some of them are even pretty solid….

Larissa Reis of Protein House is a world-renowned bodybuilder who opened a local healthy restaurant that’s found so much success it’s expanding nationally  now. She was pretty chill and used to being photographed, suggested the counter and she hopped right on up. She has a fairly strong accent, like Arnold  in a strong, blond and woman’s body. Not the worst assignment I’ve had lately, just saying’

Spent a few hours combing the grounds of the now closed Silverstone Golf Club which without regular watering and upkeep has returned to desert. Then made some portraits of former Washington teens Ava Zech and Julia Reguera who have started a business with the help of Tony Hsieh called Hand Me Ups at Container Park. They take in donated clothing and then sell it with proceeds going to the charity of the buyer’s choice.

Also did my best to make something of a piece of property now for sale in a fairly blighted part of Fremont Street east of the Experience area. Lastly another portrait, this one of Mike Stratton and Tom Rothrock who are now with an independent label Bong Load Custom Records that distributes vinyl records. A couple of cool dudes is a tiny-ass bedroom with stacks of vinyl, so small I had to lay on the bed to get a decent angle.