MUST SEE! Toronto Raptors’ (Compton born-and-raised) DeMar DeRozan captures a hilarious sing-a-long by the 2016 USA Men’s Basketball Team earlier. 

You know, sometimes I’m (Chicago Bulls’) Jimmy Butler, sometimes I’m (New York Knicks’) Melo and sometimes (GS Warriors’) KD. But, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Happy Saturday!


demar_derozan: Melo ain’t having it…😂

Dongmin As The Bad Boy

The post in question

Okay so

  • Even if Dongmin were the bad boy, he would still wear pastel colors and stuff
  • It’s all in his facial expressions
  • If you’ve seen To Be Continued, you know what I mean
  • Really intense gazes
  • Like really intense
  • Also he said he has a temper
  • temper + Dongmin = BadBoy!Dongmin
  • If something made him angry, and he got loud about it, his voice would definitely carry very far and make everybody flinch
  • BadBoy!Dongmin would have his ears pierced, def
  • And he would wear tiny silver hoop earrings
  • BadBoy!Dongmin in high school would be feared by the teachers
  • But his grades would still be through the roof
  • And he would be on the basketball team
  • Expect a group of girls with signs cheering solely for Dongmin at the games
  • He would definitely have a fan club that would follow him around the school
  • If Astro had a bad boy concept, Dongmin would kill it
  • People say he wouldn’t, but he definitely would
  • Look no further than Dongmin wearing a choker
  • And honestly, he looks really good in black
  • A week before the comeback MJ, Jinjin, Rocky and Sanha make a bet of who can pull off the bad boy concept better: Moonbin or Dongmin
  • BadBoy!Dongmin ftw
  • We’ve already seen a little of BadBoy!Dongmin
  • Example 1 (first and third gifs)
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Example 4
  • Example 5
  • Basically BadBoy!Dongmin wouldn’t be able to be stopped
  • He would hurt us arohas if he ever pulled a bad boy look on us
  • I’ll write an actual scenario about this later and I’ll link it here
Here is the story on the time I pretended to be a guy to get on my high schools boys basketball team!

OK, so my school didn’t have a girls basketball team. Or well, I didn’t hear of it, like ever. So I was like fuck it Ill try out for the guys. Tryouts were during the last school period of the day so I said I needed to go to the nurse and my teacher let me go. So I get there, I have my schools P.E. uniform on. The mascot was a Jaguar so it had that on the shirt and maroon basketball shirts. I had my converse on, I was ready to go. Now its freaking hot as balls in the gym so I’m sweating I feel gross, and there’s a bunch of guys being dudes there and I’m the only girl, and theyre laughing and questioning shit. I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t good at the sport either. But being me I was like fuck it. Next was shooting the ball and actually making it in the basket…… Obviously I missed, like all the time. I was good at just passing and stealing the ball. Like super good, but the coach being a guy he was, told me that I didnt make it cause I’m a girl. Yes I was mad I’m like “Really bitch?” I was pissed. So I left. Went home, and did the only thing I knew how. Reading tarot cards and drawing. Yes I know it sounds stupid but I sold my art and read peoples cards who wanted them. In about 2 weeks I made about 100 dollars. On top of that I was in a program called Youth On Their Own. so that was another 100 or so dollars. So I bought a binder, i had to get a really good one because I am a 38 D. So its pretty noticeable that I’m a girl. And i bought a wig. I didn’t need clothes cause I wore jeans and t-shirts like all the time. I had a friend help with the wig, and make up so I looked like a guy. And I’ll just say holy shit I’d have dated my own damn self. So they had another try out thing because everyone sucked. I went to it. BINDER AND ALL. It was SOOOO HOT but whatever, I made it. And I didn’t talk to anyone. Like Mitobe I didn’t talk, or else they’d find out. Before and after games I didn’t change in the locker room I went straight home. When my friends saw me go home or stay after school I’d lie and say that I was in a club, I kinda was but I hid it very well. We won a lot if games, but didn’t win the one that counted. Now I was done I didn’t want to play anymore. So after everyone was gone I changed in the locker room. Only for someone to pull a Tamaki and walk in to me with no binder and my boobs were out! So some Ouran Highschool Host Club shit. He freaked out, I freaked out. I threw my shirt on, and we just started yelling! “WHY ARE YOU IN HERE!?” “ITS THE GUYS LOCKER ROOM!” “WELL GET OUT!” “YOURE THE GIRL! YOU GET OUT!” And everyone came in, and there I am, no wig or make up, no binder. It was insane. So I got kicked off the team. No one told a soul. I was emberassed, but made some people question their sexuality so that was funny. But long story short, my name was Alejandro Mungia and that’s how I was a guy for half of the season and no one found out till someone walked in. I don’t know why the coach didn’t look up ‘Alejandro’ but I got on the team. I know this wasn’t funny but hey you got to know me. Even if you didn’t want to haha. THE END



AU: Highschool

Words: 1.9 k

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

Summary: A confusing start of love between the basketball manager and a basketball player

- - - - - - - -

The gym’s air was humid as you sat there beside the coach, watching the boys play. Loud sneaker squeaks and dribbles could be heard from the gym floor.It was your last year as the basketball team’s manager at your highschool. Something you were actually pulled into, but ended up enjoying. The charisma and energy that you’ve experienced was always overwhelmingly fun. The tension when every game started was a feeling you knew you could ever forget. You were a happily content person in almost everything. There was only one person that’s ever bothered you up until now. A person who lived by his own rules. A person so confusing, you didn’t even want to think about him.


God did he make you frustrated. Always teasing you about your plain looks. Ruffling your hair every time you actually decided to do something with it. He’d even call you short even though he was short himself. Both of you always manged to break into a fight everytime you saw eachother. You’ve always hated his guts ever since you’ve joined, but lately something was different. He kept interrupting people giving you confessions, patting your head when you felt sad. It was as if he could read you like an open book. You’d been playing this cat and mouse game for far too long. You were seeing a sweet side of him you had never seen before. But you knew that’s what Yoongi was

As sweet as sugar and as hot as Hell. Hot meaning that he was short-tempered of course…        

Something was changing within you. The way your hands would break out in cold sweat when you saw him. How your heart would beat faster if he teased you. He was the only one you looked at during practices.

Somehow you were being drawn to the person you once hated and you knew exactly why.

You were starting to like him and you didn’t want to.

“Good job boys.” The coach yelled from beside you, snapping you away from your troublesome thoughts. “I hope you’re all ready for the big game next week.” You stood up and gave them all a small towel and water bottle. They were all drenched in sweat and you couldn’t help but feel bad as they practiced in the gym. The boys stood in a line and continued to listen to the coach. “We’re up against the best of the best and if we win, we get to take the championship title.” The coach lectured. “Sleep well and Practice, you’re dismissed.”

The boys bowed to the coach and handed me back their towels. They exited the gym, laughing and joking about topics you didn’t know. Only one was left. The “confusing one” himself. He stared at you and you only blinked back. “Get your snarky remark over with Yoongi.” You sighed tiredly. “When did our Y/N-sshi get so pretty?” He replied with a smirk.

His sudden, rare compliment made you blush as you tilted your head towards the ground. “Wha- What are you talking about, if you have something to say get it over with.” He huffed loudly. “Fine, I like you Y/N, please go out with me.” Your eyes bulged and you snapped your head back up. “Excuse Me?”

“You heard me, I like you.” He repeated, sounding the most serious you’d ever heard him. You swallowed thickly. “How long?” Yoongi looked at you straight in he eye. “Since last year.”

“Why and how?” You asked again. “I honestly didn’t like you at first and I thought you were just an extremely fun person to tease, but after a while I realized I was only laughing when you were around. My heart was making this thumping feeling I couldn’t quite understand. I wasn’t honest at first, but I’m sick of lying to myself and to you.” Laughing, you nervously dismissed what he said. “You must be joking, there’s no way you’d like me.” He shook his head, walking over to you as you slowly backed away. “I’m dead serious.”

Your back hit the wall. He leaned towards your ear and whispered. “And I know you like me too.” You pushed him away forcefully. “No tha- that’s not-” He chuckled at your embarrassment. “Then how come you’re blushing and stuttering right now?” Yoongi asked deviously. “Tha- That’s-” You stuttered again.

“Admit it.” He stated.

“Fine, maybe I do!” You shouted at him, still blushing furiously. “But what difference would it make. All you ever do is make me confused.” His jaw clenched. “In what way?” You laughed humorlessly. “I feel so tired just thinking about you, always constantly changing.” You gave him a sad smile. “Tell me Yoongi, am I talking to your sweet or sour side?”

“Neither.” He replied almost too quickly. “You’re speaking to Min Yoongi right now.” You bit your lip and nodded your head. “Good.”

Yoongi sighed. “How about this.” You waited for him to finish his sentence. “If I shoot three, three pointers, you’ll have to give me a straight forward answer.” He suggested. You pondered on the thought, until you made up your mind. You’re tired of this cat and mouse game. “Deal.” Yoongi showed you a gummy smile and you softly smiled at him in return. “Until then,” You started. “Practice hard Suga-sshi.” With that you turned away and exited the gym, shivering slightly as the cool air welcomed you.

- - - - - - - - - - -

After many sleepless nights, it was finally game day. You walked yourself nervously down the halls and sat by the coach in the sidelines. You were anxiously waiting for Yoongi and the game. It was like your heart was palpitating out of your chest. It was still early in the morning and you had the gym to yourselves for practice. Your eyes landed on him and he was the most focused out of all of them. You knew he was absolutely fine without it, but he had drive like never before. It made your heart race quicker than it already was.

“Argh!” A loud thud was heard from across the gym. Your head snapped up at the familiar voice. You and the coach rushed over to see Yoongi holding his ankle, moaning in pain. “Someone get him some ice!” The coach yelled. One of the boys ran into full sprint. Yoongi looked at you and the coach with an obviously forced smile. “I’ll be fine, I can still play.”

Coach looked even more worried"Are you sure? I mean-“ Yoongi cut him off. “It’s okay, really.” He stressed. You and the coach didn’t buy it, but you both nodded your heads at him.

The other team had gotten to the gym and they looked terrifying. They were tall and intimidating, looking like they were about to crush anyone who got in their way. It made you worried. If it was because of the game or Yoongi’s deal, you didn’t know anymore. You just wanted the game to get started.

The whistle blew and the game started. You watched the game intently, paying special attention to Yoongi. He was struggling with his ankle, but it wasn’t even six minutes into the game and he’d already shot a three pointer. Your breath hitched, your eyes stinging from the intensity. Who was going to win? Again, he shot his second one earning a cheer from the bleachers. Yoongi breathed heavily and you were doing the same.

During half time, the team came back to greet you. As nervous as you might be, managing them and taking care of them was always your top priority. So, you handed them towels and water like you usually do, telling them words of encouragement which they said thank you to. You finally got to Yoongi, giving him a worried glance. He noticed and patted your head. “I’ll be fine.” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Don’t get your hopes up yet Yoongi.” He gave you back that infamous gummy smile of his. “You ready to give me your answer?” You scoffed at him. “If you win.”

That was when you saw it. You looked down to check if his ankle was okay and to nobody’s surprise it wasn’t, but it was way worse than what you expected. It was a bruised black and red color, looking way more than just a small sprain. “Yoongi!” you exclaimed. His eyes traveled to where your eyes were and gave he gave you a small smile. “I’m fine-” You shook your head. “No you’re not, stop playing, we need to get you to a hospital.”

“But what about the game?! What about your answer?!” He argued. Giving him a stern look, you tried pulling him away but the whistle blew. He escaped from your grasp and you tried shouting. “Yoongi, don’t be stupid!” But he wouldn’t have it. He continued his way to the court anyways.

You were starting to think of all the possible scenarios. He looked in serious pain and tired, trying to focus more on the game than on his broken ankle. He was causing himself pain because of you. Somehow even though it was his choice to step out onto that court, it made you guilty.

There was only another 5 minutes left of the game. You were clasping your hands as the crowds cheers grew louder. Yoongi had the ball. His dribbles and steps were getting slower, huffing his way past the players. He got to the three-point line and the crowd went silent as the shock clock buzzer buzzed. A loud cheer erupted and you followed the ball with your eyes as it went into the hoop. Yoongi gazed back at you with a huge grin on his face, almost making you cry. The touching moment however was short-lived. Yoongi collapsed on the floor and you all rushed over to him in a panic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Y/N?” Yoongi groggily muttered from his hospital bed. You let out a relieved breath. “You’ve finally awaken.” He sat up and scratched his head. “What happened?”

“You were asleep for two days.” You explained. “They said it was because of your mental stress and the pain of your ankle you refused to treat.” You gave him a glare. “I’ve been visiting you to make sure you weee okay. Your ankle is in a cast now so you better not move.” He let out a huff. “No, I mean what’s your answer Y/N?” Yoongi asked you straight forwardly. It’s crazy that after everything he’s been through this past week, he still wants to hear your answer.

“The answer is yes, I do like you and would like to date you.” You answered a bit too shyly. While your face was heating up, his face however was bright and childish. “Then I’ll be under your care.” He replied.

“Would you look at that, it finally happened.” You and Yoongi’s heads turned towards the door and saw the coach and the rest of the team standing with big smiles on their faces. “You guys knew we liked each other?” I asked with wide eyes. The coach shook his head. “Everyone knew, you two were the last to notice your own feelings of love.” He looked at the rest of the team and pushed them out. “Don’t let us disturb you, we’ll visit tomorrow.” And with that the door was closed again and you both sat in empty silence, content by just looking at each other’s faces, truly knowing the other’s intentions.


I hope you enjoyed this one!

I’m probably going to write a smut soon….Any suggestions?

sexohateblog  asked:

i love how everyone who ever met jackson is in love with him

forreal tho!!!! hes the one kid that everyone is in love with in the town, the captain of the basketball team, the one that all girls and boys want to be around, the one that all animals adores, the ones that children smile just by looking at,