Not Fade Away is one the best season finales of a tv show I have ever seen. Actually, season 5 of Angel is basically perfect. I think both the finale, and the last season is better than Buffy’s.


well, this just about defines my love for the Avetts. 

“I Never Knew You” -The Avett Brothers, filmed by crackerfarm

I LOVE LISA EDELSTEIN. Why? She sneaks the tiniest, most adorable, perfect moments into all her scenes. I was re-watching this scene and of course LOL-ing at House - “UP HIGH!” - then I noticed Cuddy over there on the right side of the screen… OMG, GUYS, IT’S DEVIOUS!CUDDY. I LOVE DEVIOUS!CUDDY. YOU JUST KNOW SHE’S THINKING ABOUT GRABBING HIS CROTCH RN.