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the merciless flaw | one

pairing: sehun x reader
genre: soulmate!au, fluff, series
summary: the clock counts down the years, days and hours left until your being will be smudged from existence. not wiped, but smudged, because you will be remembered by your saviour; your soulmate

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4

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10 years 38 days 16 hours

Personally, you hated it. The clock never matched your taste, some might call it pretentious because what was the point in glorifying the clock counting to your possible death by having it look easy on the eyes? 

You remembered the day you realised it was there, how old were you? Five? Maybe six? Rolling your eyes at yourself, you realised it didn’t matter, you had dismissed it the second your eyes spotted the hideous clock pressed against under the skin over your wrist; you were just glad it didn’t protrude, it would have only made you want to cut into your skin to pull it out. Would that even work? You were sure you heard someone speak about it. About how a girl tried carving it out once her clock reached two days and still had no hopes of meeting her soulmate, apparently the knife didn’t even scratch the skin. You scoffed into the classroom’s air that was filled with hushed chatter, only to earn a dirty glance from the ever so studious Namjoon who was next to you. 

With a roll of your eyes you looked at the clock on the wall, it distinctly stood out from the wall that was painted a strange hue of green, it increased productivity according to your teacher. Another scoff made its way to your lips but never escaped, this time you were aware of the irritable boy next to you. How could anyone be productive in such a mundane room, with such a monotone teacher…well anyone except Namjoon that was. Your eyes flicked over to the boy, his long torso leaned over the desk as if to hide his intricate notes from you but it was useless, you weren’t paying attention nor would you be able to read his small, cursive handwriting. 

You subtly watched as his hand moved quickly, flicking up and down with each curve of the letters he was so adamant on writing. The tendons under his wrist pushed out, creating distance between his clock and his skin. You didn’t mean to pry but you couldn’t help but stare, what time was his clock at? Was it soon or no-

The curiosity burning inside you came to a pause as you felt slight warmth emit from the clock. The numbers changed.

10 years 38 days 15 hours

An exasperated sigh left you. You felt as if you were going to die in this classroom.

“I’m just glad I have a lot of time left, there is no time in my life right now to worry about if I’ll be able to live or not,” Wendy spoke all at once. The way she was fumbling around, throwing everything around sure proved she did not have time to worry about a soulmate. 

“But aren’t you scared? Your whole life, your whole existence depends on one person. If you don’t find that person then no one remembers you, no one except the person who refused to find you,” you replied calmly, hoping she would stop her erratic movements to listen to you. Spinning on her heel she turned to face you, “Come on, Y/N. There’s no point in depending on someone you haven’t even seen, besides everybody knows your clock could start up again if they leave you so either way your whole existence, or whatever else you wanna call it, will be gone,” your friend in a tone telling you she was probably tired of the tedious, trivial topic you always seemed to end up on. Her dark chocolate eyes flickered around before landing on the phone she firmly believed she lost.

Quickly leaning down she snatched it into her hands and unlocked it. “Just live your life as best as you can, trust can be a one way road and it takes more than just fate to make a relationship work,” she softly muttered as she typed away on her phone. 

Her words resounded within you. You knew she was right, she was always right. Yet the panic and uncertainty stayed in your heart, latching itself onto every glimmer of hope you had. Time didn’t stop for anything, not for the living or the dead and you felt like it was running out.

6 years 15 days 23 hours

The speed at which you were walking should have been an indication that you were, without a doubt, going to bump into somebody. Of course you were when you were walking on such a busy street, you would question where all these people came from but you were in a rush.

Loud chatter around you seemed almost deafening, high pitched laughter rang in your ears, birds chirped as they flew high above the clustered crowd, bodies pushed past you causing your small frame to stumble, the humidity making you feel like you were suffocating, your heart felt heavy within your chest as it hammered against your ribs, your head started swimming in the thick air as droplets of perspiration trickled down your face, you weren’t sure how your feet were still moving, another bump from a stranger pushed you to the side and suddenly there was silence.

No children running past you, no burly men forcing you into another stranger, no heat, no nothing. Except you and him, in a white expanse of nothingness. His identity masked by the bright light illuminating him from behind. You squinted, hoping it would help you make out features yet only his tall, broad figure remained. 

“Who are you?” his deep voice broke the unnerving silence. It echoed through the emptiness. Though you had never heard his voice before it bought you peace, it bought you comfort in such a peculiar way. Your silence only made him press further into the matter, “I can’t see your face, so who are you?”

Your eyebrows furrowed at his statement, was he seeing you the way you were seeing him? 

“I’m Y/N”

The unknown man gasped as a soft golden glow emitted from him before the glow seemed to ooze to the ground and spread around where he stood. You heard him whisper to himself in shock, you weren’t sure what had happened, not when looking at his figure forced you to look away due to the light.

“I’m Sehun…I think you’re my soulmate.”

You instantly felt a pulse within you, it felt as if your heart was being pulled out of your chest yet the sensation wasn’t painful. Your limbs felt lighter as a glow, similar to Sehun’s pushed itself out of your skin to float around you for a few moments before it dropped to the ground. It reached the ground and spread out, just enough to blend with the glow from Sehun. A bright white light flashed in front of you and you squeezed your eyes shut. 

Your eyes snapped open. With a deep inhale of the chilly air around you, you sat up. Fate’s dream it was called. Once your clock reached a certain time you would have a suffocating dream only to find peace once you reached your soulmate, it was how you learned who to find. How you learned who would save you from the suffocating countdown and give you peace.

Sehun, it was Sehun who was going to bring peace to you.

3 years 2 days 10 hours

300 days 20 hours

Happy 18th birthday his voice spoke in your mind. It was a simple gesture, but from Sehun it felt like a world’s worth more than just a gesture. Turning around in the bed, you pulled the covers over you in shyness. 

Thank you you thought back. Ever since the dream you had three years ago, occasionally you would hear Sehun’s thoughts and he would hear yours; it aided you in gaining basic knowledge of the man you would spend your life with. Never once had you had to think hard to remember everything you had learnt.

Name: Oh, Sehun
Age: 20
D.O.B: 12th April, 1994
Occupation: Model
Pets: Vivi - Bichon Frise

You didn’t mind that Sehun was older than you, besides a two year difference wasn’t much. You liked it actually, it made you believe he had more experience in life so would know how to treat you. No, that wasn’t an assumption, you knew he would treat you right due to the sudden arbitrary thoughts you’d hear. I can’t wait to be with you forever was the one that held most significance, how it filled your stomach with butterflies and erupted you into a fit of giggles. Not to forget his immediate retraction of the thought out of bashfulness, how someone could be so sweet was beyond you.

With only 300 days left, your heart ached to find him and save the man you knew you would love.


Who knew this would happen to you? Who knew you would still be watching the disconcerting clock count down, from the years it displayed to the mere 32 days it showed you now, how could this happen even when you knew who your soulmate was?

Despite your efforts to fill your lungs with air it didn’t work, it felt no matter how much you inhaled it grew shy of wanting to fulfill the task of keeping you alive. The irking feeling of being watched wasn’t doing your weak body any favours. Keeping your head low you hoped the strange pull on your frame would diminish along with the sensitivity you now had on the way your blood hurriedly pumped around you, how your hands seemed to swell and pulse with each pump. 

The overload of information for your senses was driving you to breaking point yet the quick pace of your feet hitting the ground didn’t slow down. Gulping down your nervousness you turned the corner only to harshly bump shoulders with a man.

The impact of the collision pushed you off the pavement and onto the fortunately empty road. The strange man let out a yelp as his large hands pulled on the tops of your arms to pull into his body almost instantly, your nose hitting chest with the sudden movement. Immediately you looked at him, craning your neck back you looked at him with an irritable expression, why was he still holding you? You were going to give him a piece of your mind for sure.

“I don-” your speech cut off as your eyes locked with deep brown eyes framed by equally dark, striking eyebrows. 

“Y/N? It’s me, Sehun.”


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Description: Shower sex literally doesn’t work but this is fiction so hey, no one dies here. 

Warning: Porn with a plot??

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As Yuta opened his eyes, the room was still dark, his eyes having to adjust to the lack of light. Knowing full well it was way to early to actually be getting up, he blindly swept his hand over the cold sheets, in search of his phone that was usually tucked beneath his pillow, but more often than not, got moved around in his sleep. Finally finding it, nearly at the edge of the bed and at risk of falling off, Yuta switched it on, immediately wincing at the bright light assaulting his eyes. Blinking to return his vision, Yuta was more than pleased to see it was only 4AM, not even close to morning. Grinning to himself, he tossed his phone to the side and buried back in the covers, before the suddenly realization hit him and his eyes flashed open again. Where’s Y/N?
It didn’t occur to him that you’d slept over, and were now no longer in his bed, until now. Mind awake, Yuta flung the bedding off of him, and sprung out of bed, flicking the bedroom light on. Your phone and shoes were still in his room, you couldn’t be far. And with that, Yuta went on his ‘quest’ to find his missing lover. 
More times than he could count, he’d found you in the living room, quietly watching a show you were previously watching before bed. And you’d leave to watch in the other room, so you wouldn’t wake Yuta. Or he’s catch you sneaking secret hot chocolate at 2AM in his kitchen, trying your hardest to not make noise despite getting distracted, and always missing the countdown on the microwave. 
Though, when he checked both places, Yuta found you in neither. Now, he panicked. Knowing full well you had to still be in the apartment, he couldn’t help but scramble from room to room. even checking closets just in case, to find you. Yuta was on the verge of just calling the cops, for whatever reason, before he passed his old roommate’s door and heard the water running.
Of course, I’m an idiot. Yuta mentally smacked himself. Y/N’s showering, I’m actually an idiot, wow.
It completely slipped his mind, that after his roommate had moved out, leaving the apartment completely to Yuta, that he’d taken to using the other shower. When he moved in, his roommate already had the apartment, so of course he took the better room and bath. So without his old friend here, Yuta planned to move in to the bigger room. But then, he was too lazy to move everything, and decided to just use the better shower since he wasn’t planning on filling the spare room.
Pushing the door open, sure enough, he found your clothes laid out on the desk left in the spare room, and the bathroom door barely closed. 
“Y/N?” Yuta called, pausing as the door, not wanting to spook you by just slamming the door open and end up in the ER before morning. 
“Yeah?” You hummed back, continuing to enjoy the steam and heat built up in the warm shower, as opposed to the now cooler rooms thanks to autumn arriving. 
“You okay?” Yuta asked, pushing the door open and getting hit with the muggy air built up in the tiled room. “It’s 4am? What are you doing up so early?”
“I couldn’t sleep,” You shrugged, watching his silhouette through the class panel walking over to sit on the toilet as you showered. “It’s too cold, and you haven’t gotten the heat fixed, have you?”
He was quiet and you snickered at whatever excuse he was going to make for being lazy this time. 
“I was going to! I promise!” Yuta swore, his voice immediately got higher as he tried to lie and be innocent. 
“But?” You asked mockingly. Hearing the usually so put together, and confident man trip over himself at your accusation was too good. It’s one of the perks of being his, only you get to see him this way. 
“But-!” Yuta sighed, and gave up, slouching against the porcelain, “It was cold yesterday…I didn’t want to go out…”
“And now it’s cold inside.” You replied, rinsing your hair. “So, how are you going to fix this?”
“Why do I have to do it?” Yuta whined, sinking lower against his seat. “You basically live here too! And you work right down the street from the heating thing! Can’t I just give you money or something and you do it?”
“Yeah, you could.” You nodded to yourself, agreeing. “Why didn’t you think of that yesterday?”
“You know I was distracted.” Yuta scowled. 
“Mhmm, I’m sure you were. Distracted by what?”
“That fucking skirt you wore to dinner,” Yuta growled, “You know that one’s my favorite!”

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❝ Do you really love him? ❞

Plot: You’re dating BamBam but he starts to become possessive. You break up with him and after several years you two meet again, but you’re in love with Yoongi. 

Pairing: Bambam x Reader - Yoongi x Reader

Words count: 3,2k+

Genre: Angst

For @ kim-hye-bul, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“Do you want to be my girlfriend??”  

That phrase echoed into your head, making you just shiver. It was only seven months after that sentence, by one of the happiest and most loving moments of all time, but not everything had gone as you expected.  

Kunpimook had been the most unbridled suitor. He had spent almost four months flirting with you, for to have a yes. He knew the reasons for your behavior, after your last relationship your confidence in the male gender had fallen drastically.  

But he had not paid much attention to that and you saw it into his eyes. As he looked at you and just wanted you to be happy, that you were genuinely quiet with everything around you.  Yet he had not renounced. Messages, moments spent together because of the work that joined you, chats that lasted even hours.  

You were able to see that sweetness and insecurity that he hid behind many of his attitudes and maybe it was just that to make you, after four months, say yes.  

Your first date had been as simple as it was quiet. Not being able to really get out, due to the possibility of being seen by his fans, you had simply built a pillow fort on the roof of your house and you two had spent the evening watching the stars, eating pizza and talking about anything.  

You were happy.  

His first “I Love You” had arrived unexpectedly, for both of us. His shocked gaze when that confession had accidentally escaped from his mouth had made you realize that he had to feel those feelings for a while, but maybe he was too scared to get you out if he told you.  

Maybe it was the time when everything had changed.  

You watched your reflection in the mirror, the dark circles to remind you that they were days you couldn’t sleep well. The work was tiring, but it was the only way to be able to somehow escape his constant oppression.  

Touching the reflective surface, your fingers almost trembled at the feeling of cold glass against the warmth of your fingertips, you started asking yourself if all that suffering was worth the game that has been going on for more than two months.  

Your love for that boy so sweet and kind was worth the suffering that ate you alive? That suffering that he himself was giving you, consciously or unless it was?  

“Where are you going?”  

His voice caught you by surprise and your thoughts deviated totally, while a slight shiver crossed your back remembering you that your answer would not have liked.  

“It’s for work, Bam.. I have to attend an evening as a host. ”  

“Who will be there?”  

“My colleague will be Seventeen’s Seungcheol-ssi, you know him, right?”  

You couldn’t let the flicker fade out of your voice and he noticed, arched an eyebrow and stroked his lower lip with grace. You were conscious of what was happening into his mind, the script was always the same for weeks now. You couldn’t blame him, though, you blamed his insecurities that he’s kept hiding.  

Sighing you turned back towards the mirror, giving him your shoulders, beginning to smear a veil of foundation on your skin too clear. You did not like your skin or rather it disturbed you to be so pale, but you had an acceptance of yourself that many of your colleagues envied you.  

You were conscious of being a beautiful girl and you knew it was one of the things that had struck your boyfriend from the first moment. Maybe even that beauty was a bit of a cause of his behavior, you couldn’t really understand.  

The brush touched your skin lightly while his eyes almost pierced your shoulders, letting your stomach closing in a violent grip leaving you for a few moments breathless.  The countdown in your mind had already begun, but unexpectedly his anger arrived sooner than expected.  

“You’re not going anywhere.”  

“Kunpimook, it’s work,” you murmured and for the first time your tone was annoyed, which he did not delay to notice; “My work is as important as yours. You should start to give up a little bit. ”  

“Excuse me??”  

Sighing you put the brush on the table in front of you, facing towards him and immediately looking for his eyes. They were slightly wide open, a veil of disbelief to “color them” and the redness on his cheeks indicated that the level of anger was rapidly increasing. But this time you wouldn’t let him win on you.  

That was no longer a healthy relationship and that situation had to end.  

“I said you have to give up the grip, Kunpimook. You have become incredibly possessive and above all oppressive. ”  

“I hope you’re joking, Y/N.” He spat with annoyance, watching you from head to toe making a step towards you; “You are mine, you should know this.”  

“I am your girlfriend, not an object you own. The concept is different. ”  

“It doesn’t seem to me.”  

The tired smile that was painted on your lips was the last stage of the resignation. You knew that story was no longer your story, but just the obsession with that kid for you.  

You didn’t feel happier, not like the first few months, you felt trapped and almost suffocated under the weight of his accusing gazes, his caresses too rough and his kisses full of mixed feelings. He wanted to have total control over you and you were no longer willing to let.  

In silence, you turned and began to collect all your objects. The toothbrush, the brush, the creams, the little bag with your makeup products. There seemed to be little things in your arms, while without lending him the slightest attention you crossed him and entered the room that you two shared. It was your house but in that room, you shared everything with him, so that you started to consider it yours instead of your own.  

Your eyes pinched, but you wouldn’t let even a tear will run on your cheeks. At the bottom of the heart, you knew that he wasn’t so; he wasn’t a possessive boy. He was only young, naïve and perhaps in love for the first time. So you couldn’t really blame him and you kept repeating that little tantrum, just in your mind, starting to fill your suitcase.  

His shocked gaze followed every movement of yours, taken totally by surprise by what you were doing. You were also surprised by your own courage, but Seoul because of him had begun to oppress you. You had to get away from that house, away from that town, away from him.  

“What.. What are you doing? ”  

“I go away Bam..” You tried to say, ignoring the lump in your throat that almost choked you; “I’m going away for a while because I can’t stand it anymore.”  

“Y/N.. You’re mine, how can you think about going away? ”  

His sentence was the drop that made the vase overflow. All the anger, the frustration, the disappointment accumulated in those two months began to seethe within you and nothing was able to restrain you, no longer.  

“Yours? Yours?” The anger in your voice was almost a moral slap for him since you noticed him making some step back surprised; “I’m not your property, Bam. I’ve never been yours, that’s what you don’t understand. You can no longer distinguish that subtle line separating love from obsession. ”  

While your voice went higher with every word, you kept putting your clothes in the suitcase, making it back and forth from the closet so as to escape from that house soon.  

“I’m not an object, you can’t do that. I’m a person and I want to be treated as such. You realize how.. How did you treat me in these weeks? How did you talk to me? How did you control me? ” You asked, totally drained of all energy, stopping with your hands on the soft fabric of the suitcase and face towards him; “Have you ever stopped yourself for a second to look at how you’re reducing me? It’s not me as a person anymore, it’s like I’m just a shadow that’s forced to be hidden behind yours. It’s not life, it’s not a relationship. ”  

“Y/N, we’re wel–”  

“We’re not well Bam. You’re not well, you literally lost the sense of yourself and what we were at the beginning. This isn’t love, you don’t love me if you do this and I.. I don’t want this. I want someone to love me and stay close to me, not someone who just wants to control my life. I’m sorry. ”  

The sound of your phone was the thing that broke the silence created between you in those few minutes. He lowered his gaze, clenched his fists along his hips and without worthy of a single gaze he turned and stepped out of your room.  

You hear very well the slamming of the door and finally the wall that divided you from crying desperately collapsed. Your knees touched the floor after one second, you leaned your forehead against the edge of the bed and let the tears do their job. They had to simply wash away the pain that your heart was carrying within it for too long.  

Basically, tears take everything away, right?  

~ ~

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Top 5 Donald Glover Performances In Derrick Comedy

Donald Glover is a Renaissance Man.

The actor/writer/music artist has had a stellar personal season with the success of Atlanta and his latest album Awaken, My Love.

But I remember noticing Glover’s talent before he became Earn, Troy, or Childish. Back in the saloon days of YouTube, Derrick Comedy—a New York based trio featuring Glover, Domminick Dierkes, D.C. Pierson—were making my friends and I laugh heartily in our dorm rooms. And with each sketch, Glover was also making his presence known.

So I went on YouTube this week, and started listing my favorite Donald Glover performances in Derrick Comedy.

Take a look.

1.Don’t Jerk Off To This

It’s subtle, well the jokes are. The set up is anything but that, as it takes a herculean effort for three friends not masturbate to a bowl of fruit. It’s the don’t press that red button scenario except with fruit and genitals.


Normally I would have given an honorable mention to this sketch in place of Girls Are Not To Be Trusted, but it’s Glover’s dialogue to his friend Thomas as he catches him going for the bowl of fruit.

As his friends sneaks his way to the coveted bowl, there is Glover’s character, drink in hand, waiting in the dark for his pawn like some expectant predator in a psychological thriller, delivering a dialogue that would seem diabolical if not capped off with “…bring it to me so that I can jerk off to it.”

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Countdown To You | Pt. 6

Originally posted by ciutae

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.1k

Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: i somehow feel like i’m getting nowhere with this fic but at the same time i also feel like we’re getting closer towards the real story you know what i mean ;; anyways SURPRISE YALL :’)) another update!!! enjoy the reading :’)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4  | Pt. 5

As you stepped into the huge, empty amusement park, you came to the conclusion that Park Jimin was definitely a man of his words.

How- The park is empty…” you muttered as your eyes were wandering through all the empty rides and closed stalls, not even noticing that the man next to you was smiling at your shocked face. It was mid-winter, so you did not expect the amusement park to be full of excited people, but you expected at least some other people to be here. You turned your head towards your soulmate, hiding half of your face behind your red, fluffy scarf – eying him with one raised brow. “Can you at least explain to me why there is no other form of human life here?”

The only answer Jimin gave you was a soft snicker, shaking his head amusingly as he took your hand in the process. You jolted up at the simple touch, the mark on your right wrist doing its job again as you stared at Jimin with wide eyes. You did not know why, but you suddenly felt a sparkle of hope inside of you – and you did not know what kind of hope it exactly was, but you certainly knew that it felt great.

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picurzsu  asked:

Hi! My Bellarke prompt for Christmas: Clarke gives baby shoes as christmas gift for Bellamy *wink* Thank you!

Clarke’s assumption was always that, at some point in her life, she’d just know she wanted kids, like some flip would be switched and she’d move from thinking she’d maybe want to reproduce someday to knowing the exact day and time she wanted her firstborn to come.

Okay, not quite that, but that was how it felt when she was a kid. Maybe that’s what she thought her biological clock was or something. This odd, internal device that would alert her to her own desire to reproduce.

But that’s not really how it works.

In college, she decided it wasn’t going to happen, mostly because she was with Lexa. Obviously, she knew they still could have kids, but Lexa didn’t really seem like the type, and Clarke found she was fine with that. She adjusted to the idea of herself as a person in a serious relationship who wouldn’t have kids of her own. Their friends would have kids, and they’d be the cool aunts who showered them with presents and didn’t have to deal with any of the messy stuff like diapers and tantrums.

Then, she and Lexa broke up and she started dating Niylah, who said she wanted to foster kids, which also sounded okay, if they lasted. But they didn’t, and Clarke settled on being open to children, which feels like the right place for her. She could be a mother, but she’s not sure. Maybe someday, she really will just know

And the whole time that’s all happening, Bellamy was around in the background, an annoyance, then a friend, then the most important person in her entire life.

It’s easy to take it for granted that Bellamy wants children. Part of that is how he grew up, raising his sister, a father before he understood that’s what he was doing. But it’s not just that; he’s always been a caretaker, and it’s one of the things Clarke admires about him. He loves people fiercely and easily, and he feels like the kind of person who should be a father.

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anonymous asked:

that video was so good! and so insightful! i feel like we could really take a lot on how they behave outside the cameras in certain situations. and it was so enjoyable and tense, probably one of my all time favourite videos (i can't believe i'm saying this after being so unhappy with the last videos). what did you think? any particular thoughts? i'd love to hear your opinion

yesssss. i loved this video so, so much. it was so consistently funny and so sweet in places and so refreshing to see them actually letting themselves occupy the more natural space of supporting each other and working together to complete a game as opposed to competing (which i’m sure they do as well from time to time, but whether it’s because they prefer collaborating or because they sense the audience presence more when they’re competing, the dan vs. phil videos always feel a bit more exaggerated to me, almost as though the urge to “perform” gets kicked up a notch.) there’s just absolutely no way i’m going to be able to write about every single moment that i loved in this video so instead i will attempt to just describe my biggest takeaways from it, because i really do feel the video gave us a good bit to think about in terms of the way that dnp approach problems and, most interestingly, the way that they approach problems together and deal with stress.

probably the most interesting thing to me was the discussion of phil and his ability (or lack thereof) to handle stressful and/or delicate situations. the notion that he cracks under pressure and is also very clumsy and therefore would somehow mess up regardless of which role he was playing (manual reader or actual bomb defuser) was something that both he and dan kept repeating in the start of the video. that’s interesting to me bc it means it’s something they both perceive phil as doing/being, and to me it felt like an authentic viewpoint from both of them rather than something that they were just saying for the bants. and yet, in my opinion, as the video progressed, phil was actually quite calm and orderly in his thinking, apart from a couple of moments where he got a bit flustered. i thought it was especially evident in the last round. there were double the modules and it was actually the most stressful one they did, but instead of spending any time freaking out about how complicated it looked or trying to be entertaining, phil immediately analyzed the bomb, summed up the modules they were dealing with and basically suggested they tackle it by type (wires first, then buttons, and so on.) in essence, he took control of the situation and guided both himself and dan through the most effective strategy to beat it. this reminded me a lot of the moment in the last impossible quiz video from 8:40-8:50, that i wrote about in this post, where dan is screaming about the fact they had to start over and phil waits for dan to calm down a bit, gently tries to reassure him through touch and words, and then pragmatically reiterates the strategy they should use the next time through the quiz to avoid losing. i’m not denying that there are moments of stress that may cause phil to panic or “crack,” as he put it, but if they exist, they’re definitely not in the form of these types of high-pressure games. there have been a fair number of these sorts of examples where we see that he keeps relatively calm and he finds it more important to temper dan’s moods (in that impossible quiz moment dan is screaming and like honestly possibly on the verge of a breakdown, whether real or staged. in this video dan’s a lot chiller but still had moments where he dealt w the pressure, especially of the countdown, by screaming or yelling, to which phil almost always responded by laughing, calmly reiterating what he was saying, or reminding him to focus.)

to be fair, dan was quite methodical in his thinking throughout most of the video as well, especially in the role of the manual reader. he kept a v level head for most of it. i thought one of the most interesting and noteworthy things from his end was the clear pride that he demonstrated both in phil and in the way they’re able to work together so well. the first time this stood out to me was after phil’s first go at reading the manual. dan completely turns in his seat to look at phil full on and tell him that he basically rescinds his criticisms/doubts from before and that he (phil) did a great job. it’s such a moment of genuine warmth between them, possibly not even meant to be included in the final cut of the video, where dan feels the need to point out to phil that both of them expected he would be bad at this but that, look, he’s smart and good and capable and did so, so well!! phil, for his part, looks genuinely thrilled at hearing that from dan. and then of course there’s the moment at the end that so many ppl have giffed and mentioned. dan doesn’t let them end the video without pointing out that much of the audience probably expected a lot of chaos and silliness from them when they tackled a more mentally challenging game like this, but that they defied those expectations because, hey, they are actually smart and also, too important for him to omit in that moment, they have a psychic connection. their success isn’t just a result of their individual cleverness or nerdy upbringings, but equally a result of the way in which they are so good at communicating and collaborating to tackle a problem together.

to that end, this game is fascinating in the way that it forces each person in the duo to limit their capacity, and completely trust their partner to compensate for it. if i’d had time to think about that before the video was underway i would’ve fully expected both of them, but dan especially, to maybe have issues with it. i would’ve expected dan to crack in frustration at not understanding what phil meant at first when describing a symbol and to then give up and turn to check the screen himself. i would’ve expected phil to maybe get annoyed at dan’s slow/methodical questioning and at the very least express frustration that he couldn’t read the manual himself. but instead they just completely trusted and leaned into each other (both figuratively and literally lol—i loved the bit when dan was like ‘they look like two k’s back to back’ and then literally leaned on phil to demonstrate).  there was very little impatience between them (apart from some playful teasing) or criticism of the way they were doing their respective jobs. they just totally relied upon each other to take on their own set of responsibilities and communicated/listened to each other so well. even though overall i don’t think it was like the best demonstration of their so-called psychic connection that we’ve ever seen, it was perhaps one of the best examples of that connection being tested under pressure. under those circumstances it was lovely to see them go back to the basics of a strong partnership: solid communication and listening skills. i mean, we didn’t really need confirmation that they have those and that they comprise the foundation of their whole relationship, but it was lovely to see it play out this way.

the last thing i want to point out is that even when they’re facing stress and pressure their default is to try and bring out the humor in the situation and make each other laugh. i talk about this so much with them but like, idrc, bc to me it’s one of the best things about the way they interact and work with each other. they both find each other so endearing and hilarious and i was so happy about the number of times they’d make each other giggle and tease each other and wind each other up even in a scenario that was meant to be stressful. i just feel like it’s def representative of how they dilute actual stressful or anxiety-inducing situations in real life and act as each other’s safety nets/security blankets.

other great bits: 

  • dan’s haru shirt. he’s so proud of it. phil definitely loves it too and loved pointing out that it’s ‘so inappropriate.’ he was barely containing a smile. bless. also phil looks amazing in black i’m going to faint. 
  • dan bringing that bit of irl backstory with the lil detail about how they like to do puzzle rooms for birthdays. i know for the most dedicated of us viewers that’s a known thing bc they’ve talked about it in live shows frequently but it was lovely to see dan mention in it in front of the 2.6M+ dapg audience who probs do not know that, and acknowledge in such a casual way that he and phil share this tradition (just another way to show that they really do share a life outside of what they show on the gaming channel)
  • them taking a second to comment and weird out a bit about how different they look when they switch sides. it really was disorienting for a second. 
  • it was immediately obvious to me that dan was stalling on purpose at the very end when he took so much time w that last set of symbols. but in the moment i assumed he was doing it to wind US up and make the video more dramatic. it was so funny to see that he was in actuality trying to wind phil up (though i’m almost certain phil must’ve assumed dan was stalling on purpose too which is why he immediately shoves dan and scolds him for being so slow).

maybe bc of all of this lovely teamwork and warmth between them, i mostly found this video a joy to watch and not in the least stressful or nerve-racking. it’s definitely one of my fav dapg videos ever and i really, really hope we get to see them do it again with even harder levels. their depth of knowledge of each other and trust in each other is just so amazing to watch and i love that they know that this is what this game is about and they not only want to share it with us but are also pretty openly celebrating it themselves :’) 

(keep talking and nobody explodes)

I Can Help - Brady Skjei #4.2

Originally posted by jaromeiginla

about/request: request for brady sending off his girl to the airport for a 1 year course overseas & he’s being moppy & slightly sad cause season is starting soon. can you do that?

warnings: none

authors note: yeah so i thought the request fit well to make a second part to this so i did it and ugh it’s cute i think and i just love brady in case you all weren’t aware i do so here’s this i hope you like it!!

word count: 1009

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Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Big Finale!!!!)

Hello everyone! Well, the time has come for me to reveal the NUMBER 1 SWEETEST JOHN MOMENT WITH CYNTHIA! YAY!!!

When looking back at each moment, you’ll notice that all of them emphasize one particular part of John’s character. Moments like number 10 and 7 show us that he could be considerate, while moments like number 6 and 5 show us that he could be very romantic. Moment number 9 showcased his chivalry, and moment number 2 is a true example of his dedication and loyalty for another person, and so on and so forth. All these characteristics and acts that he did for Cynthia, are all done in a very tender and sweet manner… But there’s one moment, one single act, that combines all these characteristics and more. Not only do I considerate the sweetest thing that John has ever done for Cynthia, but it’s perhaps the most eye-opening, heartwarming, honest, and passionate thing he has ever done for anyone….

Ladies and gentlemen……I give you……

Number 1: John’s First Love Letter aka I Love You Like Guitars

Yeah, I imagine everyone saw this moment coming from miles away. Forgive my predictability. But who cares!!! I LOVE this letter. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LLLLOOOVVVEEE IT!!! This is the cutest thing I have EVER read. It’s so adorable! Yes you heard right. ADORABLE!! When you think of John Lennon, you don’t really think of him as adorable (and physical looks don’t count in this case). John gave the impression to many of his fans and even to many of his friends, that he was a tough man, with a very witty sense of humor, and a lovable, if not questionable, form of sarcasm. As he got older, he became known as a intellectual man, who had some very interesting opinions on life, politics, religion, etc. And while you may not agree with his viewpoint about everything, he was fascinating to listen to. But you don’t really see anything in him that would indicate that he was a softy at heart…and that mainly has to do with the fact that John’s early days as a kid growing up in Liverpool were hard.

His father abandoned him when he was 5 years old. His mother was supposedly bipolar, but either way wasn’t capable of taking care of him. He was raised by his Aunt Mimi. Although she loved John, she was a harsh woman, who was better at chastising and scolding John, then showing him tenderness. She hated that he wanted to be a rock n’ roll singer, and showed absolutely no support in his career choice, until many years later. She also treated Cynthia badly, and was furious that John married her. She didn’t even go to the wedding. His uncle was the closest thing he had to a father, but he died when he was just an adolescent. And to make matters worse, at ages 16-17, John was really starting to become very close with his mother. But all that ended when she tragically died from an oncoming, drunk, off-duty policemen, in his car. She was killed on impact…an event that truly shook and broke John’s heart.

With such a childhood, it’s no wonder John was the way he was. The truth is that, even if you love John’s wittiness and spontaneous personality, that was only a part of him. In many ways it was a facade to the true person. Paul has often said in interviews that he believes John was really a scared little boy, underneath the tough exterior. He had undergone so much in his life, that jokes and sarcasm were really a defense mechanism. And whenever conflict crept into his life, he would either shut himself off from it completely, or act like a scumbag in order to feel in control. But deep down, he was a vulnerable and sensitive human being, with the heart of a poet. And thankfully, although it came in rare doses, John would demonstrate his softer side now and then, especially with Cynthia and even with Paul. And this letter is a true testament to that. 

I’m sure many of you know the backstory of the letter, but I’ll enlighten those who don’t know. This letter was written in 1958, and it was a Christmas gift for Cynthia. In it, John basically gushes out all his feelings and emotions to her. Since it’s a little hard to read, here is a transcript of the letter:

Dear Cyn,
I love you , I love you I love you I love you I love you I love u I lllllove U I love you Like Mad I do I do love you YES YES YES I do love you CYN you I love I love you Cynthia Powell John Winston love C.Powell Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia I love you I love you I love you forever and ever isn’t it great? I love you like Guitars I love you like anything lovely lovely lovely lovely Cyn I love lovely Cynthia Cynthia I love you. You are Wonderful I adore you I want you I need you. I need you don’t go I love You Happy Christmas Merry Chrimbo I love you I love you I love you Cynthia Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn is loved by John John John John John I love you.
Love John

I can’t help it. Every time I read this letter, I find myself smiling, laughing, and blushing all at once. Can you imagine how Cynthia must have responded when she first received this letter? And yes, it’s very corny, and very cheesy, and all it really says is “I love you” over and over again. But come on guys, you know how hard it is for some people to say those three words? It takes guts to tell people how you really feel about them. Your liable to make yourself look like an idiot or be sourly turned down. For John to be so willingly open, is a rarity and even an act of bravery on his part. And John isn’t just stating his love here, he’s PROCLAIMING it. It’s almost like he was screaming and shouting out the words as he wrote it, in a Helga Petaki sort of way (Hey Arnold reference). And he’s not just saying he loves her. He ADORES her. He practically pleads to her to never leave him. AND…he loves her like guitars. For John to say that he loves Cynthia like he does his guitars, is the highest compliment he can give her. Also, I really love that little part where he says “I love you forever and ever isn’t it great”!! It’s so cute and funny, and you can here the overwhelming joy in his voice. You can feel his earnestness. This is a young man who has fallen so desperately in love with a girl, that he is pouring out his heart, practically making himself look like a fool, just to show her how crazy he is for her.

Also, the illustrations that he drew of himself and Cynthia are just beautiful! I mean, he literally took the time to draw TWO pictures of them staring into each others eyes and holding one another. This didn’t need to have so much effort, but he gives her a five page letter, filled with doodles and everything! There’s only one word to describe this letter, and that is “darling”. It’s absolutely darling!

It’s been said that John could truly express himself in his writing/lyrics, and I think this love letter to Cynthia is the pinnacle of his sincerity and honesty. It’s such a bold and passionate declaration of his love for her, while also showcasing his vulnerability and utter affection. And although he wrote countless of other letters to her throughout their ten years together, all very lovely and beautiful, none of them will ever be quiet as special as this one. It’s raw, it’s intense, it’s pure passion, it’s mushy in all the right ways, and I love, love, LOVE IT!!! It’s by far the sweetest thing John has ever done for not only Cynthia, but for anyone. What else can I say but, “John Winston love C.Powell”!!!

And there you have it! That’s my list for the top 10 sweetest John moments with Cynthia. I truly enjoyed making this list, and I also enjoyed everyone’s response and feedback for these moments as well. It’s nice to know that despite all these years, these stories and memories live on in some way, shape, and form. And hopefully by making this countdown, I have not only helped you guys appreciate John and Cynthia’s relationship more, but also enlighten your knowledge about a couple I think is worth knowing and remembering. So until next time, God bless and thank you all very much!

(Quick note: the above illustration is another piece of fanart by greengal14, from deviant art. I thought it was a perfect match for this discussion :-))

I don’t know if this actually qualifies as dark but I got an idea while reading a scene from a fic series (it’s so good; Love Hunt Me Down series by Madalynn_Bohemia - and my sterekwritingroom group said it was okay to share with you.  There was a really sweet scene in one of the later parts and my brain decided to pop in with a really angsty version instead.


This is an AU where there was never a fire and the Hales are alive.

 Stiles travelled into the Hale territory in search of Deaton who a previous mentor recommended to help Stiles further his spark training. When he reaches the Hale house, Stiles finds it in a state of near chaos. The Hale family is frantic to get their home ready for a wedding/mating ceremony. A whirlwind romance had turned to true mates and they are so pleased. Not only had Derek Hale - the sweet, if often awkward man - found his mate but she happened to be a member of the Argent hunting family.

Of course, they were skeptical at first, but after seeing Kate and Derek together they were convinced. Only Talia had reservations, but she kept them to herself, visions of an end to the fighting between hunters and ‘wolves in her territory. Of an alliance that could be revolutionary enough to encourage more and help other packs.

Stiles knows none of this, didn’t even realize that Deaton was an Emissary, but be tries to stay out of the way because while Bridezillas might be scary, they have nothing on overstressed werewolves. Now, somehow in all the rush – I’m not sure if he was forced to help by a frazzled Laura or just placed in a corner seat with a growled “Stay” by Cora – Stiles meets Derek and immediately they get under each other’s skin. Things get worse when Peter, who had been happily staying far away during the day per alpha orders, comes back to the pack house for dinner. The sparks (heh) between Peter and Stiles are intense, especially since Peter isn’t anything near subtle when he chooses. As the innuendos increase, Derek gets more snappish, resorting to monosyllabic responses and rumbles below the humans in attendance hearing. When Peter makes a joke about showing Stiles to his room … well, thankfully Talia wasn’t using the good dishes that night.

Yeah, Stiles was a little unnerved with everything. He came to Beacon Hills for help and instead he’s being housed at the home of one of the most powerful packs in North America with an invitation to the most influential wedding in the supernatural world … and he has to wait a two weeks before he can even talk about his lessons. Oh, and don’t get him started on what an arrogant ass the groom was, really the only plus about anything was meeting Peter.

Cue the wedding countdown montage, Stiles getting to know the Hales, interactions between Derek and Stiles, and finding an odd thread and being unable to resist pulling until everything unravels.

Like, traditionally, werewolves mate first privately then have whatever ceremony they want. Most ‘wolves fall towards mating ceremonies over weddings, so Derek and Kate not only choosing to postpone their mating to first have a wedding of all things, it struck Stiles as odd. When it was brought when everyone was relaxing one night over wine, Derek glowered at Stiles while Kate only laughed.

“You can blame that on me, I guess.” Kate said, watching her fingers played with Derek’s hair . “I’m much more of a traditional that I could have ever thought. Plus, can you imagine the look on my father’s face if I came home sporting a bite when he didn’t even know I was seeing anyone? I’d be dead before I opened my mouth.” The words were said in jest but the glint in her eye was off. Derek missed that, his eyes still trained on the interloper (yeah, that’s why Derek always felt uneasy around this new person his pack was basically on the road to adopting), but he did sense the change in atmosphere to turn and comfort Kate.

What everyone doesn’t know is that Kate is a liar. Her entire “relationship” with Derek, from how they met to their feelings for each other, is a fraud. The ploy was devised and implement by Kate and her girlfriend, Jennifer Blake. Jennifer also happened to be a talented magic user and Emissary for Deucalion of the Alpha pack. As another confusing twist, Deucalion knows of the deception, but he’s under the impression that taking down the Hale pack is the only plan of action. Never one to take rejection well, Deucalion is hoping that when the Argents betray the Hales, he can swoop in like a knight in shining armor, save Talia and some of her pack (Peter and Laura have to die at the very least … Peter is far to cunning and Laura is the alpha heir) and Talia will be so grateful she’ll finally see how foolish she’s been in refusing him.

The true plan is for Kate, with assistance from Jennifer’s magic, to complete the wedding and once Derek has committed, he and his pack can’t raise a hand against her. Then the two women and select, trusted hunters (never Chris and sadly not Allison either, both of them had grown soft) will take out as many of these freaks of nature as possible at the reception. They may let a few weak omegas live to spread word of the Argents true strength. Of course, a quick addition to the kill list is this Stiles boy. Kate doesn’t like how much Derek talks about him, almost to the point of obsession for some stranger.

So it’s the day of the wedding. Derek isn’t looking so good, his face a map of stress lines and shadows under his eyes. He’s been battling jealousy every time he watched his uncle and Stiles getting cozy. Constantly having to shove down any feelings toward Stiles, honor bound to Kate because she’s his mate, the one he loves. Sure everything happened kind of quickly, but it felt, feels, right and even if he were getting cold feet, Derek could never disappoint his mother, his Alpha. The bride however, looks radiant … maybe it’s the thought of the future murder.

The line that started this whole idea was this: “Do you accept what I am, what we are, and everything we have the potential to be when we are together?” that really struck me, especially if someone were caught lying.

Really, Kate should have paid more attention during the wedding planning, especially after her allowance of a handfasting and the more werewolf traditional vows during the wedding. There are three parts for each of them with Derek going first his heart steady and Kate is just so pleased. She’s arrogant in her understanding of the supernatural world, and trusting in Jennifer’s skill, says her lines. With each lie told under the sacred, and binding, magic  the hold Jennifer has to keep it at bay, weakens a little bit more, until on the final line, then the skip in Kate’s heartbeat, her lie, is heard plain as day.

Kate realizes something went wrong, but she just laughs and goes on a rant over the eradication of the supernatural for the betterment of human kind. When she pauses for a breath, the ribbon, which had been carefully wrapped around her wrist by Derek, glows bright blue before sinking into her flesh, neatly severing her hand from her body. If Kate had thought to move she’d have found her feet stuck in place, but her only thoughts were on the stump where her hand used to be and as her horrified screams fill the Hales’ backyard, spilling to the Preserve beyond it, the ribbon wrapped around Derek’s wrist flutters off gently. It drifts, almost as if on a breeze, before launching at Kate, burning wherever it touches. The vows of the handfasting are never to be broken and in the end, Kate’s ignorance and unwillingness to take seriously those she considers inferior contribute to her downfall.

With Kate laying in a crumpled and bloody heap, of course a fight erupts. Unfortunately, the hunters aren’t as equipped as they hoped to be. The only exception is Gerard and he has his own little villainous monologue before being dispatched, by Peter, Stiles, Talia not sure who should get that honor, but during the confusion, Jennifer and Deucalion get outed as well; Jennifer by her scent of grief and rage and Deucalion by his berating Jennifer in front of everyone. Then the second part of the battle begins, Jennifer unlocking some truly horrific powers with her loss. Maybe she sacrifices Deucalion mid rant before turning on the rest of the guests.

I’m not sure whether Jennifer is killed or subdued by Deaton and Morrell. Maybe they manage to hold her back and she does a last ditch attack on Derek, because it’s entirely his fault (one look at Derek’s face and Kate had to follow this stupid idea), either way Stiles’ magic flares. It not only protects Derek but also strips Jennifer of her magic as well.

Then there is the aftermath.

Stiles had revelations that needed to be processed after everything settled. He has a lot of time to think things over with Deaton pushing back their training discussion, and Stiles will be trained. Turns out the major news is that Stiles is the mate of not only Peter but Derek as well. An attempt to navigate that mess would be a huge undertaking as Derek is in no way ready for a relationship. His trust was so thoroughly broken, with everything he knew shattered. Derek having to come to grips over the magic that manipulated his senses … over being used as a tool to help murder his family. Talia notices and attempts to stop that shame spiral before Derek gets too lost in his own head and drowns from the misplaced guilt. She’s contrite as she apologizes, explaining that she was so captivated by the potential alliance that she ignored the warnings signs her alpha senses picked up.

Of course I want an eventual happy ending in the (hopefully not too distant) future and I’m such Mpreg trash I envision that future with Stiles having twins and no one is 100% on who is the father (shh Peter and Derek are each a father). If Stiles happens to sport matching brands on each wrist the same width and pattern of ribbon, well that’s between the three of them.


Ugh I finally finished this! Sorry for this turning into a notfic and any errors. I hope it isn’t too long and you like it.

This is amazing! I would absolutely read 100K+ of this fic. Mostly just to see which Hale Stiles ends up with, lol! But why not both? :) And oh, the angst that this story could have in it! So much wonderful angst! 

And also the smut. So much wonderful smut! 

And I just realised that tumblr makes all my submissions anon, so full credit to this idea to mizixy!


 Updated 100717


The Absence of Color ‘“One year, that is all I request from you.”There is a low hum of the washing machine down the hall, soft chirps coming from the songbirds outside the window, and the gaze of their eyes heavy on her figure. She’s quiet and frozen but her mind is far from it.“Please,” her uncle begs and she takes that time to glance upwards—to see the desperation in his eyes and in her parents. “Just…try.”One year, she will work as Bangtan Sonyeondan’s assistant manager.Within one year, they will fall in love.”


You Look Cute With a Baby Bump  “ After you learned of your unplanned pregnancy, you assumed life had no more surprises in store for you. Nothing could have prepared you for the whirlwind that was Kim Seokjin.”


Addicted “Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe.“

Countdown  “Soulmate au: Every one has a timer, counting down to the time when they first meet their soulmate”

I Can’t Believe You’re Carrying My Child  “ Everything falls apart once you realize you’re pregnant.”

Clouds, Cats, and Musical Notes  “ Soulmate Au: Any mark made on your skin will appear on your soulmate’s skin as well”


Chromatic “Angst, but a happy ending; Soulmate!AU where you lose color vision when you meet your soulmate”

Sunshine  “Request: Can you do a jhope soulmate au the one where you have the first thing your soulmate says written on your wrist. Can it be something in all caps (implying that he was screaming it because let’s be real this boy screams a lot) (maybe funny too but I don’t care lol) just a bunch of fluff. Thanks 💛”

Kismet “Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe.“

Etched “just like a story, the world has a plan for everyone. that plan is simple: find your soulmate, and begin your life. y/n never found life that simple, being that the mark never appeared on her wrist. a rare occurrence, and it itself told a tale. her soulmate is one in a few billion, and their bond would be everlasting. the only problem? hoseok is a member of the most wanted gang in the south korea, and he will do anything to have his soulmate by his side.”


The Stars Between Us  “ When ever you get hurt your soulmate feels the same pain, and with y/n being abused by her father what is Namjoon meant to do when he doesn’t know who his soulmate is, all he wants to is to save her.”


lean on me

Paper Hearts

Sit on My Lap “School’s out for the summer and you and your friends are headed to the beach! Unfortunately, there are no seats left on the bus for you. Luckily, your best friend Jimin lends you his lap for the ride.”

Heartbreak Insurance

You Look Cute With a Baby Bump “You are having a difficult time getting pregnant and you don’t want to keep Jimin waiting. You decide that it is best that the two of you break up because you can never give Jimin the life that he wants.”

Did You Buy Me Lingerie?  “ You find a box of lingerie on your shared bed with Jimin, but it might not be for you.

Love at First Touch “The first time you meet your soulmate, it leaves a bruise on both of you at the point of contact. From then on, your body begins rejecting any sustenance other than the touch of your soulmate. The trick is, the bruises take a few hours to appear, so you have to figure out who you’ve touched and find them before you starve to death. But once you do, all you ever need is them. So what happens if you’re an idol and you meet your soulmate at a fan event?“

Poster Boy  “ In which your social anxiety and one very charming Park Jimin, high school senior extraordinaire, do not mix well.“

Is this love? “The reader plans to ask Jimin to Valentine’s Dance but Jimin already has a date.”

The Devil’s Own Luck

Why are you walking around naked?  “You knew that Jimin had a reputation on campus, but this is the first time you’ve witnessed his bad habits firsthand. Then again, you knew Jimin would break your heart eventually.”

Push and Pull “pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: smut, a whole lot of angst
word count: 1.3k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.”


Picking Locks “You often forget your keys and end up having to pick your lock, Jimin’s just moved in next door and his first impression of you is that you must be a burglar.”

The Girl I Cherished the Most “Taehyung cheated on you, the girl that Jimin cherished the most.”


Away From the Sun soulmate au

Reattached  “Soulmate au: Everyone is connected to their soulmate with a red string. It can be seen, cut, and reattached by certain people.”

Should I? “ Kim Taehyung x reader. highschool!au. fluff. 4k words. i just really love a good love-hate relationship. there might be some errors bc i’m too lazy to proofread.“

Something’s Gotta Give “ I can’t think of a summary except that Taehyung is confused with his own feelings.”

Butterfly “Taehyung and you were really close friends before. but something happened. you had no clue what it was, but suddenly he stopped talking to you completely, stopped looking at you at all and basically ignored your existence overall. and no matter how much time went by, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. but then, something changed… “


Arranged Love “ Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love, in a forced marriage between you and Jungkook?”

Bad “He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” 

Paper Hearts


“You Should Marry Me”  “ A scenario about Y/N walking in on Jungkook practicing his proposal.”

The Perfect Husband “Jung kook falls in love and has his heart broken. Countless times. Over and over again. With the same girl. “ I wish I knew, how to quit you.”’

Rooftop “having to watch the person you love be in love with someone else is one of the worst feelings that exist. you knew that feeling first hand and hated every second of it, but you put up with it for the sake of friendship. but what happens when a new, quiet and isolated boy joins your class. is he somehow the solution to all the pain? or is he the reason it all comes crashing down?“

The Lucky Ones “You are Jungkook’s girlfriend, he is an idol. When the two of you are caught by media, the fans start to send you hateful messages. In the beginning, you feel like you can manage, but it gets worse and finally, you’re not sure how much more of it you can take.”


Serendipity  “Fluff (with slightly smutty undertones at the end) and a fail attempt at humor; Soulmate!AU where anything your soulmate does to their body reflects on your own”

Date in a Box

Angel “Synopsis: You were in love with the stars but sadly, was kept apart from them thanks to mathematical equations that made it impossible for you to touch them. They were the South and you were the East, always together but never touching. Until a curious hybrid becomes the bridge and eventually, your personal galaxy infested with stars.”

I Got You on My Mind “ In a world where soulmates can share thoughts, you never imagined that the sweet voice in your head would belong to a guy like Jungkook.“

Sleepless Nights

For Carry On Countdown -Fifth Year

Written from Baz’s pov, basically just pining oops

This is getting ridiculous. It’s 3am. In the past four nights I’ve had less than twenty hours sleep combined. I close my eyes for the millionth time, knowing full well that they’ll have opened again within the the next minute.

It’s not like I’m trying not to sleep -quite the opposite. I just can’t stop thinking. My brain won’t shut up. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past few months, but it’s never got this bad before. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried going for walks once Simon’s fallen asleep, but that only makes me think more and I end up wandering across the whole site, aimlessly, for hours on end and come back no less weary but a hell of a lot colder. I’ve tried listening to classical music through earbuds. I’ve even managed to blag some chamomile tea from the kitchen, but it didn’t help. It just tastes faintly like piss.

Simon rolls over in his sleep and I let out a sigh. How can he sleep so easily? How can he do everything so easily? His whole life is just one big long walk in the park. He doesn’t agonise over homework, he’s in a happy relationship, he hardly even does a thing between getting out of bed and going down to breakfast -just brushes a hand through his hair and he’s good to go.

I’d brush my hand through his hair.

Wait. What. No. It’s 3am. I’m knackered. I don’t know where that came from. I roll over, blushing despite the fact that no one could know I’d thought that. I’m now facing the window. It’s open, of course, and I realise suddenly that I’m absolutely freezing. Bloody Snow and his stupid.. stupid… argh. I don’t even know what I’m trying to think. I get up to close it, a little too quickly, and stumble slightly on my way across. It takes two attempts for it to actually shut, the rotten wood swollen bigger than its frame. I am forceful the second time round, and it slams loudly, the metal catch rattling against the glass. Snow stirs and I worry that I have woken him, before I realise that I don’t actually care. Why shouldn’t he wake up? He left it open to begin with. Stupid. And that stupid hair.

I lay on my back for a while and think about nothing. Well, I probably was thinking about something, but it wasn’t significant. I trace patterns on the sheet instead, my finger joining up creases like those dot-to-dot things I remember doing as a child. Like little constellations, I think. Like Simon’s freckles. The ones on his back are spread out enough to do an actual dot-to-dot. Spread out enough to be actual constellations.

What the fuck? I’m thinking about Simon’s moles. That’s like, the third time I’ve thought about him tonight. Then I try and remember, and I decide it’s probably actually more than three times… Does this count? Does thinking about thinking about Simon count as thinking about Simon? I laugh suddenly and unexpectedly, a sort of choke, and bury my face in my duvet so as not to wake Simon. There we go again, I think. Of course Snow doesn’t wake. He never does. Never has. All these five years of me banging around doing whatever I’ve been doing and he just snuffles through it, only turning occasionally, or flickering his eyelids.

I almost wish he would wake up. Dev tells me about how when he stays with his cousins they don’t really talk much, but they all share a room at night. He says once it passes about 2am, different rules apply. They talk about everything, he says, stuff you would never dream of telling anyone when you’re fully awake. I’ve never had a sleepover that wasn’t with him or Niall, and we did have deep conversations but I don’t think that really counts because we’re already close. I don’t need to be half asleep to talk to him. But then I start thinking. Do I? Do I tell him stuff? Real stuff? I complain about how fucked up my family is and what Snow’s up to, and, sure, when we have sleepovers we talk about stuff. Girls. We’ve talked about girls. Is that what he means? Girls? Because that’s where my problem lies. I’ve spoken to Dev about girls. Girls. Not about boys.

Would I talk to Simon about boys? If we were both tired and we reached the magical 2am and forgot our feuds, would I talk to him? It’s hard to imagine. The forgetting feuds part. I look at him. His head is laying in a pool of moonlight on his pillow and he looks like a hand tailored mannequin. Nobody is this flawless naturally: his skin looks like pearl, his hair like silk, and his features ethereal. ‘Snow.’ It’s suits him, as a name. Fun and childish and exciting, but also.. stunningly beautiful.

What the fuck, Baz. Shut up. Simon Snow isn’t fucking beautiful.

But he is. You can say that. It’s fine to be able to appreciate beauty. Dev is quite good looking.

Now you’re being stupid. Dev is not good looking.

No, Dev is good looking. He’s just not Simon Snow.

My knuckles whiten as my grip on the duvet tightens. I loosen them. It’s just Snow. He’s still sleeping. Fucker.

There is silence again. I imagine shaking him awake. How is it fair that he is so asleep and I am so not? I need it more than him; he doesn’t have to worry about how well he does in lessons because he’s not battling for top against that stupid Bunce friend of his. I imagine shaking him awake and pinning him against the wall. I’m shouting at him, I don’t know what but I’m shouting something. I’m angry and I’m I’m holding Simon Snow against a wall and shouting at him and my spit is flying into his face. I’m furious and he’s not doing anything to stop me. He’s just hanging there limply and letting me do what I’m doing. He’s in my hands. I have control.

And then I stop. I look at his face, scrunched up, little flecks my my saliva mingled with freckles.

I brush them from his cheek with my thumb.

He’s staring at me. His eyes are the most penetrative ice blue I’ve ever seen. I’m staring into his eyes and I’m shivering and my thumb is still on his cheek. And suddenly his eyes are closing. His eyes are closing and his head is tilting and it’s moving towards me. Simon Snow is… going to kiss me?

“M-Bazz..” I jolt my eyes open. Simon fucking Snow is laying in his bed, as asleep as he’s ever been. I glower at him. He murmurs my name again and I nearly throw the lamp at his head.

All. I. Want. Is. To. Go. To. Sleep. You. Stupid. Fucking. Dick.

I roll over determinedly. When I close my eyes again Simon Snow does not have time to kiss me because I am banging his head against the wall. Those stupid fucking eyes flash at me. They look hurt.

Good, I think. And I throw the lamp.


Turnadette Tuesday

Turner Topics

Walking Through the Years

Hello, all! This week, I’m going to share a few thoughts about three images of the Turners walking together, one of which being before they were “the Turners”. Thanks this week go to @m-t-b-lover, whose recent “Christmas Countdown” post featured screencaps from the same scene my third image is from, and inspired me to write this post. More thoughts follow:

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Avoid - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by wintersouljaa

Words: 963
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Clint Barton
Warnings: swearing
Requested by anon
Hello ^^ I really love your writing! I was wondering if I could request a Pietro x Male Reader where he is kinda shy and nerdy and begins to avoid Pietro because he thinks its wrong to like him? Thank you! <33
Authors Note: I made it gender neutral (like I try to do with all of my works) so I hope thats okay! I kinda like how this turned out :)


“Hey, (Y/N)!” Pietro smiled when he walked into the common room, where you were camping the GameStop site to preorder a new game.

“Oh, h-hey Pietro…” You said quietly.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing.” You nervously smiled as you turned your computer away from him. You tried your hardest not to look at him…you really didn’t want to blush, or not be able to look away from him.

“What are you looking at?” Pietro moved closer to where you were seated on the couch, trying to peer at what was on your computer.

“Oh…you know, just looking over some reports for Tony…” You lied.

“Oh, that sounds boring. Do you want to go do something? I’m thinking, Paris.” Pietro smiled as he moved his hands outward like the city name would pop up between his hands.

“Wow, that sounds like fun.” You said, trying not to embarrass yourself.

“Doesn’t it?” He smiled. “Wanna join me?”

You looked at your computer to see the countdown get closer to zero. “Looks like, Steve, needs my help.” You stuttered out.

“I thought you were helping Tony?” Pietro had a confused tone.

“Yep, bye!” You grabbed your computer and ran out of the common room to hide away, leaving Pietro sitting there, confused and a bit upset.

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WE: An honest  WIP review (that probably says more about me than the book)

As a natural cynic, “coper” and self-help avoider, my first perusal of WE was less than satisfying. Dipping in and out I saw words like “miracle” and “sacred vessel” that made me want to run screaming back to my comfort zone. Skimming the surface, I couldn’t see the feminist fighting spirit I’d hoped for and I seriously considered pretending I’d never received a reading copy, enjoying the events I had committed to attend, and then shoving it to the back of my bookshelf. And then I landed on the page that summarises the book’s nine principles. Acceptance… Kindness… Humility… principles that I had definitely not embraced as I approached writing this review.

I began reading this book not as someone hoping to transform their life, but as a pessimistic publishing professional with an interest in Gillian Anderson who figured they’d give it a go. And so, I had not really read it. I’d perused it through the trappings of my ego and expectations, and as early reviews began to trickle in I began to suspect that in doing so, I had entirely missed the point.

So I started again. 

I forced myself into the unnatural position of someone who might gravitate naturally to this type of book, left my preconceptions at the title page and tried to read with an open mind. And what I found, once I pushed myself past the occasional word that set off my “woo-woo” alarm, was rather more interesting, impactful, and considerably more inconvenient than what I’d expected.

I would like to add a caveat before I get into my thoughts, addressing the elephant in the subtitle… because this is not a manifesto, or at least not in the sense one would expect as a regular reader of modern feminist publications. In fact, the final section explains as much. If you go into this expecting a feminist rallying cry, you will likely walk away disappointed and that would be a shame. What this book is, is a call to women to take care of themselves, support one another, and some good advice on how to go about doing that. While self-care is an inherently political act, reading WE through the lens of politics is setting it up to fail.

Read it instead as you, the you that exists for those precious few moments in a day (if you’re lucky) when the world is shut out, the makeup is off and there’s a moment for reflection. Read all the words, even the ones that make you cringe a little, because they come from a positive place. Under all the motivating quotes, the structure of a “guide” and the language of self-help is a very simple intention; a couple of women, average in some ways and exceptional in others, who have survived their lives so far and then taken the time to think through and write down how they’ve stayed afloat in order to pass it on.

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A Kiss for the Future

Read, Something About the First Snowfall; ¼

Read, A Tree for a Smile; 2/4

Read, Plus Signs for Christmas¾

4/4 (Niall’s POV) 

She saw you watching her, but she didn’t look over to you. You watched her fidget, the way her leg bounced up and down, the way she picked at her nails, the way her hands would knot in her hair for just a moment and then rake through her unruly hair. 

“Princess, settle down.” You grabbed her smaller hands in yours, kissing the back of it. “This is just to make sure.”

“But Ni-”

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New Years

Can you do one about 2 friends getting together on nye

  • Anonymous

AN: I think this one’s appropriate, considering it’s New Year’s Eve. Also, some of you may be concerned so I’ll clarify that on special occasions or globally-famous days (e.g. christmas, new years, easter etc.) I prioritise themed requests.

This is not out of spite or anything, I just don’t see the point in writing a christmas imagine during March for example, so I prioritise them around the holidays. Keeping in mind that I do have a bucket load of requests to write. Love you guys, Happy New Years and unfortunately you may have to wait until next year for a new imagine :P xx


Your POV:

New Years was usually one of my favourite annual occasions, however this year things are a bit different. Unfortunately, over the last few years, as friendships have changed, so have the peoeple that I spend New Year’s with. Two years ago, it was family, as in, the WHOLE family. Last year, it was my close family and one of my friends with her family but this year, it’s just the four of us; my mum, dad, sister and I. Great. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with them, I really do. But there’s one person in particular I wish I could see on New Years Eve. Y/C/N. It’ll never happen. He’s one of those popular guys and I’m one of those shy, unpopular girls who has her friends and avoids the populars at all costs. But that being said, there’s something about him.

On the last day of the year, I simply stay at home with my family, we’re all doing our own thing and I’m in my room as normal, scrolling through tumblr with music playing off my phone through earphones in my ears. It’s not lonely as some may think. I’m used to it.

It’s currently around 8 o’clock and I’m getting myself changed so that I at least look decent in case my mother decides to take yet another family photo, and in case I see anyone I know from our balcony. It’s highly, highly unlikely but I still think that I should be ready. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to make myself feel pretty for once.

“Y/N?” my sister calls from her room.


“We’re watching New Years Eve on TV until the fireworks at 9,” she begins, “Want to come?”

I call out a reply, “Sure, I’ll be there in a minute.”

I finish straightening my usually wavy hair, and putting basic makeup on before going downstairs and joining my family. Mum passes me the popcorn bowl and I take a handful before handing it back to her. “Thanks.”

We watch another hour of the movie before watching some fireworks at 9, and then continuing the movie. Soon enough, it’s 11:30 and we’re out on the balcony getting ready for the midnight fireworks. “So, Y/N, what are your resolutions?”

I sigh, “I haven’t really thought much about it to be honest. I guess I’m hoping I make it through Year 11 without too much stress.”

The only thing that I really want for next year besides not freaking out with my studies, is to be with Y/C/N but I know it’s never going to happen.

Never say never. my heart whispers,

As if, it can’t happen Y/N. my brain retorts. Ughh. I hate reality. Can’t I just live in hope that one day he might see past my stupid social status and utter lack of confidence and self doubt and ask me out?

11:55 looms and we’re still standing on the balcony. We continue talking about our hopes for the new year, until we hear the front bell ring. Strange, I would have seen it if someone walked to the front door. I turn to my mum who’s smirking. “Y/N, I think you should get the door.”

I nod. “Okay.”

I walk downstairs, and as I walk I hear my family screaming the countdown from the balcony. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I open the front door. I can’t believe my eyes and my mouth literally drops. “Y/C/N?”

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” he shouts in sync with my family, making me smile.

“Happy New Year,” I reply. “What are you doing here?”

“I-It’s stupid.” he begins, looking down and blushing. “I wanted you to be the first person I saw in the New Year.”

“Y/C/N, that’s not stupid.” I begin, as he looks up at me. “It’s really sweet.”

He smiles, “So, can I maybe come in?”

“Oh, yeah, shit sorry.” I reply, gesturing next to me, but as he walks past me, he pulls me into a sneaky hug and kisses my lips, giving me my first kiss. It’s slow, passionate and everything I’ve ever wanted in a kiss.

“It’s a tradition to kiss someone beautiful at midnight.”

“Oh Y/C/N, stop it, you’re making me blush.”

He smiles. “So, just upstairs, or?”

I nod. “This way.”

I take a second of courage and grab his hand. I am surprised to see that he doesn’t let go, but simply smiles to himself. “Wait, Y/N, before we go out there, will you be my girlfriend?”

I nod. “Of course I will Y/C/N!”

We then walk onto the balcony and my parent’s greet Y/C/N as we spend New Year’s Morning together.

Told you so. My heart whispers, and for once, I’m listening to it.

Looks like 2015 is going to be a great year.

First New Years Kiss- Solangelo Drabble

I’m kind of late but I really wanted to write a cute and short Solangelo drabble of their First New Years Kiss so here it is! Happy New Year! (@bailci I saw a post of yours saying where are the solangelo new years kiss pics so I thought why not tag you in it?)

Read on Ao3

Nico sat on the ground, snuggled up against Will. Nico lightly pressed the back of his head into Will’s chest and Will wrapped an arm around Nico. Nico tried to focus on the water on the lake, shimmering in the moonlight or the warmness he felt being pressed up to Will but he couldn’t calm his nerves. It had been years since the battle with Gaea and Nico and Will had finally (according to Jason, Piper, and basically everyone else at camp) gotten together. The past months together were blissful. After loving each other for years as friends, finally transitioning into a romantic relationship was amazing, considering the fact that they had been crushing on each other for so long. But now, it’s the first new year Nico and Will are together. Nico could barely contain his anticipation for the night. He was excited, yet nervous. This was going to be his first new years kiss.

It was 11:55. Five minutes until 2016. Honestly, Nico was shocked he had survived this long. Campers were running around, excited. The younger campers were wearing glow bracelets and necklaces. Noise makers were given out to some campers as well. Nico could see Piper decked out in glowing jewelry and a silver hat with “2016” printed on it. She was showing her attire off to Annabeth, who just rolled her eyes and smiled.

“You excited?” Will asked. “F-for the New year I mean.”

Nico smiled at his blushing and flustered boyfriend. “Yeah, I’m very excited.” Nico winked, which caused Will to blush more. It wasn’t that much of a big deal, they’d kissed plenty of times before, but there was something special about a new years kiss.

The next four minutes went by in a blur. By now, all the campers were standing or sitting by the lake, with their glowsticks and noise makers. Even Nico had taken one, although he wasn’t really going to get a chance to use it after the countdown. The fireworks were set up and ready to go. It was almost time. Nico and Will both stood up, their hands intertwined.

“Here we go!” shouted Leo from farther away, near the fireworks.

The campers, including Nico and Will started to yell. “Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!”

Nico barely heard the words “Happy New Year” as he turned toward Will and pulled him close, their lips colliding. All Nico’s nerves melted away instantly. Nico felt Will’s hair brushing against him and the soft touch of Will’s fingers wrapped around him. Nico blocked out the noise around him and felt like he was in his own little world with just him and Will. They soon parted, both of them smiling.

“Happy New Year Nico,” Will said, beaming.

“Happy New Year Will.”

Hollstein Fic Recs pt. 1

you bite your tongue and you torch your dreams by zbrockman (10,487 words, M rating)
“Carmilla is a firefighter. That’s basically it.”
Firefighter AU. Laura is a journalist and best friends with Carmilla. Slightly smutty and angsty. This fic will give you a lot of feels. It’s personally one of my favourites.

 no flame burns forever (you and i both know this all too well) by zbrockman  (9,792 words, M rating)
“Carmilla as a firefighter but this time from Laura’s POV?”
Firefighter AU. Sequel to the previous pic and covers the same story except from Laura’s POV.

 Say Something by ariadnerue (2,611 words, G rating)
“When Mircalla Karnstein turned fifteen, she got her countdown, just like everyone else. Except not like everyone else. Because according to her countdown, she wouldn’t meet her soulmate for 319 years, 5 months, and 21 days.”
Soulmate AU. This is a nice little oneshot that is guaranteed to give you feels.

 Back To Back by Heylittleyahtzee (31,323 words, E rating)
“Laura and Carmilla have always been inseparable, from the time they tried to murder each other in the sandbox to the day they accidentally kissed at a pre-highschool-graduation party. It makes sense that they’d add a few “benefits” to their relationship, especially after they move from their small town to live together in the city. So what happens when Laura goes to college and meets someone new?”
Casual Sex AU. This one hurts, a lot. It’s full of angst but it burns so good. Also some Hollence appearances.

Fill Me In by carmillasleatherpants (courtneyarnelle) (10,100 words, E rating)
“You’re tired of this same conversation. Of him discouraging you from seeing your girlfriend. You’re aware that on some level, he knows you’re still seeing her. But you can’t bring yourself to care too much.”
A Highschool AU where Carmilla moves next door and Carmilla and Laura start seeing each other, much to the disapproval of Papa Hollis. Also, this is part of a series, which I highly recommend (my favourite series), which continues on from this story.

Love is Blind by Marzos (10,592 words, T rating)
“Laura can’t see Carmilla, but she still knows her better than anyone else. One day I thought, as a challenge, I’d write a blind!Laura AU. Now I can’t stop writing oneshots.”
Blind!Laura AU, which I am in love with.

she is like a cat in the dark by Coara (6,001 words, E rating)
“A hand tangles in your hair and pries you away. Droplets of blood slide down your chin and your tongue darts out to catch every little bit of this doomed salvation.
“Don’t make a mess, darling,“ she warns you, before she lets you feed again, fingers scraping over your skull.”
This one is pretty dark, but I like it. It explores Mattie and Carmilla’s relationship, their history, Carmilla’s history and the developing relationship between Carmilla and Laura.