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Toronto-based fine artist and illustrator Bashir Sultani creates incredible portraits out of ordinary salt. Bashir’s subjects are often borrowed from popular culture such as Yoda, Batman, The Joker or Bruce Lee. He also uses salt to draw portraits of well-known figures such as Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Gandhi or Einstein. He shares his entire process in his Art with Salt series on Youtube and posts other amusing art pieces on his Tumblr.

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Es ist schon immer wieder bemerkenswert wie unglaublich kreativ einige Leute sein können und welche großartigen Handwerklichen Leistungen möglich sind. Das Video zeigt den Künstler Bashir Sultani und was er mit ein bisschen Salz so anstellen kann.


Standing Out and Having Heart On Valentine’s Day

To see more out-of-the-box interpretations of the beloved shape, check out #IGHearts on Instagram.

Like. Love. Affection. Romance. A double tap. All month long, Instagram will be celebrating this simple shape with a big helping of meaning.

  • For Toronto-based illustration student Bashir Sultani (@bashirsultani), having heart means “having conscience.”
  • For Lonac Poklopac (@lonacpot) from Zagreb, Croatia, having heart means “having something to share.”
  • For Deanna Young (@ocd_obsessive_cookie_designer) from Winter Park, Florida, having heart means “pouring myself into something fun and creative to benefit a cause that’s greater than my own. I love whimsical, artistic expression, but I want it to have a deeper meaning, which is why I give all of the proceeds to charity.”
  • For Jennifer Tjorvi (@jennifer.tjorvi), a psychology student from Hamburg, Germany, having heart means “opening yourself up to someone, aware that you might get hurt, but knowing that it’s worth the risk.”
  • For Hayden Zezula (@zolloc), a New York City artist and animator, having heart means “life.”

Honor your ️♥ this Valentine’s Day and share your definition with #IGHearts on Instagram.


Salt Art, Ezio by Bashir Sultani



“Save the Tigers” by Bashir Sultani

Salt Art, who thinks this stuff up?  Obviously Bashir Sultani does!  

Amazing!  Many more videos of his works at:


Art with salt by Bashir Sultani.  Amazing!!