by Bashar

      - Have a vision of what you want
      - Visualize yourself having what it is you want

      - The thing that you say you want must be accompanied by a strong emotion
      - The emotion energizes the desire - giving it energy
      - It must be a strong, intense, all consuming desire
      - Maintain this intense desire/feeling for what you’re trying to manifest for 15 minutes. Less if you feel yourself peak, but no more than 15 minutes.

      - You must know and explore within yourself that you have the belief that it’s possible to manifest this thing
      - You must have the belief that you deserve this thing
      - You must believe that you are capable of manifesting this thing
      - If you do not believe it’s possible - then you cannot manifest it

      - You must totally accept yourself and your belief as TRUE, without question, beyond a shadow of a doubt

      - You must intend to manifest it
      - Intending it is different than wanting it
      - Intention is a conscious choice - not an effort - but a focus
      - You must intend it to be so
      - Intention = Conscious Commandment

      - You must act like you’re already in the state of the reality that you want (act like you already have it)
      - You must behave as if it already exists
      - You must do things in the way that you would do them if it already existed
      - Your body language must reflect that it already exists

      - Totally and utterly - LET IT GO
      - You must detach from the outcome
      - You must have an intensity of what you want with no expectation that it HAS to manifest
        - This is the balance state you need to be in for the manifestation to be effortless
      - Know that everything is already perfect just as it is


 - Physical reality is a reflection of what your beliefs are
   - What you think is true for yourself
   - What you think is possible for yourself

 - Make sure you’re asking for EXACTLY what you want – the thing itself   Don’t ask for this in order to get that – just ask for that in the first place
   - Know that all the details of HOW it’s going to manifest will work themselves out in the best possible way for all concerned

How you define your reality is what you experience, literally, because all things in physical reality are fundamentally neutral, they have no built in meaning at all. You are designed to give life meaning, you are designed to give meaning to different circumstances and situations. That is the gift, that is the power, you have been given by creation as a co-creator. The meaning you give to something determines the effect you get out of it. This is just physics, it is what we call the third law of creation - what you put out, is what you get back.
—  Bashar
Recognize that you have chosen your purpose in being in this society at this time on your planet. Know that if you were not going to make a difference, you would not be here. As you begin to see the idea of the connection of everything in your society as it relates to you, and as you relate to it, you will begin to understand that each and every individual makes a difference within the society as a whole.
—  Bashar
You will never ever ever actually discover that you are unworthy, EVER. You may create the experience of feeling unworthy, but you will never actually can be unworthy. For again, if you were truly unworthy of creation, believe me you will not exist…because creation does not make mistakes.
—  Bashar
The first step in the whole idea of creating your reality to be what you desire it to be, is in ceasing to invalidate yourselves. Because you – you, you, you – are the only thing you have to work with in your universe. You are the representation, in your way, of the infinite. And if you invalidate any part of that, then you do not allow yourselves to function as whole beings, capable of using whatever information may come to you from others in a constructive way.
—  Bashar
Feelings are like messengers, knocking on your door, telling you when you have a particular belief that you may not be consciously aware of. So if you have a feeling of fear, a feeling of anger, a feeling of sadness, a feeling of loss- that is a messenger knocking on your door saying ‘Hey, I’m bringing your attention to the fact that you are flowing your energy through a belief system that’s out of alignment with your true self’. Find out what it is and then you can say ‘Thank you, feeling, for being my friend and bringing my attention to a belief I didn’t know was there.’- because you see, any time you flow your energy through a belief system that’s out of alignment with your true self-that’s how you feel it in what you call a “negative way”. When you flow the same energy through beliefs that are IN alignment with your true vibration, you feel It in a ‘positive way’.
—  Bashar
Why Tumblr’s DMCA policies are ridiculous and disingenuous

Yesterday myself and several other GIF artists received a notice from Tumblr regarding copyright infringement. The letter’s tone of voice is unnecessarily condescending and contains awesome phrases such as “this is a good opportunity to learn more about US copyright law (never a bad idea)…. “ You’re right Tumblr, let’s learn more about copyright law together since it’s never a bad idea. 

The letter starts with: 


We’ve received a notification of alleged copyright infringement on one of your blogs. Here are the details of the content in question:

Copyright holder: Darryl Anka (Bashar Communications, Inc.)

Post URL(s):

I clicked the link and nothing is there. It’s already been removed. That makes it really difficult for me to see what’s going on Tumblr. Maybe a screen capture included with the letter would be a good idea? Tumblr’s official policy in regards to DMCA notices is to delete the content first and then let you know about it. However Tumblr also states: 

If we remove material in response to a copyright or trademark claim, the user who posted the allegedly infringing material will be provided with information from the complainant’s notice (like identification of the rightsholder and the allegedly infringed work) so they can determine the basis of the claim.

That part isn’t true, I can’t determine the basis of the claim with the information provided to me. 

Tumblr’s policies state:

Please note that we require a valid DMCA notice before removing content. Parties asserting a trademark infringement claim should identify the allegedly infringing work and the legal basis for their claim, and include the registration and/or application number(s) pertaining to their trademark. Each claim is reviewed by a trained member of our Trust and Safety team.

The evidence provided in the letter sent to me:

Description: Copyrighted Work: Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka. Copyright 1984-2015. All Rights Reserved. From multiple event productions presented by Darryl Anka on dates ranging from 1984-2014. The copyrighted works can be found at

The claim is that my work is in fact copyrighted by “Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka” What? I looked it up. Darryl Anka believes that he is channeling information from a space alien from the future named Bashar that lives on a planet called Essassani via telepathy. Cool story bro. 

What exactly is the legal basis for their claim? Maybe it has something to do with “ ” ? Is that some kind of alien code? Or did Tumblr just auto copy and paste the email they got including stray HTML garbage characters? 

What is the evidence? “The copyrighted works can be found at” I clicked that link. There’s no GIFs on it. There’s nothing that resembles anything on my blog. Again, Tumblr’s policy states “Each claim is reviewed by a trained member of our Trust and Safety team.” I find it difficult to impossible to believe that actually happened.

Here’s my conclusion: Tumblr’s DMCA takedown system is fully automated and “trained members” do not in fact review anything. Or, embarrassingly someone did look at all of that “evidence” and decided that aliens from other planets have legal rights on Earth and that even though a copy of the alleged infringing work is not on the site provided, they’ll just take Darryl’s word for it? 

Back to the letter Tumblr sent me, it continues with this nifty lecture:

It’s important for all creators that our users respect copyright, and so we ask that you take greater care when posting other people’s creations to your Tumblr blog. You can review Tumblr’s Terms of Service ( and Community Guidelines ( for more information on our copyright policies.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we are legally required to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers. The notice we received counts as one strike against your account. If you receive three uncontested strikes within 18 months, your account will be terminated. You can contest this notification by following the instructions for a “DMCA Counter-Notification” found here: A successful counter-notification will remove this strike against your account.

The way the letter is worded and structured indicates that you are assumed to be guilty and already have a “strike” against you. 

It only mentions that you can contest this after saying “It’s important for all creators that our users respect copyright, and so we ask that you take greater care when posting other people’s creations to your Tumblr blog.” 

I ask that you Tumblr staff take greater care in wording your letters. I ask that you take greater care when complying with takedown notices from space aliens that provide zero evidence to support their claims. 

It’s hard to say if I’m more annoyed with Tumblr or Darryl. I can’t figure out the value to Darryl of having one out of about 800 of my posts removed. Or why he is going after a bunch of other GIF artists as well. I really hope that there aren’t more notices coming. If Tumblr deletes this account because he sends two more notices, you can find me on

Note: I did all of the stuff Tumblr asks you to do in this situation - I sent a signed counter-claim letter in the mail and I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually. 

P.S. Tumblr, you’re welcome for all of the free content I provide to you. I hope you are enjoying all of the advertising revenue you collect with your sponsored posts. I hope you buy yourself something nice. 


Ozonna - Believe it To See it


Best explanation on astrology I’ve ever seen

The more you expand your awareness and dig deep into spiritual awareness, the more negativity you will actually discover and bring to the surface until such time as you have exhausted all the negative belief systems that you are holding onto. That’s the natural process. It’s a positive idea. When you get this, you will no longer experience discovering a negative belief as a negative thing.
—  Bashar