Basement? Wtf

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>murderer :</b> ARE YOU READY TO DIE!!!<p/><b>me:</b> umm... actually yes I'm, go ahead buddy<p/><b>murderer :</b> umm ok , any last words<p/><b>me:</b> yea hold on<p/><b></b> *clears throat *<p/><b>me:</b> shout out to true crime community, if they release the basement tapes go to my grave and get into the Eric pose and yell DYLAN CAN YELL REAL GOOD and pour sum Dr pepper on my grave , while in hell I'll understand what it means<p/><b>murderer :</b> wHaT ThE FuCK<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Making Out With Bang Chan

Genre: slight smut, fluff

Requested?: yes (anon)

Type: headcanon

Message?: i bet he’s great at making out


  • Bang Chan
  • a legend
  • a chicken legend
  • sorry
  • Chan’s grown ass has probably no experience
  • bc he became a trainee at 13
  • he’s been in JYP’s basement wtf do you expect
  • i feel like he has no experience but he’ll still be good
  • like experience Chan ?? Chris doesn’t have experience in anything but that doesn’t stop him
  • so ya when y’all first get together there’s so many kisses
  • so pretty soon comes the making out
  • it wasn’t like planned or anything
  • but one day when you and Chan were entertaining yourselves at home
  • with the TV you perverts
  • or is that just me
  • ya
  • okay
  • Chan’s lips suddenly became 100x more exciting to you than everything else
  • and you have to kiss him
  • so you do
  • and then he’s like
  • ehh why not
  • and something in his brain goes ‘Chan’
  • and hes like ‘ya’
  • and his brains like ‘make-out with her’
  • and Chan’s like ‘oh yaaa’
  • and then you’re making out
  • tbh Chan’s really in to it
  • there’s some people I can imagine being a lazy make-out person
  • (for reference I mean people like Suga from BTS, E-Dawn from Pentagon and Changbin)
  • they all seem to be rappers
  • but Chan’s like INTO it
  • and his all over you with his lips and his hands
  • with Chan i can’t imagine that make-out sessions would end there tbh
  • but for this we’re going just making out
  • he’s definitely put his hands up/down your clothing
  • and you’d be shocked at the coldness and he’s like ;)
  • and he likes leaving hickeys
  • but doesnt like it when you leave them bc then everyones like !!! CHAN
  • but you’re covered in them bc tbh he’s really turned on by them and wishes you could give him some
  • but he reverts to biting your lip
  • hard
  • when you’ve finished doing the do he kisses your forehead very gently and runs his hands over all the marks he’s made on you telling you you’re beautiful and they add to the beauty
  • ur welcome
  • fin
not my shiro

Ok ok, listen to me here. You see all these posts about this new Shiro being fake and a clone and all. Well, I have my contribution.

 "“”“OG Shiro”“”“ is actually the clone. 


Praise me.

Honestly it makes a lot of sense, okay? Was it ever explained what exactly happened before Shiro got there? Is there any proof, any at all, that Shiro from s1 is actually Shiro?

Up to ep 8, and I call shenanigans on so much stuff that makes zero sense vis a vis the Hand. particularly as the script was written by Marco Ramirez, who was showrunner on The Defenders.

Why does the fairy tale Stick spins for Matt’s loft after he saves Elektra from the poison completely different from the origins of the Hand according to what he tells Danny and th e others in Royal Dragon?

Why does Hirochi say hajimete (The First) when Matt asks what is in the basement of the Farm? WTF is “The Rising”? If “The substance” is ground dragon bones, then why were they incubating toxins in the bloodstream of Stan Gibson’s son and the other blood donors? Was Yoshioka Nobu brought back in the sarcophagus, or is that only to activate the Black Sky? If they have the power to bring a dead Black Sky back to life, why bother with Elektra at all? Why not bring back the boy Stick killed in s1, since he didn’t cut the boy’s head off, just shot him through the heart with an arrow?

When Hirochi says more than one devil will walk the streets, if he means the Black Sky, then how the fuck does the Hand even know Elektra is the Black Sky? And why not take her at any point prior to her showing up at Roxxon/Asano Robotics?

Every single time they laid pipe for the Hand as the Big Bad for The Defenders, they didn’t have any internal consistency or continuity. They constantly contradicted themselves over and over, with all the details that should have been easy to keep track of since it was self-contained in Daredevil and Iron Fist.

If you’re gonna write vague East Asian mystical nonsense, at least make sure it’s the same nonsense all the way through.

Why Russian titles for series 4 sooooo weird?


1 episode is normal - “Six Thatchers”= Шесть Тэтчер

2 ep title is weird - “The Lying detective” turns into “Sherlock at the death’s door” (Шерлок при смерти)//which i suppose to be “the dying detective” in proper translation, but the intentions are unknown//

3 ep title is way to odd - “The final problem” turns into “Family business”(Семейное дело) like what? is this about sherrinford then?

channel director explains : “Because you have not seen the series, and the channel interpreters have seen. And the name of the series must conform to its essence”

Sue, I think you can’t put whole Russia into your basement

maybe @inevitably-johnlocked or @love-in-mind-palace have a theory?