Throughout the day since I heard the terrible news, I have found it difficult to summarize my thoughts on the matter. It’s amusing that in our strongest feelings - love, happiness, grief - it is often hard to find words to sufficiently describe those feelings. No, I did not personally know Jose - most of us did not, some were lucky enough to - but his infectious personality, his tremendous perseverance fleeing his country, and his immense drive for greatness on the mound undoubtedly made many of us fans of him, regardless if we were Marlins fans or not.
In our ever-busy, constantly stressful lives it is always nice, from April to October to be able to turn on the TV or the radio and watch baseball to forget about worries. When a tragedy like this happens it seems to be, in a sense, a reality check, a reminder that life is fleeting, that we don’t live in a world like baseball where there are set rules, there is a game every night, and there is always a winner. Life is messy, it is complicated, it is joyful and it is heartbreaking, and baseball - and the players that we love to watch - help make our lives a little better every time we see a walkoff, or a homerun, or a strikeout. The game is a joy in our lives, but it is also a reminder when terrible things happen, whether it be Jose, or Oscar Taveras, or Greg Halman, to do the things that matter most in life. Cherish the things that matter to you. Hug your loved ones. Appreciate the little things in life. Rest easy, Jose. You will be missed.