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Hello! Sorry to bother you with this but you're being wonderful and replying to everyone's requests and I wanred to try my luck asking you too. I love sports au!! Specially a study in winning, it's one of my faves. I've read a couple of other fics with them being race car drivers and hockey players and they are all from John's POV. I was wondering if you could recommend me some sports au fics from Sherlock's POV? I'm begining to think they don't exist. They can be WIPs or even abandoned. Thanks

Hey Nonny!

Oh gosh, sports AU’s are totally not my thing D:, I’m so sorry! But I do know that a lot of my followers love them, so they may be able to help you out. The only one I know of is the Baseball AU Bang and the Clatter:

The Bang and the Clatter by earlgreytea68 (M, 137,048 w. || Baseball AU) - Sherlock Holmes is a pitcher and John Watson is a catcher. No, no, no, it’s a baseball AU. Part 1 of Baseball

I know there are other ones (I think there’s a figure skating AU and an hockey one, if I recall correctly), so perhaps we can be directed to them by my lovely followers! <3

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ur opinion on jon and dany baby talk? Judging from the leaked ep alone, the foreshadowing is TOO MUCH. I think if they only bang once (and let's face it, that's not gonna happen) a baby is happening due to those targ genes...And I don't know how I will handle looking at their faces REACTING to a baby-tearing up at what Davos would think of a baby-he would nominate himself as honorary grandpa right???


1. They have a month on that boat. One bang is not enough to release the sexual tension. So they gonna do it and do it and I can’t wait for the Jon memes “Witch says she’s barren still got her pregnant” with a joint and glasses

2.This is pure foreshadowing. Like they’re not even being subtle. Like *SPOILER ALERT* when she says that dragons are her only children and Jon glances over her stomach like ‘I can fix that’

3. She was worked up when Tyrion asked her like he really hit a nerve there, reminding her she’ll never have kids and making her all upset and angry and rude which she always does when someone pokes a weak spot

4.Jorah says to Jon to keep the sword for his kids and he makes his but I’m a bastard face like Dany he gets all defensive and scared 


6. A baby is on the way my friend and it’s gonna be beautifullll like first when they find out it’s gonna get all angsty WHITE WALKERS ARE COMING AND i”M HAVING A BABY WHAT and then he’s gonna remember Ned and feel the dad flowing into him like ok the woman I love is having my baby and Dany is gonna be all protective and scared because her last pregnancy ended in a tragedy

7. Davos would pour everyone some ale,tap Jon on the back,hug Dany, build a crib out of wood that the Hound freshly chopped, ask Sansa to knit some baby clothes or even try it himself after all he’s Dadvos and now he’s gonna be GranDadvos and then when the baby is born he’s gonna pull a Lion King and he’ll spoil that kid rotten like he’ll drive the new parents nuts and expect him to yell at people for holding the baby wrong and stuff

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can i get that gendrya picture au thing where jon and robb almost whack gendry and throw in some jonerys for good mesure

-Seven hells I am never drinking again! - Shouted Robb as he put his head on the cool black marble counter in his brother’s apartment. He, Jon, Gendry, Arya and some other of their friends went out to celebrate Gendry’s birthday and it turned into a wild night. Jon, who was sitting next to him on a bar stool, patted his back. Jon didn’t drink half the stuff Robb chugged down last night. Jon’s girlfriend and life-long partner as well as army buddy, Daenerys, was making him a smoothie across the counter. Dany and Jon met in the army, she was a pilot and he overlooked newbies.

-You said that the last time, Robb. - Said Jon, inhaling deeply.

-And the time before that. – Added Daenerys, adding bananas and honey to the mixture.

-Why didn’t you come with us last night, Dany?-

-I have been feeling a little queasy and tired lately, I think I might have the flu.-

-She just threw up this morning, it’s better for her to rest than to go out and party. - Agreed Jon.

-And you went out while your girlfriend was sick?-

-I actually made him go out, he’s smothering me like my mother.-

Robb picked up his phone to check on instagram, he opened the app and scrolled down. A selfie from Sansa, a picture of Theon’s new boat tagged with my new precious baby, a funny picture of Bran and his friends Jojen and Meera… And then he saw it. A picture of the user @gendry_baratheon, the user @stark__arry tagged in it. It was a picture of shirtless Gendry with Arya in his lap, hands on his muscular chest. Arya was wearing the same dark gray high wasted shorts she wore last night and a black crop top, high heels still on her feet. She was nuzzling Gendry’s cheek and the picture was taken in a mirror. In Gendry’s bedroom. Robb saw red.



Daenerys rolled her eyes.


-We need to go and show him he cannot disrespect our baby sister like this!-

Robb slammed his fist on the table.

-Damn straight!-

Daenerys took her phone and posted a picture of angry Jon and Robb on her snapchat with the caption: “Dumb and dumber on a mission” and followed them to Gendry’s place down the street.  

Jon kicked the door down and went straight to the bedroom, opening the door, startling a sleepy Gendry.


-What is it? Jon, Robb? Daenerys, mind explaining me what is going on?-

-How dare you humiliate our sister like this! – Said Robb, picking up the phone.

-What are you even talking about? Where did you get that picture?-

-You…- Said Jon, narrowing his eyes.

-I told him to take the picture. And I posted it while he was asleep. - Said a female voice behind them. Arya was wearing a large white shirt that must belong to Gendry. She looked worn and sleepy and had some make up residue from last night on her face.

-You need to tone it down, you two. You are grown ass men and here you are pretending your 22-year old sister has a mean boyfriend.-

Daenerys nodded.

-What was your plan anyway?-

-I don’t know, to kill him? - Said Jon awkwardly.

Arya hugged Gendry.

-My Gendry? He’s a big softie and he loves me, you know it! - Gendry nodded.

-I do, she’s my little lady…-

-Shut up, you idiot. Anyway, no murder today!-

-Thank you, Arya, from keeping Jon from killing Gendry, because it would not be good for a father to be to wind up in jail.-

Jon nodded. And then stopped in his track and turned to Daenerys, looking her up and down, mouth agape. Gendry and Arya looked at each other in shock and Robb sat down. Jon grabbed his girlfriend and hugged her, spinning her around.

-I should have known, you were throwing up in the morning and you told me you craved peaches and cookies and you cried at that footage of puppy Ghost… Oh my god… We’re going to have kids…-

-A kid, Jon. In 8 months. Imagine.-

-I guess congratulations are in order. To the aunt, uncle and parents to be.-

-And to another uncle.- Smiled Arya.

Kidnapped (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Gif not mine!

Request: Since you barely even have and Isaac imagine and was wondering if you could do one where the reader is very shy and cute, one day the reader and Isaac gets kidnapped and the kidnapper wants info on the pack but he won’t talk so they beat the reader in front of him (no broken bones please cause I hate that) and it hurts him because he loves her and you can go from there cause I don’t know what else should happen, please. Thank you!!!

 A/n: thank you for requesting this, hope you like it!!

 Also i wanted to say that REQUEST ARE CLOSED FOR NOW! and that everyone that requested a song fic will be getting it this week or next week! 

 We were just having a really nice time, enjoying eachother company when this asshole had to ruin everything. 

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