last week, some friends and i went to the old ballpark to see the ottawa fat cats play the toronto maple leafs in the last game of the season of the ibl.

i’m not much for watching baseball on tv, but there is something great about going out to the ballpark on a hot summer day, spending time with friends, having a hotdog and some beers.  we had a great time even if it was hard to follow the score or what inning it was in since the scoreboard doesn’t work, but it didn’t matter, it just added to the fun.

this was also a perfect opportunity to try out my k-mount 70-210 sigma zoom lens with micro 4/3 adapter on my panasonic G-1, essentially making it a 140-420 zoom lens.  a great focal length to capture some sports images, however, when using the adapter there are a couple of things which are going to force you to change the way you typically shoot with today’s cameras

first, the aperture must be adjusted manually and it’s on the barrel of the lens (old school).  i actually changed it a couple of times by accident when I was trying to adjust my focus, which is funny, since i used to shoot like this all the time with my k-1000 and don’t remember ever getting my focus and aperture confused. 

the second thing is the adapter sits between the camera and lens so they can’t communicate, thus any lens you use will now be manual focus.  after years of shooting with auto focus it’s ruined me.  to start, i was only getting about a third of what i wanted in focus but by the top of the 7th i had pretty much gotten it down.  i would quickly use the manual focus assist with my thumb, select the area, adjust the focus and then fire off a burst.  i found if i didn’t use the mf assist, my focus was always soft.

all in all the game was a lot of fun, some stuff i shot worked, and some stuff didn’t.  i want to do some more tests with the camera and lens and i will share my experiences on shooting this way in the future.

for now here are a few shots from the game.