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As requested by @lordashleyy :))

- going to his baseball games, him ALWAYS searching the crowd for you constantly

- him always giving you a smile before going to bat

- post-game ranting to you about everything Bryce did wrong and about how great he swung or some shit wtf even is baseball

- taking you out to a surprise date every week, you never know when or where it’s going to be until he texts you something along the lines of, “you. me. ice cream. movies.”

- you helping him study, forcing him to get off twitter for fucks sake

- Him calling you sexy at the most random moments & you’re always taken by surprise like thanks babe but hate to burst your bubble but we’re in the middle of a final

- good morning texts. every. morning. no. matter. what.

- going to the gym w him!! and after hes sweaty af he pulls you in for a bear hug no matter how many times you beg no

- sing-screaming with you in the car to your favorite songs, holding your hand and laughing


- play fighting!! hes totally one to flick you just for the fun of it

- his varsity jacket? nah. Yours now

- playing you in 8ball and letting you win because hes the best human to have existed on this planet knows you like to win

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Hello! Sorry to bother you with this but you're being wonderful and replying to everyone's requests and I wanred to try my luck asking you too. I love sports au!! Specially a study in winning, it's one of my faves. I've read a couple of other fics with them being race car drivers and hockey players and they are all from John's POV. I was wondering if you could recommend me some sports au fics from Sherlock's POV? I'm begining to think they don't exist. They can be WIPs or even abandoned. Thanks

Hey Nonny!

Oh gosh, sports AU’s are totally not my thing D:, I’m so sorry! But I do know that a lot of my followers love them, so they may be able to help you out. The only one I know of is the Baseball AU Bang and the Clatter:

The Bang and the Clatter by earlgreytea68 (M, 137,048 w. || Baseball AU) - Sherlock Holmes is a pitcher and John Watson is a catcher. No, no, no, it’s a baseball AU. Part 1 of Baseball

I know there are other ones (I think there’s a figure skating AU and an hockey one, if I recall correctly), so perhaps we can be directed to them by my lovely followers! <3

Kidnapped (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

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Request: Since you barely even have and Isaac imagine and was wondering if you could do one where the reader is very shy and cute, one day the reader and Isaac gets kidnapped and the kidnapper wants info on the pack but he won’t talk so they beat the reader in front of him (no broken bones please cause I hate that) and it hurts him because he loves her and you can go from there cause I don’t know what else should happen, please. Thank you!!!

 A/n: thank you for requesting this, hope you like it!!

 Also i wanted to say that REQUEST ARE CLOSED FOR NOW! and that everyone that requested a song fic will be getting it this week or next week! 

 We were just having a really nice time, enjoying eachother company when this asshole had to ruin everything. 

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question: i'm not too familiar with the whole tournament system for Ace of Diamond, but what is Seido playing if they got into Koshien on ch 412? Also, how does the Fall and Spring tournaments work..with the invitationals and all. Thanks for clearing this up for me :D

  • Late April-early June depending on the district - Spring Tournament

Not so important, just to get in the form after off-season and try new players. Remember first games when Seido team was introduced? Or Furuya’s debut

First it’s held on prefectural level then it moves to regional level. There are 9 regions: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto (including Tokyo), Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Kinki, Chuugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu. They determine seeded schools in summer based on results from these tournaments. 

  • Late June-July - Summer Qualifiers/Tournament

Elimination tournament, schools need to become the champions in their prefectures to get to Summer Koshien. 

  • August ~08 for 2 weeks - Summer Koshien

49 schools - a school from each prefecture (47) and one adittional school from Tokyo and Hokkaido. 

  • Early September -  IBAF 18U Baseball World Cup

Talanted players, even those who didn’t get to Koshien, are selected for the national team. They compete with teams from other countries.  

  • October - Fall Tournament

The first important tournament for new teams after 3 years retire. Same as spring tournament, first it’s held on prefectural level then it moves to regional level. There are 10 regions: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Tokyo, Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Kinki, Chuugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu. 10 winners in those districts get to play in Meiji Jingu Tournament and at Spring Koshien. Even schools that didn’t win can have a chance to play at Spring Koshien, they are selected by Japan High School Basebal Federation based on results from Fall Dictrict Tournaments 

  • Late September-October - National Athletic Tournament

Best 11 schools from koshien + 1 school from the region where the tournament is held.  There are a lot of schools that participate in National Athletic Tournament with only 3 year senpais so that 1-2-year students won’t be distracted from the main Fall Tournament

  • November - Meiji Jingu Fall Tournament  

Again 10 schools - fall regional champions get to play here. The region of the winning school also receives one more bid in Spring Koshien (i.e. the school that was runner-up in the same regional fall tournament as the winner gets to play at Spring Koshien too). It’s called Jingu Tournament Slot

  • Off season
  • March ~21 for 2 weeks  - Spring (Senbatsu, Invitational, Haru) Koshien

There are usually 32 schools - 28 regular slots + 1 Jingu Tournament Slot + 3 21th Century Slots.

28 regular spots consists from school:

  • Hokkaido - 1
  • Tohoku - 2 
  • Kanto - 4
  • Tokyo - 1
  • Tokai - 2
  • Hokushinetsu - 2 
  • Kinki - 6
  • Chuugoku - 2
  • Shikoku - 2
  • Kyushu + Okinawa - 4
  • floating bid Kanto/Tokyo region - 1
  • floating bid Chugoku/Shikoku - 1

Those schools are selected by the Japan High School Baseball Federation. While placing in the top spots in the fall regionals tournaments usually guarantees an invitation but the JHBF determinates invitees. They may chose a 3rd place over a runner-up, for example. They don’t like schools with questionable tactics and inconsistent play. Representatives are chosen in late January. 

The 21th Century schools are selected that way: one from western region, one from the eastern region, and one wild card. Nominees are for each prefecture, and from them they are selected for each region (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Kinki, Chuugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu)
The 21th Century schools are usually public (with 1 exception in 2013 if I remember correctly) and they are often first-timers at Koshien. They advanced to 1/16 but didn’t get past the quarterfinals in their fall tournaments but showed great play (with few errors like only 1-3 through the whole tournament) or/and showed great spirit or/and have great players or/and are model schools (good behaviour). There must be no cases of misbehaviour or breaking rules and laws (or else they withdraw from selection, any school actually, not only 21 century nominees). They are not chosen based only on baseball merits, usually they are not strong enough to be in Summer Koshien the regular way and regretfully mostly they lose in the 1st game in Spring Koshien.

Hope that helps~

About Seido

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if you're still taking prompts; "little mermaid AU abemiha with mermaid Mihashi and fisherman Abe" Mihashi traded his voice for legs to meet his childhood love. He can't speak but when he does, it turns to stutters that Abe has no patience for. He didn't know that Abe is a fisherman and he's uncomfortable with seeing the fish markets. I'm sorry, this AU helps me sleep well and I need someone to talk to about it.


at the edge of the ocean (we can start over again)

     Mihashi looked around the deserted beach, the sand digging into his brand-new feet. The rising sun made a painting of the oceans, the oranges and reds and pinks mixing and mingling and making Mihashi sigh wistfully for his home. As the sun slowly grew higher in the sky, Mihashi clenched his fists and set back his shoulders. He was ready to go, ready to find him.

     Turning around, he came face to face with, quite conveniently, the very man he was looking for.

     “What the fuck?”

     Oh. Well. That wasn’t quite the reaction he was expecting.

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