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The Sword of Goujian,

Between 1965 and 1967 Chinese archaeologists were conducting a dig near Zhang River Reservoir in Hebei Province.  50 tombs were discovered yielding 2,000 priceless historic artifacts.  Perhaps the most important was a bronze sword discovered in the tomb of an ancient Chinese king, what is now called the “Sword of Goujian”.  Crafted from bronze, the sword dates to the Spring and Autumn Period" of Chinese history (771 BC to 403 BC).  Amazingly, despite being around 2,500 years old the sword is in almost perfect condition, and still sharp enough to shave with. The incredible preservation of the blade is attributed to the composition of its bronze allow, and storage in an airtight scabbard.  The sword blade features a beautiful repeating geometric rhombi pattern as well as decorations of blue crystal and turquoise. The hilt is bound in silk and composed of eleven concentric circles. The blade itself is 55.6 centimetres (21.9 in) in length and  4.6 centimetres (1.8 in) wide at its base.  Overall the sword weighs 31 ounces.

The right hand side of the blade features eight characters which read “King of Yue made this sword for his personal use”. This leads a problem to the personal identity of the tomb, as there were nine kings who ruled Yue during the Spring and Autumn Period.  Despite controversy as to its owner, general consensus is that the sword belongs to King Goujian, who ruled Yue between 496 and 465 BC.

But You Promised

Scenario based on this prompt: Write about a character as they realize they have to break a promise they made years before. What did they promise, and who did they promise it to? Explore their thoughts as this character looks into the eyes of the person they love most-and break their heart.
Pairing: G-Dragon x Reader
Word Count: 1811

Disclaimer: Gif is not mine and belongs to its rightful owner!

“Promise me, no matter what happens, we’ll always be able to make this work. Promise me.”

Those words hung heavy in your ears. Canceling out any other thoughts as your brain mercilessly played them on a loop. Every syllable crushing and haunting you before you’d even spoke.

You hadn’t even been able to look up at him. He was still miles away in his own head. Still smiling at you from across the table. His thumb aimlessly caressing against your fingers as he held your hand.

Jiyong was just so excited to see you and tell you about Paris. His happiness was overwhelming and almost made you reconsider what you were about to do.


You wished he would just stop for one second. Notice that you were fighting back tears; back sobs of remorse, because you knew what this was going to do to him.

You just couldn’t do this anymore.

It wasn’t working out, was an understatement.

At first, it all seemed worth it. It was never a question if you loved Jiyong or not. Because you did. You knew even after tonight, this moment, you always would. Nothing could ever change that for you. Jiyong would probably resent you; maybe. That thought alone made your throat constrict around words you couldn’t form.

You’d been together for four years. Four years that felt like an eternity. You were able to keep things quiet and low key. You appreciated the effort he put in and grew to love his over-the-top gestures of affection. It was all things that made you realize just how lucky you’d been to find each other. Even when he’d be gone for days working in the studio, arriving at your place in full zombie mode or at lunch dates completely fighting back fatigue, you’d never taken offense. Always asking to take care of him in return.

Somewhere in those days you started spending that extra time in the studio with him. Watching him work; being a part of his life in a way you never expected. Even then, those small touches; him getting writers block and playing with your earlobe (odd at first, but strangely relaxing). Or running over to your sitting form on the couch while you read a book. Whining his frustration as he laid his head in your lap complaining how a song just “wasn’t coming together,” how he liked. You’d only smile down at him, stroking your fingers through his hair to relax him, and talked it out with him until he was able to reach a conclusion. Planting generous kisses on your lips and cheeks in thanks.

You’d made a life together. Sunday’s reserved for cooking dinner together. Wednesday night’s being days you watched anime (he continuously tried to make you watch Attack on Titan. You liked it, but watching it for the fifteenth time was out of the question. Enough was enough). Friday’s you’d always try your best to go out. To not stay hidden in the house.

It was a routine that usually consisted of the same things: lunch or dinner, sometimes both. Window shopping, which eventually turned into actual shopping. After an incident where you mentioned your fondness for a purse you saw, Jiyong immediately asked if you wanted him to get it. No matter how hard you told him it was okay, he didn’t have to, he did anyway. So you kept your mouth shut every time you went out since, but it didn’t matter. Jiyong could always read you like a book.

“Your eyes light up when you see certain things.” Was how he’d explained it. “See, I’m a good boyfriend. I pay attention.”

And he was a good boyfriend. The fucking best.

That’s what made what you had to do so hard.

It wasn’t like you didn’t run into your fair share of problems. Every couple did. It was normal. Usually you both managed to work it out and everything was able to ease back to your typical relationship. But recently, more like a little over six months, it wasn’t going away.

The nagging pit of jealousy and resentment was turning you bitter. Lately, Jiyong spent more and more of his free time away from you. Spending it more with friends you grew to hate with envy and clubbing almost every night. You couldn’t recall a night you didn’t get a sloppy kiss that tasted like tequila or vodka recently. He visited art museums and new restaurants without inviting you; without even thinking too.

You knew he’d just finished his world tour with Big Bang. He still had three more concerts left in March and a June festival. Jiyong kept adding on more things that kept him busy and working, but more and more a part from you.
You’d tried having a talk with him before. Tried to explain yourself without sounding overbearing or crazy, because you weren’t. You went in knowing full well this was his life and didn’t once try and think you could change it. You just wanted him to make you a part of it like before.

The discussion quickly turned heated when you gingerly asked if his behavior was due to the fact that Seunghyun was leaving soon to the army. If it was because he would be going soon himself. His eyes had gone cold and his face expressionless. Completely shutting you out.

“That topic is not up for discussion, jagi.”

“Jiyong, eventually we have to-“

“I said it’s not open for discussion!”

You’d never seen him so mad. So upset. You could tell in his eyes he could see he hurt you. He wanted to apologize, but his wounded pride, and fear, wouldn’t let him.

You’d left it alone after that. Hoping things would get better on their own.

They didn’t.

Jiyong just came back from Paris Fashion Week. You watched like a VIP as his life was happily displayed on social media. While he kept everyone else informed, you hadn’t received one single text or phone call from him. Not expressing his excitement or what he’d spent his day doing. You just watched countless videos and photos pop up; feeling like a voyeur in your own boyfriend’s life.

What had struck a cord the hardest was the photos of him with women. Drunk Jiyong had lower inhibitions than sober Jiyong. He had a harder time keeping boundaries and knowing when to tell others enough was enough. He was more open to flirting and being reckless. You’d experienced it with your own eyes, leading into heated arguments and heartbroken tears.

The six months had been filled with moments of that green monster clouding your vision in crimson and leaving your chest shaking and raw. Sobs of disappointment and questioning falling from between your lips as you struggled to tell yourself things of encouragement.

He could be trusted. He loved you.

But a lack of communication and dwindling time spent together left your heart shattered. Your mind made up on something that felt shaky and threatened to break you even more.

You couldn’t do this anymore. You couldn’t allow yourself to become someone you never wanted to be. There wasn’t any more room to attempt to talk out the problem. You’ve tried that. You didn’t want to become the harpy girlfriend who gave out ultimatums every time something wasn’t going your way.
Even though this would hurt more, it would allow the memories for one another to feel less cruel and damaged.

Taking in a heaving breath, you finally looked up, and locked eyes with the man you loved with all your heart. The man you were going to say goodbye too.
It was instantaneous. The smile on his face cracking and the happy atmosphere he’d created shattering around you both.


It was such a simple word, but the request behind it was forceful and demanding. Jiyong wasn’t a mind reader, but with you he never had to be.

“Jiyong,” you started as calmly as you could. As if you were talking to a wounded animal that was skittish to be touched.

“I said don’t.”

He looked angry and he had that right. You knew better, though. That anger was secondary to the pain he was trying to control with every quiver of his lips. His eyes already glossing over with unshed tears.

You softly pulled your hand out of his grasp and placed both hands down in your lap. Your eyes averted to the table as you fought back your own tears and found yourself failing miserably. When you looked back up at him you could see he was close to matching your crumbling exterior.

“Jiyong, I think it’s time. I think you know it too.”

Like a child, he shook his head. Refusing your words and shaking harder like if he could keep them from reaching his ears, this couldn’t be real. He ran his hands over his face, scrubbing his palms roughly into the skin. All to keep the tears that were building from spilling.

“You promised.”

Those two words felt like a stab to the heart. Every breath you took in shook in your chest as you tried to contain your sobs.

“I know,” you replied weakly. “And I tried. I just can’t be a voyeur anymore, Jiyong. I love you. So much.” At those three words a tear finally broke loose and it was like a dame had been broken. “These past months haven’t been the same for us. You know it and I know it. I don’t want that bitterness to tarnish what we’ve had.”

You couldn’t formulate any other words. Couldn’t articulate how doing this, breaking your promise, felt like you had removed a big part of yourself from your life. That you would always miss him and that maybe, hopefully, fate would be kind enough to bring you back together again.

You took in a deep breath to settle yourself before you gather up your purse and pushed back your chair at the table. You weren’t going to look at him. You couldn’t.

“I love you, Y/N.”

Your eyes closed as a quiet sob tore free from your lips. The sincerity of his words twisting the knife in deeper as you finally glanced down at him.

“I know,” you replied back. “I love you too. Always.”

With your last words hanging in the air you turned on your heel and headed towards the restaurant door. Doing everything in your power to not turn back around and take it all back.

HR Wells x Reader Broken But Loved

**A/N: The picture/edit/gif does not belong to me. It belongs to its rightful owner(s).

Requested by Anon (before this was requested I was going to write something like this)

**This…recently happened to me. So everything I wrote in this fic is based off of my experience with my first ever boyfriend and what had happened these past 6/7 months. This is what I felt…What I still feel to this day, except I don’t have another guy telling me everything HR says. Only in my dreams would that happen… Please enjoy

Standing near the edge on the rooftop of STAR Labs at night, raining pouring down from the dark and brooding clouds onto your shivering form, masking the tears that left your face. Closing your eyes, your mind went through every memory, every conversation, every detail that would explain what had happened. But you keep coming back to the same conclusion, causing your heart to sink further.

You didn’t know why…

He chose her over you

And he didn’t exactly say why…

After everything you two went through that year. Making sacrifices and staying by his side, accepting everything that made him up, all his good and bad. Choosing to still stay and love him even though he told you the truth about cheating on you and being torn between you and her.

…6 months…

For 6 months you proved to him over and over again that you wouldn’t forget him, that you’d love him no matter what. Cared for him and talked to him all day, everyday. Pouring your heart and soul, spilling secrets to the one person who you loved more than anything in the world, more than yourself. Making time for him and feeling that he was coming back to you. That he was going to finally see what was right infront of him and choose you for loving and accepting every little bit of him.

Yet… He still chose her over you

You choked back on a sob, rain drenching you completely from head to toe. Negative thoughts swarmed your mind like a plague. You looked up to the dark, night sky with tears constantly falling along your face with the rain. To any other person it would look like you were going to jump, but you weren’t.

You didn’t register the voice calling your name. The hand that grasped your wrist tightly, pulling you away from the edge and into a solid, warm chest. Gasping at the sudden contrast in contact.

HR had run to the roof once he noticed your missing presence in the Cortex. You had told him that’s the best place for you to clear your mind and think. And he took your word for it, always listening to you. After he got to the rooftop and saw you at the edge, he had to bring you back.

HR pulled away, holding you by your arms and looking you over quickly, concern flooding his icy blues when he saw your teary-red eyes. His heart broke at your shivering and miserable form in his arms.

“HR?” You tiredly raised a questioning eyebrow at the now wet novelist.

HR gently cupped your cheek and asked, “What happened?”

“He chose her over me… I wasn’t good enough.” You whispered, looking down to the went ground. You laughed bitterly, “I was so stupid to think that I finally found someone who loved me.” The negative thoughts tainted your mind and spilled through your mouth.

“I wasn’t worth it”

HR’s gaze softened at your heartbroken form, you being utterly unaware of him and his feelings. He embraced you again, one hand at the back of your head holding you to his chest while his other arm curled around your waist hugging you tightly. You clutched onto the fabric of his wet cardigan, sadness filling you once more and tears falling again.

“You are worth it, to me you are,” he rasped out confidently, not caring at all that the team needed you both or that he was going to catch a cold. You squeezed your eyes shut, hearing the sound of his heartbeat and deep, but soft voice.

How were you not aware? How did you not notice? All this time, he was right here in front of you. Waiting and smiling and being his dorky self through everything. Just for you.

“You matter so much to me and I will be here every step of the way for you. I’ll fight for you. I’ll love you, because…” HR pulled away causing you to gaze up at him and his lovely blue eyes, blushing as the realization suddenly dawned upon you. He looked down at you lovingly, cupping both your cheeks and whispering before kissing you softly, “I really do love you.”

I uploaded a video!

As a memory I found out its the anniversary of my very very old youtube series what started of my channel and….my first ever depression of fandom hate in real life and online.  So I created this to bring back memories, when I was 14 I wanted to continue the series by adding the guards sadly it never happened due to them……and so at age 17 I decided to come back as a one time special and bring them back all remade and based of Rebornica (now Mxbones) style

Also all cc belongs to their rightful owners!!!

 enjoy ♥