Batkids throwing a pool party

Idea comes from @atomicnightbear.

- Bruce was gone on League stuff and Alfred was visiting family.
- It started with Tim. He wanted to have Bart and Kon over because they had been talking about swimming.
- Cassie had to join, there was no telling her no.
- Wally came you know to see Dick. Next thing you know Roy, Starfire, Garth, Cyborg, Donna, Raven, Kaldur’ and about every member of the Teen Titans ever was there.
- Of course this means the whole batclan needs to be there. So all ten of them show up.
- Kara and Jon are there of course because they are missing out on the fun.
- Roy and Jason have dubbed themselves in charge of the grill.
- Kon, Bart, and Tim decide to have a cannon ball contest. Stephanie, Kara, and Cassie joining in.
- Cass is loving watching all them.
- So much gossip. Like by the end of there’s nothing about the Justice League’s life they don’t know.
- Harper elects herself in charge of music after her and Raven wanted to throw Dicks ipod out the window for playing Barbie girl.
- Beast Boy decides to jump in as a whale.
- Ultimate game of chicken.
- Kori hair staying perfect after being wet.
- Barbara being the one to break out squirt guns. Donna having the super soaker ready.
-Duke loving the chance to meet everyone.
- The Justice League coming back and being like where are the younger ones.
- Bruce calling them in the watchtower and saying to come get them.

First Valentine’s Day - Bart Allen x Reader

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Requested by Anon - a First Valentines Day with Bart cuz they don’t celebrate it in the future.

Everything started when you found out Bart had never celebrated officially Valentine’s Day. You overheard him talking with Jaime about it, asking what it was about for he only heard vague stories about it. After hearing Jaime’s attempt at an explanation, you decided to give Bart the best first Valentine’s day ever.

Of course, Bart and you weren’t dating, but the constantly flirting between the two of you hinted at something more. So, you didn’t feel too uncomfortable about it. After all, if Bart turned out to not have any feelings for you at all, you could still do it as a friend.

You planned everything out, even going so far as to recruit other members of the team to make sure Bart would arrive and receive everything he was supposed to at the right time. It was a lot of work, but you knew it would be worth it.

The morning of fourteenth of February arrived with a knock on the door of the Garricks’ house. Bart zoomed through the house, having been up for hours trying to make a Valentine’s Day card for you. After hearing Jaime’s explanation of Valentine’s day, he researched a bit on his own, and figured out what he should do.

That being said, Bart was shocked beyond belief when he opened the door to find four heart shaped boxes of chocolate with a card with his name lying on his doorstep. Bart picked up the boxes, tucking them under his arm before opening up the card. 

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Illustration of pirate Bartholomew Roberts commemorating his capture of 11 ships with only two of his own. He was able to do this by surprising the captains of the 11 ships, who were on shore negotiating. Roberts, posthumously called “Black Bart,” captured over 400 ships, more than any other pirate of the 1700s, operating off both the Americas and Africa.

Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad X Reader- I Say We Follow Him

The team watched as Kaldur exited the cave with suspicious looks, knowing that he was hiding something from them.  Kaldur was wearing casual attire and unarmed, so the team knew it wasn’t an undercover mission he was going on.  He didn’t take the Zeta-Tube, hinting that he had business in Happy Harbor.  Kaldur’s attitude even had brightened from his serious facade, and that was the main reason why the team was freaking out.  

“I saw we follow him,” Cassie blurted as soon as Kaldur was out of sight.

“I really don’t think we should-”

“Let’s go!” Bart yelled and zipped into the room.  “I’ve always wanted to meet-”

Bart stopped himself from saying your name, knowing that they did not know who you were yet.  The team gave him a couple looks before returned their attention to Megan.

“As I was saying,” she gave a slightly annoyed look to Bart, “we shouldn’t invade his personal life.”

“So, who is coming?” Cassie questioned, causing a bunch of hands to raise into the air.

Megan sighed and walked to the kitchen with Connor and Wolf by her side.  The remaining members of the team huddled together and formed a plan, knowing that it was going to be tough to get eyes on Kaldur and not be noticed.


You smiled as Kaldur joined you in the parking lot of the beach, holding out your hand for him to grasp.  He gladly accepted it and intertwined his fingers with yours.  It was very rare for the two of you to be free from your roles as heroes, but whenever the two of you got a chance, you savored it.

“How have you been?” you asked.

“I have been well, but I feel better now that I finally have your company again,” Kaldur responded with a smile and started walking towards the beach.

You blushed slightly and walked by his side, enjoying the feeling of the sand shift below your feet.  The sound of crashing waves filled the comfortable silence as the two of you walked along the shore, the water rushing above your ankles.

“How you visited Atlantis recently?” you questioned Kaldur.

“Not recently, my love, but I do plan on attending one of my king’s events very soon,” Kaldur responded and let go of your hand.

You gave him a questioning glance before he tossed you over his shoulder and ran into the ocean.  You squealed in shock and joined in his laughter when he tossed you and himself into the water.  Once you resurfaced, you brushed your wet hair away from your face and searched for Kaldur.  Before you had the chance to find him, he appeared out of the water and pulled you close.

“You sure do know how to make a girl fall,” you joked and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Only you,” he smiled and attached his lips to yours.


The team watched wide-eyed as they watched you and Kaldur, shocked to see him act this way.  How could he keep this from them?  They didn’t recognize your face from the other heroes they were acquainted with, but they knew that you were in a very serious relationship with Kaldur.

“Did any of you know that Kaldur was in a relationship?”

“No,” everyone responded in unison.

Cassie peered over to where you and Kaldur were, and then glanced over to Bart, “You know something, don’t you, Bart?”


“Hey, guys, they’re gone,” Gar said and pointed to where the two of you were.

They all froze and peered over to the walkway that connected the beach to the pavilion they were currently hiding in.  You and Kaldur were staring at the team with arms crossed, your looks making them shiver slightly.

“Hey, Kaldur, I didn’t know you were at the beach today,” Cassie laughed nervously.

“We all know that’s a lie,” you stated and raised a brow.

“(Y/N)!” Bart shouted and hugged you around the waist, “It’s so crash to finally meet you!!”

You staggered back a bit and looked over to Kaldur, “Is this the kid from the future?”

Kaldur nodded and looked over to his team, “I am going to ask you once, why are you following me?”

The team nervously looked to the floor.  Bart smiled and finally let you go from the hug.

“They were curious about Kaldur’s weird behavior today,” he answered.

You chuckled and looked over to the team, “You guys really need to improve your stealth skills.  I could hear you from the beach.”

“You look familiar, do we know you?” Tim asked.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” you told him and pulled Kaldur back towards the beach.  “If you see Black Canary, tell her (Y/N) said hi.”

Once you were gone, everyone turned to Bart.  He was smiling like an idiot and slightly jumping around.

“What’s with you, Bart?” Gar asked.

“I just met THE (Y/N)!!!”

Bluepulse Headcanons

-Iris and Joan taught Bart how to cook. In the beginning he was really bad at it, almost burned the kitchen twice. It took him a couple months, but Bart became pretty good at cooking. He perfected his technique when once, while hanging out in Jaime’s house, he mentioned this to Jaime’s mom and she offered to teach him more recipes. Bart made sure she taught him Jaime’s favorites meals. 

-Bart jumps over Jaime to hug him when they’ve been separated for too long.

 -When Jaime is busy with college he forgets about eating, as soon as Bart noticed he started to worry and would usually argue about this with him. After a few failed attempts, Bart began to leave breakfast ready for Jaime. When he couldn’t cook something for him, he’d text him repeatedly until he’s sure Jaime won’t forget about having some food. 

-Jaime loves Bart’s laugh, so he’s often throwing puns he knows Bart will laugh at.

 -Bart once fed a cat while walking back home, so the cat followed him all the way there. He didn’t have the heart to kick it out and tried to hide the cat. Jaime found the cat two hours later. He wasn’t even surprised, he had been expecting Bart to get some random animal into the house, so he just made sure the cat wasn’t hungry. Later they play paper-rock-scissors to decide the cat’s name, Jaime won and named it Misifu. 

 -When Bart and Jaime are sitting in the same room, but not together they unconsciously lean a little in each other’s direction. 

 -Bart and Milagro teamed up to embarrass Jaime. She particularly likes telling Bart stories from Jaime’s childhood. Bart’s favorite is that one where Jaime was around a lake, and a frog scared him so much he fell into the lake. 

 -When Jaime’s particularly stressed about college and stuff, Bart leaves cute notes of support for him in his notebooks, laptop, over the table, anywhere he knows Jaime will find them in the right moment. 

 -Jaime’s often getting gifts for Bart, it sometimes it’s Bart’s favorite donut, a jar of ice cream, a flower o even books he saw a thought Bart would love. 

 -After particularly long missions with the team, they get home, cuddle and put a random movie on Netflix, even though they know they’ll fall asleep halfway through it. 

Love is Confusing - Jaime Reyes x Bart Allen x Reader

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Requested by Anon- A Jaime x Bart x Reader imagine.

Requested by Anon -  Jaime and Bart being in a relationship, then meeting the reader and both of them being attracted to them. After talking they agree to try wooing the reader together and try to form a poly relationship.

“I still don’t understand why Nightwing assigned us to guard the outside of the building,” Bart complained for the fifth time. “If I was in there, I could save the senator dude in a flash.”

“Right ese,” Jaime answered, rolling his eyes. Even though, he loved Bart, sometimes he wished he would let things go.

Jaime and Bart were sent on a mission with Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Beast Boy to protect an important senator from a possible assassination attempt. When Bart and Jaime were assigned to watch the outside of the building from a park bench across the street, Bart was miffed. He claimed it was because Nightwing had it out for him, but Jaime knew it was simply because Bart was too energetic to follow the senator around all day. 

“I’m bored,” Bart lamented as he rapidly tapped his foot.  

“Bart, stop that,” Jaime ordered, placing his hand on Bart’s knee. Both boys were dressed as civilians. “You don’t want to blow our cover.”

Bart sighed, slumping over on the bench. “But I’m bored,” he grumbled before a frisky smile broke onto his face. “Maybe we should go find something better to do.”

Jaime frowned at him, unimpressed, but a blush burning onto his face proved he wasn’t too displeased. “We need to focus on the mission,” he reminded. 

“I’m totally feeling the mode,” Bart groaned making Jaime roll his eyes. Bart laid down on the bench, placing his feet in Jaime’s lap. Jaime’s face became even redder as people began to stare. 

Pushing Bart’s legs off of him, Jaime stood up and motioned him to follow. Bart obeyed, trotting next to Jaime with the enthusiasm of a puppy. 

“What are we doing?” Bart asked happily, glad to be moving at last. 

“We’re checking the perimeter for any sigh of someone entering the building,” Jaime answered as they both preceded around the block. Bart frowned at the tediousness of the task, but said nothing.

They were about halfway around the block when Bart started walking backwards. Jaime just smiled at him, not having the heart to scold him. Bart took Jaime’s smile as permission to start jogging backwards. He kept going faster and faster to the point Jaime had to run to catch up to him. Bart was so amused by Jaime’s expression that he failed to notice you.

“Bart, look out,” Jaime shouted as Bart ran right into you. You both fell to the ground with Bart landing on top of you. Jaime ran over to you as Bart scrambled off of you. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry,” Bart apologized rapidly as you groaned in pain. Jaime and Bart offered their hands. You took both, wincing as they pulled you into a standing position. 

Bart brushed you off while Jaime finally got a good look at your face. His heart skipped a beat. You were breath-taking. Bart stopped brushing you off, and looked into your face. His heart skipped a beat as well. 

“It’s alright,” you said as you checked yourself for any injury. “Accidents happen.” You glanced at the two boys only to find them both staring at you with stunned expressions. “Are you two okay?”

“Yeah…yeah, we’re fine,” Jaime coughed, clearing his head. 

“Crash,” Bart breathed, still staring at you. 

“Well, I’ll be going now,” you said, self-consciousness appeared on your face as you stepped away from the two boys. Just when you were almost out of reach, Jaime grabbed your arm.

“I’m Jaime, and this is Bart,” Jaime stammered, letting go of your arm once he had your attention. Bart continued to stare at you.

You studied them for a long moment before a tiny smile broke onto your face. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”  

“(Y/N),” Bart whispered, grinning wildly at you. You bit your lip, finding yourself wanted to smile right back at him. 

“I have to get going,” you stated, turning away from them. “It was nice meeting you.” With that, you were gone. 

Jaime and Bart stood there for several minutes, trying to recover from the shock of your beauty. “Were they real?” Bart asked, glancing at Jaime. He was surprised that Jaime had the same love-struck expression on his face. 

“Yeah, I think so,” Jaime replied softly, looking back at Bart. The two stared at each other for a moment. 

“Did you feel the same way I did about them?” Bart questioned after opening and closing his mouth several times in uncertainty. A blush burned onto Bart’s face as Jaime nodded in confirmation. 

“I don’t know what this means, because I’m in love with you, Bart,” Jaime responded with slight panic in his voice. “You can’t feel something like that for more than one person. It’s not right.”

“What do you mean it’s not right? People fall in love sometimes only once in their lives, so when you get the opportunity twice, you can’t pass it up,” Bart insisted, gesturing wildly. People started staring at them, so Jaime pulled Bart into an alleyway for some privacy. 

“Bart, you just met (Y/N). You can’t be in love with them,” Jaime protested, lowering his voice. 

Bart rolled his eyes. “I knew I loved you when I first met you, in this timeline anyway,” Bart admitted, making Jaime blush. 

“You did?” Jaime face was now completely red. A fluttering grew in his chest as Bart gazed at him with adoration. 

“Yeah, and I feel the same way about (Y/N). I know you felt the same way about them too. That’s why we have to act upon this now, Jaime,” Bart explained, pacing to satisfy his need to move. 

“Are you suggesting we try polyamory? I don’t know if (Y/N) is going to be cool with that, ese,” Jaime answered, eyes wide with the idea of asking you in his mind. He found he wasn’t against the idea as much as he initially thought.

“We don’t know if we don’t ask them, Jaime,” Bart replied. “Besides, then we would get a chance to see them again.”

Jaime pursed his lips, deep in thought. “Okay, we’ll try it,” Jaime agreed. Bart let out a cheer before super-speeding around Jaime. Jaime almost fell over from the wind, gasping, “Stop Bart. We’re undercover.” 

Bart slid to a halt. “Oh, right…” Suddenly, their comlinks beeped. 

“Blue, Impulse, where are you? The senator is under attack. We needed you five minutes ago,” Superboy barked through the comlink. Jaime and Bart looked at each other and winced before running off to help.

The next day, Jaime and Bart formed a plan. They used the Justice League’s computer to look up your address and phone number. Bart wanted to just call you, or randomly show up at your house, but Jaime stopped him by informing him that would be creepy. However, Jaime did let Bart leave flowers on your front step with a note from ‘secret admirers.’ 

Thus, it was decided with much debate that Jaime and Bart would ‘casually’ run into you again. After all, it was the best way to meet you again without making you feel like calling the police. 

“It’s simple, ese,” Jaime began as they waited outside the library. According to the security cameras they had Robin hack for them, you were inside. “We’re going to look like we’re talking, and when (Y/N) comes out…”

“…We’ll act like we’re surprised to see them, and then ask them out,” Bart finished, annoyed. “You have been telling me since we arrived.” 

“That’s because I’m afraid you’ll forget it,” Jaime interjected. Bart glared at him before shrugging his shoulders, admitting Jaime was probably right. 

Suddenly, you exited the library. Pausing on the stairs to place a book into your bag, Jaime and Bart nudged each other, trying to get the other one to approach. Eventually, Bart pushed Jaime forward. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Jaime called out, making you jump in surprise. 

“Oh, Hi Jaime. Hi Bart,” you answered, pressing a hand against your heart to recover. “It’s nice to see you both again.”

“It’s really nice to see you again, (Y/N),” Bart said enthusiastically. You simply raised your eyebrows.

“So, you can form sentences now,” you commented, laughing when Bart blushed. “I’m kidding, Bart.”

“What are you doing here?” Jaime chimed in, blushing despite his determination not to. 

You gestured to your bag. “I had to pick up a few books,” you replied, smiling when Jaime and Bart nodded in unison. “Why are you two here?”

“We were just in the neighborhood…,” Jaime answered causally. 

“…Looking for you,” Bart interjected happily. Jaime smacked him on the shoulder as you frowned at them. 

“I told you not to say that,” Jaime whispered to Bart. Bart looked down in shame. “Now, we freaked them out.”

Laughter shook your body, shocking both Jaime and Bart. “You haven’t freak me out yet,” you chuckled, having overheard what Jaime had said. “Why were you looking for me?”

“We wanted to ask you out for a date,” Bart stammered when Jaime failed to speak. “With the both of us.” You froze, glancing between Bart and Jaime for any sigh of amusement. Instead, they both appeared nervous for your answer. 

“You both want to ask me out? At the same time?” you clarified, feeling a little uneasy. It felt like a prank, after all you only met these two once and that was when they knocked you to the ground.

“Si, (Y/N),” Jaime confirmed, taking Bart’s hand. “Bart and I have been dating for a while, and we love each other very much…”

“…But when we met you, we both felt attracted to you in a way that we have only felt for each other,” Bart finished, staring at you with sparkling green eyes. Jaime was looking at the ground, kicking his feet into the pavement. Bart pursed his lips for a moment before continuing. “Most people are lucky to feel this way once in a lifetime, and we have been lucky enough to feel it twice. When you feel something that deep, you can’t ignore it.”

Bart looked at Jaime, who met his gaze before turning to stare at you with stunning brown eyes. “’That is why we wanted to ask you if you would consist having a relationship with us. I know it’s strange and it might not work, but it feels right somehow.”

“Will you go out with us?” Bart asked as he turned his eyes back to yours. You were stunned, glancing between both boys. Thoughts and possibilities roared through your head as you made your decision. 

“Okay,” you agreed with a small smile playing upon your lips. Giant grins broke out on both boys’ faces. Bart started laughing, letting out a whoop of joy. He sped forward, trapping you in a tight hug. You looked at Jaime with confusion having just seen Bart’s super-speed. 

“I’ll explain later,” Jaime mouthed with a grin. You hugged Bart back while keeping eye contact with Jaime. When Bart finally let you go, Jaime stepped forward. “Are you free now, because we found this bakery down the street.”

“It has the best muffins I have ever tasted,” Bart added, taking your hand. 

You laughed, nodding your head. “Sure, It sounds nice,” you answered, loving the excitement on their faces. Bart grabbed Jaime’s hand in the one that wasn’t holding yours, and began to pull you both down the street.  

“This is going to be so crash,” Bart cried as you and Jaime stumbled along behind him. 

“Don’t worry,” Jaime reassured. “He’s like this all the time.” You laughed in response, glad that you had the courage to say yes to their offer. 

Bewitched [Conner Kent x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Hello may I request a connor kent /superboy ?( It can be a fanfic or a Headcanon it’s up to you ) where his s/o has the same powers as piper halliwell from charmed so his s/o is basically a witch who can blow things up and freeze time and things , thank youu! !😊😊“

A/N: I hope you like this! Sorry it took a little while. I looked up the powers piper halliwell has on charmed and also saw she could speed up molecules, you’ll see some of that in here too.


You were currently just getting home from your job. Looking forward to the comfort of your bed and the book you were halfway through. Maybe even Conner would be home from the team tonight. He’d been crashing at the cave a lot more recently, since everything that happened with Kaldur.

Checking your phone to see if there were any messages from him. Seeing nothing but a few texts from your mom and dad asking for you to come to dinner at some point during the week and to bring Conner with you. They were dying to meet him already. Complaining that you were living with a man they had yet to meet.

Tucking your phone away to open the main doors to your apartment building. Clicking the button of the elevator a few times like it would make the car move faster. Eventually the doors opened and you headed down the hall to your apartment.

Opening the door to see a light on, making a smile crawl on your face. Walking in and scanning for the dark haired man. But then feeling a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. “Hey handsome” you greeted playfully.

Hearing his deep chuckle from behind you, “Hello, love” breathing in your ear. He then scooped you into his arms, his super strength making it feel like you were a sheet of paper, yelping in the process.

Wrapping your arms around his neck and smiling at him. “I missed you” kissing his nose.

“I’m sorry, you should come with me to the cave next time. The team misses you and your freshly baked cookies, especially Garfield and Bart.”

“Maybe, but you know I don’t like to be there with my powers. Being around all those heroes I can’t help but feel like one of them will figure out about them.” Speaking calmly, you didn’t want anyone to know about your powers. You wanted a normal life, well as normal a life you could have with a hero boyfriend.

He frowned, “They don’t suspect anything. Come on it can be fun, they all miss you, especially Wolf” giving you his best puppy dog eyes. Something Wally had probably taught him.

“Fine, but only because I miss Wolf!” you gave in, wincing at the adorable face he was making. He smiled and kissed you, before carrying you into the bedroom and dropping you on the bed. Grabbing your book he handed it over before climbing and cuddling up next to you, reading the pages over your shoulder. Sometimes you wonder if this was the same defensive, anger management needing man you first met. But you were definitely a good influence on him, bringing out his touchy feely side. 

The next day was a Sunday meaning no work for you and a perfect time for Conner to make you follow up on your promise.

Taking you to the cave, setting the zeta tube to include a guest. The computer spoke his hero name and number as you both went through. The team lit up upon seeing you accompanying him.

“Hey [F/n]!” Bart cheered, super speeding over to you and seeing the container of promised cookies in your hands. “Oo, are those for me?” he grinned.

“Not all of them but I’ll trust you to take them to the kitchen” handing the container to him. He saluted before speeding off to the kitchen. Jamie following to make sure the speedster didn’t devour the treats.

The rest of the team came to greet you. “What brings you by?” Batgirl asked being one of the first ones over. “I was told I was missed” you laughed. “How could we not miss you” M’Gann hugged you. Of which you returned.

“But don’t let me be a distraction, do your superheroing pretend I’m not here” you said before looking at Nightwing who nodded before calling the team back to the computer. You knew they had important business to do. So you went off wandering for a certain furry companion of your boyfriend.

Entering the lounge to see Wolf asleep on the couch. You kneeled down and patted his head, which woke him up. When he saw who it was he immediately pounced on you and began to lick your face. “No Wolf! Off, ah you’re so slobbery!” laughing, closing your eyes to keep him from getting you there.

You heard a familiar laugh and opened your eyes to see Conner standing over you, the giant animal on top of you. “Okay Wolf I think you’ve made your point” he said and the animal reluctantly climbed off.

Helping you up Conner wiped some of the slobber of your face. “It’s like he tries to get it all over me” you whined before wiping your own face. A pout on your face. He chuckled before pecking your forehead.

Though within seconds the moment was ruined by sirens blaring. You jumped while Conner just looked around confused. “What happening?” You yelled clutching his arm. “The cave’s going into lock down come on!” he grabbed your hand and ran to where you’d find the team. 

Finding a few team members, the others were out on missions. Only finding Nightwing, Impulse, Robin, Wonder Girl, and Bumblebee. “What’s happening?” Conner ran to Nightwing’s side as he typed on the computer. “I don’t know, someone hacked the system and put the cave into lock down. I’m trying my overrides but they’re not working.”

You were looking around, the room illuminated by the flashing red lights. Most of the team was looking over Nightwing’s shoulder but Robin was trying to help through his tech. He was typing on the screen on his wrist.

But you saw something move in the corner of your eyes. Looking that way, you saw what looked like a canon of some sort. Before you could say anything it fired. “Robin look out!” You yelled before acting on instinct and holding your hand out, freezing what turned out to be a missile in mid air. The boy wonder stared shocked at the object only a foot away from him.

But then looked at you who had stopped it. Conner saw what was going on and saw the shadow of a person. Super jumping over, grabbing the man and throwing him into the center of the room. Nightwing then proceeded to knock him out using a escrima stick. Examining the man he spoke, “A spy, probably of the Light! Kadlur must’ve sent him”

You then used another power of yours and sped up the molecules of the item, making it heat up to the point of melting. When it wasn’t a threat any longer, you lowered your hand allowing a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding to release.

Conner ran over to you, gripping your arms in concern. “Are you okay?” worry in his tone. You nodded panting, “Yeah, just tired now.” Not using your powers often took it out of you. You know using your powers more would build up an endurance but you only used them in emergencies.

Though the other team members stared at you shocked. Tim came over first, “Thank you [F/n], you saved my life.” You smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.

“How’d you do that?” Cassie asked next. You looked over to the team, “When I was young I was cursed. I’ve had these powers for a long time but keep them hidden.” explaining, feeling tired.

“Can we go home, I’m really tired.” Looking over to Conner who agreed. As the cave was now out of lockdown. “You go rest, but I’d like to debrief you in the morning” Nightwing asked calmly. You nodded before Conner helped you to the zeta tube.

When you got back to the apartment you both sat on the couch. Laying with your head on his lap as him running his hand through your hair. Clicking on the TV in the process.

“What am I gonna do now?” Turning to look up at him. He looked down at you, cupping your face in his hand as you leaned into it. “Will they make me join the team? Perform experiments?”

Shaking his head answering, “No, they may ask you to join the team but they won’t make you. It’s entirely your decision.” rubbing his thumb over your cheek bone. You smiled before turning back to where you had been as he resumed with your hair.

Falling asleep while thinking about what joining the team may be like and fighting alongside your boyfriend. Thinking about seeing him helping people and taking down bad guys. Feeling a smile tug at the corners of your mouth, maybe that wouldn’t be too bad.

Stood up?

Jamie Reyes x Reader This actually got way longer then I meant for it to, I hope that you all like it, requests are open. 

Jaime pulled at his collar nervously looking outside of restaurant, it felt like with every minute longer that he waited the more the flowers went from proud, to embarrassed, and his shoulders started to slump. There was only so many times that he could text you, where things awkward between you two and he hadn’t even noticed?

“The girl does not want to be your companion it seems she lied Jaime.” The scarab reminded him as he looked at his phone, you were an hour late, and he’d already texted you twice.  Jaime took a deep breath and stood up bolting towards the door. At least he hadn’t order any appetizers, or a soda, then he would’ve had to pay and talk to the waitress, which would’ve made things even more awkward.

“I…I don’t see what I did wrong? Y/N said she wanted to go to the next step, she said she wanted to-“Jaime spoke to himself outside of the restaurant, and caught a family watching. He growled frustrated and threw away the flowers going off alone to fly off.

You and Jaime had always been the best of friends, and sometimes when you two flirted with each other it felt like the line was disconnected. Almost as though the other person was oblivious, when in actuality, you both were so caught up in impressing one another, neither of you were paying attention to what was in both of your faces. It was really Bart who got you two to tell each other, during a late night game of spin the bottle that no one, especially speedy and robin are allowed to talk about, but after the kiss you and Jamie shared, he was finally able to ask you on a date, where you should be, and you were nowhere to be found.

“Your levels of anger on rising Jaime Reyes.”

He shook his head and called Bart as he flew over the city the cool air helping him calm his nerves. “Hermano! Where are you?!”

“What did I tell you about calling me…” Jaime just sighed; the last thing he wanted to worry about was Bart’s stupid nickname. “I’m leaving the date I was supposed to be at with Y/N, and I just wanted to know if you knew where she was, because if she was uncomfortable about this entire situation she could’ve just told me, and I would’ve left it alone. No soy una raro!”

“Hermano! She got in an accident earlier today, I thought you were just upset, I texted you but-oh…I never pressed send…ha…um actually we’re all at the hospital, she got into an accident, but nothing bad! Well…Y/N did break her leg, but like you know not bad, bad.” Bart attempted to explain as Jaime took off towards the hospital.

“And you forgot to text me?!”

“In my defense, I struggle to even sit still long enough to type out a message, I don’t really text hermano.”

Jaime shook his head. “I’m on my way.”

Jaime walked into your room with fresh flowers the color leaving his face and being replaced with a deep blush as he looked at Black Canary and The Flash. It’s one thing for you guys friends to see you, but the adults, they’d never let it go. He cleared his throat and came over sitting next to your bed.

“I was really worried about you Y/N when you didn’t…” Jaime looked at Bart who was just grinning in his direction trying to pretend he was busy tying his shoes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call, I just wasn’t even really thinking about anything, I think I was a bit shocked.”

“No, no you’re fine…you’re okay I mean, I don’t mean you aren’t fine, but that would be really not okay to say.” Jaime looked away as Flash and Canary gave him a sympathetic face over whatever just came out of his mouth, Jaime could swear he could even feel the scarab judging him.

“Um, this is for you.”

Y/N smiled and took the flowers laughing. “Rain check on our date, if you still want to even go with me?”

“Duh, of course, yes.” Jaime smiled playing with his fingertips nervously.

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I just accidentally came out to my parents and I'm currently having a panic attack in the restroom ha ha can you please write trans Bart he's the only one I relate to anymore ha ha ha ha

Oh jeez, I hope you’re doing okay and that you’re safe. Just try to breathe. I’ve got you fam.

Conversations Going Nowhere

“Have you tried-”


“But it’s not-”


“But what does your family think about this?”

“What does that have to do with anything? I’m a guy. Get over it,” Bart retorted, aiming a glower at his supposedly well-meaning classmate. He was really kind of hating having decided to go into college now. Especially when he had to deal with random reactions like this.

“But aren’t they… you know… concerned?” she asked, being infuriatingly persistent.

“Uh, no. Why would they be?”

She fidgeted a moment or two before awkwardly meeting his eyes and said, “Because you’re… Don’t they worry that you’re… confused?”

This wasn’t the first time Bart had heard something like this since he’d come back in time, but that didn’t stop him from letting out a short bark of laughter. “Are you fucking kidding me? I. AM. A. GUY. There’s no room for confusion there.”

“But you weren’t- that is… I mean… You have a boyfriend. You said you’re going to get married.”

Bart rolled his eyes. ‘And here we go again.’ He couldn’t for the life of him understand why so many people always thought his being trans boiled down to wanting to have sex with women (not that he would have minded having wild passionate sex with a woman if he’d fallen for her, but that was beside the point). “Yeeeaaahhh, and?”

She frowned. “But I just don’t get why you would want to do this to yourself and be with a man. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay a woman?”

Bart was torn between wanting to devolve into unrestrained laughter and wanting to give an aggravated groan. He settled for bringing his hands up in a ‘T’ and saying, “Wa-wa-wait. Hold up a second. Because clearly you’re missing something huge. One: I. am. a. guuuuuyyyy. Always have been, always will be. Never was a girl, or a woman, or whatever— and don’t even bring anatomy into it because my anatomy is none of your damned business. Two: I’m pan. Like so pan. I am pan as hell, and it’ll be a cold day in a desert when I let how my body may or may not be built determine who the hell I think is hot. Just because you seem to think ‘hetero’ equals ‘normal’ doesn’t mean that it is.”


Bart scowled. He had a feeling he knew what was coming, but he was hoping he was wrong. “What?”

“You’re… pan? Does that mean you’re attracted to…”

“Stacey, I swear if the next word out of your mouth is ‘pans’ this conversation is done.”

She looked away, fidgeted for a moment or two again, then, “I don’t understand.”

He dragged both hands down his face as he gave an aggravated sigh. “Easy definition: hearts, not parts. If I met an alien and I fell in love with their personality, then it wouldn’t be a problem for me. Men, women, non-binary people… I don’t care. Okay?” Not that he was actually going to mention the fact that he actually was with an alien. There were some things about the heroing life that civilians just didn’t need to know about. Plus, with the way the conversation was going, he really didn’t want to get into trying to explain that he was in a polyamorous relationship.

“…I still don’t get why you would… I dunno… do this,” she said while vaguely motioning to him.

If this was the price to be paid for trying to make friends with people who weren’t heroes or vigilantes at night, then Bart was tempted to call it quits. Stacey hadn’t even been this obnoxious until she found out he was trans! “Stacey. Four words. I’ve said ‘em twice now. Third time’s the last time, and then I’d really appreciate it if you’d just drop the whole ‘I don’t know why you’d want to act like a guy when I think you’re a girl’ crap. I. AM. A. GUY. You didn’t even know I was trans until I said it in class last week. You were trying to flirt at me before you found out I’m engaged. So get over it already. Just accept the fact that yes, I’m a guy and I’m in a relationship with another guy who I’m incredibly gay for, and no it’s not any less queer just because you think I might not have a damned cock, and that that doesn’t make me any less of a guy.”

“But… It’s not normal,” she said earnestly, as if she was desperate to get across her point while hoping he wouldn’t be offended at the incredibly offensive thing she’d said.

Bart arched an eyebrow. “If that’s the way you’re going to be about it, then I have something to tell you. ‘Normal’ is relative, and when you’re ready to get off your high-horse and actually respect me for who I am instead of trying to convince me that I’m something I’m not, then come talk to me. Otherwise: have a nice fucking day and the rest of your life, because I’m not putting up with that transphobic bullshit.” And with that Bart turned on his heel and walked out.

He had a feeling that when he got home that Jaime and Khaji Da were going to give him some well-deserved attention— because with the way his day had gone he needed it.

Puppy Love - Damian Wayne x Reader

Originally posted by lovekawaiicupcake

Requested by Anon -  Damian’s reaction to reader getting turned into a happy go lucky golden puppy by Clarion.

“Where is (Y/N),” Damian demanded once the squad exited the bioship. He had been pacing in the hanger, waiting for them to return. 

“Uhh, about that,” Beast Boy began, meeting his other teammates’ eyes. They didn’t know how to say it. 

Damian spun to glare at Beast Boy. “Where are they? They broke off communication,” Damian growled, turning his glare to the rest of the squad who refused to meet his gaze. 

“Well,” Bart stumbled, choking when Damian locked his bat-glare on him. He gulped before continuing, “You know how we ran into Klarion while in Brazil?”

“Get to the point,” Damian shouted, marching up to tower over Bart. Which is hard to do because Bart was taller than Damian. 

“(Y/N) got turned into a puppy,” Bart squeaked as a golden puppy ran down the bioship ramp to stop next to Damian’s feet. 

“Surprise,” Beast Boy cried. The others on the squad began to slowly began to back out of the room. as Damian stared down at the happy puppy at his feet. 

TT, why am I surprised,” Damian huffed, picking up the puppy. The puppy barked excitedly, licking his face. “Stop it,” Damian scolded, holding the puppy away from him. “You always had to make everything complicated.” Putting the puppy under his arm, he carried it into the main room of the watchtower to see if someone could undo this spell.

Damian woke up the next morning to abrupt hopping on his bed. He growled only to feel a wet tongue graze his cheek. “Stop it,” Damian groaned, pushing the puppy off the bed. 

Unfortunately, you were stuck as a puppy for at least three more days until the spell wore off. No one was pleased about it. Damian had taken upon himself to take care of you. However, you were more annoying than usual. 

He sat up in bed to wipe off the puppy spit on his cheek, only to see you appear over the side of the bed. You adorably hop to him, and he found he couldn’t refuse you. He let you sit on his lap, gently petting your head. You barked in response. 

“Well, since I’m up,” Damian grumbled, pushing you off him and standing up to get ready for the day.

You followed Damian around all day, much to his displeasure. Anytime he would let his guard down, you would swam him with puppy kisses. He didn’t know what to do as everyone remarked how cute you were and how it was sweet how you were so attached to one another.  

Damian couldn’t be any more displeased. He had wanted to admit his feelings for you that day when you returned from the mission. However, with you being a puppy, it wasn’t possible.

He was getting ready for bed after patrol. It was uneventful, leaving Damian unsatisfied. Also it didn’t help matters that you sneaked into the batmobile with him causing him to be scolded by Batman. You looked only too happy about that. 

As he left his private bathroom, he found you had made your way onto his bed again. You gazed at him with sad puppy dog eyes, melting his heart. How was it possible for you to still do that without being human? 

“You can stay on the bed tonight,” he breathed, giving in to your pathetic look. You barked happily at him as he laid down on the bed. Once he had the covers over himself, you curled up against his side, resting your head on his chest. He sighed at your position, but didn’t move you. 

“Good night, (Y/N),” he whispered, placing a gentle kiss on your furry head. 

Suddenly as his lips left your head, a flash of light blinded him. He blinked several times only to find you back to normal. Your head was still on his chest with your arms wrapped around his waist. 

“It’s about time,” you mumble, throwing a glare up at Damian’s blushing face. He shifted uncomfortable, finding it oddly exciting to have another person so intimately pressed against him. Especially when the person was you.

“How,” Damian choked out when he recovered from the shock of your sudden appearance. 

You close your eyes, burying your face in his chest. “Apparently, Klarion has a crush on me, and since he noticed you and I were close, he was jealous. So, to deal with his jealously like an adult, he turned me into a puppy. He made sure the only way to undo the spell was for you to kiss me,” you explain tiredly.

“Really,” Damian asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It took you long enough,” you grumble at him. “I thought I would be stuck a puppy forever.”

TT,” Damian huffed in response, tapping your head lightly with his finger. “I suppose you should go to the guest room now?”

You look up to meet his gaze, giving him a playful smile. “But it’s so comfortable here,” you whisper alluringly in his ear. Your lips met his in a gentle first kiss. 

When you broke apart, Damian’s face was bright red. You laugh at him before laying down with your head back on his chest. A tiny satisfied smile slipped onto Damian’s face as you both fell asleep. 

Totally not lying

Getting it in before the last second.
Happy birthday you beautiful ass.



“Are you okay?” Roy called from outside the door.
“Uh yeah!” You yelled back with my most convincing “i’m totally not lying” voice and quickly stuffed the stick into some tissues, and hiding it behind the loose wall tile.
“Okay, but it’s time to go.” He said and you waited until his feet had left from underneath the door and walked out, pulling one of his hoodies over your clothes.

You offered him a small smile as he held one of Lian’s toys.
“She’ll be okay.” You reassured him and he nodded, moving it into the toy box.
“Do you think i’m over reacting?” He asked pulling you into a cuddle
“A little.” You said as you rubbed his back “This isn’t her first sleepover and you need to trust that Uncle Wally is doing an amazing job.”
He nodded and looked at his phone “Let’s go.”

The entire ride there was the most uncomfortable one you’d had since you two had started dating, and you’d both been through some uncomfortable things during those four years. Starting but not limited to the ride home from when arsenal caught you both in the act at a safe house.

“If i caught my clone masturbating..” lasted an entire month before he stopped teasing the both of you. If Lian’s ears hadn’t been around then you would of happily joined in and drug it out, but you were sadly forced to become the responsible one when they fought.

You knew why you were silent and you figured he was over Lian, which you didn’t understand. She was five and had been to plenty of sleepovers before and you were starting to feel that maybe it was due to the fact you’d both been called in on short notice. You were starting to wonder if it was time to press for the issue, he’d been more stand offish in the last few weeks and even more so in the last few days.

He had his secrets, and now you had your own.

The arrival was swift and the both of you walked into the secret entrance. Both of you lost in a state of intensifying anxiety. You both nervously danced around each other, taking off your civvies that hid your costumes and gearing up before heading towards the zeta tubes.

You looked at him strangely as he started to panic behind you, trying to fit something into his quiver after realizing it wouldn’t fit in his pocket. If it weren’t for his back in the way you would have seen what he was struggling with and heard him let out a sigh of relief. He finally made his way towards you and slung his quiver onto his back and pulled on his mask.

“Look at who’s the late one now.” You chuckled
“Ha ha.” He said sarcastically as he entered the zeta tube.
“Still me.” You said quietly in a low tone, as you peered at your stomach before following him

You approached the circle of heroes waiting beside Batman, Superman and Oliver with Dinah.
You frowned knowing this was never a good sign.
The more heroes meant the harder the mission and this wasn’t the time to blurt out that you were indeed pregnant. The closer you got, the closer you made out Superman’s excited smile form on his face and you felt like running out screaming “Nope!” repeatedly. Although now at least you didn’t have to tell them now, to keep out of danger.
You felt a hand land on your shoulder and  looked up to see Nightwing give you a reassuring smirk.

You smiled back and made your way over to Roy.
“What’s going on?” You whispered as Black Canary resumed her talk and he looked around with a frown.
“Nothing.” He said in his “i’m not hiding anything voice.” and you raised your eyebrow at him in response. “Uh huh.”
“Really?” You asked letting your irritation finally flow out in your tone.. “Because it’s been “It’s fine” and “It’s nothing” for a month now and -  you’re not even looking at me” You shook your head at him as he scanned the room while you talked.
“Y/N.” He started to talk, but you couldn’t find the energy not to snap at him.
“Nope i’m done.” You huffed angrily at him and refocused your attention to Batman, who was now staring at the both of you.
“Is there something that you want to share with the rest of the class?” Black Canary asked as the beta and alpha teams held back their snickering.

“Actually yes-” Roy said and turned to face you with his usual frown.
Oh god, not only a Red Arrow lecture, possibly revealing he had another lover while you were in front of almost all of your friends and practically family, and carrying his child.
In the words of so many housewives, You were done.

“Y/N for the past few months” He said suddenly looking nervous before you fazed him out in favor for your thoughts.

Oh god no.
No no no no no no.
She’s in this building isn’t she.
Or he. 
It’s probably Wally.
Or Dick.

You thought as you only heard your heart pounding, and only saw his lips moving as everyone stared.

It’s fucking Wally.
It would explain their excited chatter.
And their “bro-dates”.
Oh my god.

The secret texting and the phone lock he insisted was for Lian.
You felt sick.

“Y/N?” He asked quietly after noticing you were now hyperventilating quietly and hadn’t responded to his question.
Lian popped out from her hiding spot with Wally and tugged on your leg, snapping you out of your thoughts.
“Are you going to say yes mommy?”
You blinked at her confused. She had NEVER called you mommy. This had to be a dream. Roy confessing  his-
“Are you going to marry my daddy and become my mommy?” She repeated her question with her pleading face.   
You looked up at Roy’s vulnerable face and you felt your stomach churn again and ran straight for the nearest trashcan, vomiting into it. Roy followed you and carefully rubbed your back as you emptied your stomach

“I think that’s the baby saying yes.” You heard Superman chuckle heartedly and felt Roy tense up behind you.
“What?” He asked as Bart sped over to you with a massive grin and a camera.
“First family photo, say ‘Hello Collin!’ ” the young adult laughed at the both of you and grinned as Lian yelled out “Hello Collin!”

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Damian and Stephanie create a "Cat Lovers" Club,the members are Selina Kyle, Klarion,Billy and for some reason Bart

“Dami, I think things have gotten out of hand”

“Tt- nonsense Brown, we can handle it” Stephenie looked around “you know” she said “When you said Billy was coming I didn’t think he was going to bring a tiger” 

“you’re the one who invited the Witch Boy”

“which in retrospect was not my best idea” Klarion was floating mid-air glaring daggers at Selina who was pointedly ignoring him. Teekl was curled up in Selina’s lap purring far too deeply for a cat that size as Selina patted it. Tawky Tawny’s massive head rested on Selina’s knee, though Billy seemed much less put out by this than Klarion was about his pet. 

“Bart, not to be rude or anything but-” “why are you here Allen?” 

Bart zipped over “Oh hi! I thought this was a club for Cats, you know, the musical?”

Stephenie and Damian looked at him for a long moment. Stephenie spoke first “and why would you care about the musical Cats?” 

“um well, in the 31st century most culture, you know, movies, books, plays stuff like that from before the 28th century got totally lost. But Cats made it, it’s like the only think from like 200 years around now we have. It’s a big deal a real window into how people lived and stuff, people get their doctorate by studying the cast audio.”

Damian and Steph looked horrified. Bart broke out laughing “Oh my god! you guys really fell for that?! amazing! nah I just like cats dudes, and you get a load of the tiger!?” 

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Fic prompt: Jaime, Khaji Da, and Bart living together. The air conditioner breaks during the hottest week of summer and they have to figure out how to stay cool. Alternately, the heating breaks during the coldest week of winter and they have to figure out how to stay warm. Bonus for Bart being over-dramatic or Khaji Da being sleep-deprived with Jaime trying to convince them they're not dying.

First off: THANK YOU

Second: Hope you enjoy this ^-^


Heatwaves like this weren’t unusual for El Paso in July. Jaime was used to it. It was gross sometimes because of the sweat and occasional mugginess (Jaime hated hot days after storms the most) but he was used to it.

Bart was not.

“Why is it so hot?”

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I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, timkon (I've been thinking about that for decades but couldn't get to it)

There was something Tim didn’t say often. Hell, it was something he didn’t think often. But when the bouncer just let him and his friends into the small, out of the way club without even bothering to card them, they words just came tumbling out of his mouth. “Jason was right.” He gawked, looking over to Bart, who looked like he believed what had just happened even less than he could. Stephanie snorted and pushed his head, earning a look that she promptly ignored.

“Told you he had a point. It’s Gotham for Christ’s sake.” She chuckled. It wasn’t like they were horribly underaged, Bart was the youngest at 18 and Steph was almost twenty. In another year or so, she could have gotten into the 21 plus club legally without a problem. But as she and Jason had stated, it was Gotham, as long as you didn’t stir up enough trouble to involve the cops, no one cared.

Even then, Tim thought looking around the club, which was an utter cesspool of drugs and underaged drinking. A place like this probably has more than a few of Gotham’s finest in the owner’s pocket.

It wasn’t long before Steph ditched them, disappearing into the crowd of sweat, drugs and rock n’ roll that was the dance floor, following a girl that, while Tim only got a quick look at her, looked suspiciously like his sister. He thought about asking Cass when he got home but decided on the (off) chance he was wrong, he wouldn’t give his adoptive sister the blackmail fuel. Not that Tim acted out regularly. No, that was Jason’s and the Demon’s jobs, ones that they were far too good at for Tim to even think about getting into competition with them. It just felt nice to be the one to break the rules every once in awhile.

Bart’s betrayal hurt a little more, seeing how the younger teen had even asked Tim to stick close to him so they didn’t all lose each other when it was time to leave. But a high energy place like this where there was lots of people? Tim really shouldn’t of been surprised when he turned to ask him a question and Bart was gone, probably dancing with strangers. With a sigh, he headed to the bar to see if he could get a drink without the bartender double checking his I.D.. Spoiler alert: He could. Easily.

Maybe an hour went by and Tim had stayed in the spot he had (somehow) managed to get at the bar, not for lack of trying on some of the other patrons lack of trying. He had been asked to dance a grand total of twelve times, he had counted and turned down each of them. He sat there with his rum and coke and kept an eye out for Bart. Steph had texted him about ten minutes before and said she met with a friend and got a ride home (maybe asking Cass was worth the potential of her having blackmail on him) and he wanted to make sure his own ride was okay. He turned back to check his phone and sighed at the text he had gotten. Speak of the devil. Apparently Bart’s cousin, Wally, was there and he had booked it before he could see him without thinking. The text was probably meant to be a warning, since normally where Wally was, Dick wasn’t too far behind but Tim knew his older brother was stuck at a GCPD charity dinner along with their adoptive father. Even if Dick was there, Cass wasn’t the only one who had collected blackmail over the years. He let Bart know he didn’t have to circle the block for him, he would get a cab or text Jason (the good thing about having an older sibling that didn’t mind bending the rules, he wouldn’t rat him out) when he finished his drink. So much for a ‘wild night out’ he guessed.

He got a refill and texted Jay, figuring he was at work or with Roy when he didn’t immediately text him back. Deciding he’d give it another half hour or so until he called a cab, he tapped his fingers against the side of phone in time to the song that was playing. It was older, but a crowd favorite, one that he liked a lot (was it Joan Jett? Or Heart? He couldn’t actually remember) though for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was. Suddenly, there was another body next to him. Out of instinct, Tim looked up and blinked. The guy was taller than him from what Tim could tell, leaning over the bar to try and flag down the bartender like many before him. The dark curls that made up his fauxhawk fell over his eyes a little, causing him to brush them away. He wore a leather jacket, dark jeans and…a Superman shirt? The last one had caught him off enough to snort, causing the guy to look over at him.

“Something funny?” He raised an eyebrow, though the hostility that was probably supposed to be in his voice was gone, blue eyes softening a bit when he actually looked at Tim, who gestured to his shirt.

“Just wasn’t expecting it with the rest of the get up.” He hummed, sipping his drink. He wasn’t drunk, he could handle more than two rum and cokes, but he was maybe a little buzzed because he couldn’t help stare at the bright, gap-toothed grin the other gave him.

“What can I say, I like my comics.” He chuckled, turning slightly to fully face Tim, looking him over as he leaned against the bar. “Got a name?”

“What’s it matter if I do?” He hummed, earning another chuckle that actually sounded like fucking sunshine.

“Well normally I like knowing someone’s name when I ask them to dance.” It was then he noticed he had a bit of an accent. Midwestern maybe? Whatever it was, it was doing things for him.


“Conner.” He smiled, leaning closer. “My friends call me Kon.”

“Well?” Tim raised an eyebrow, finishing off his drink.

“Huh?” Kon blinked in confusion. Tim smirked a little.

“I thought you were going to ask me to dance.”

There was that damn laugh again. Kon stood up straighter and offered his hand. “Dance with me?”

He took it and sent a quick text to his brother.

‘I won’t need that ride after all.’