Illustration of pirate Bartholomew Roberts commemorating his capture of 11 ships with only two of his own. He was able to do this by surprising the captains of the 11 ships, who were on shore negotiating. Roberts, posthumously called “Black Bart,” captured over 400 ships, more than any other pirate of the 1700s, operating off both the Americas and Africa.

Headcanon that Simon applies chapstick when he’s thinking about something really intently.

This sparked from an image I got of Simon angrily applying Bart’s Bees over and over & Baz finally saying something like, “You know Simon, you’re going to use the whole tube if you don’t stop.” And Simon getting so angry he just stares Baz dead in the eye before rolling the entire tube up as far as it could go and just chomping it.


↳The Flash Family + tumblr text posts 

[caption: seven different images of DC comic panels with a screencap of a Tumblr text post placed over them. For all but the 7th image, click on them for a more detailed caption. 

Image #7 is a panel featuring several Flash Family speedsters together, looking like they’re preparing for a fight. The text post over it reads: “I like the idea that there are no longer such things as casual groups of friends. No, you’re in a squad. Weaponize your friendships. Battle other squads for social dominance. Who wants to fucking fight.“]

Flirt - Bart Allen x Reader

Prompt: “This. Never. Happened.” with Bart (requested by anon)

“You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?” Bart flirted leaning closer to you. You rolled your eyes. His flirting was flattering but lately it had become relentless.

“I’m quite warm actually. I’ll pass.”

“If I follow you home, would you keep me?“ He continued along his list of cheesy pickup lines.

“We live in the same place, Bart.” You sighed.

“Alright, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, babe.” He started, leaning closer to you with his hands supporting his weight on the fountain behind you. “Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman walk into a bar -” Bart continued leaning closer to you. Before he could correct himself his balance slipped and he fell into the fountain. You burst into giggles at the shocked look on his face as he was submerged into the cold water.

“Are you alright?” You asked between your fits of giggling. You reached your hand out and helped him out of the fountain.

This. Never. Happened.” He said as he stepped out of the fountain and started to wring the water out of his clothes.

“Say Bart, are you shivering because of the water or is it because of anticipation?” You flirted, throwing a wink his way.

The One Where Sherlock and Molly Are 'Just Friends'
  • *Molly's flat; lying in bed*
  • Sherlock: *smoking* We can be friends who sleep together.
  • Molly: *fiddling with the sheet* Yeah, this could be just...something we do. Like tennis.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Sounds smart and healthy to me *glances at her* Whilst we're on the subject, do you currently have any other tennis partners?
  • Molly: *shrugs* Just Mary *pauses* That’s actually tennis, though. But she is setting me up with a mate of hers next week.
  • Sherlock: *disappointed* Oh.
  • Molly: *swallows* Did you want me to cancel it?
  • Sherlock: No! *sits up; avoiding looking at her* No! Because, if you did, you’d be cancelling for me, and we’re just friends.
  • Molly: *smiles weakly* Exactly. I- my thoughts exactly.
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *ruffles his hair* I’m not fine, Molly. I’m not. How can I be fine? Picturing you with someone else, doing what we've been doing *sighs* Would it be so terrible if we were...friends who don't date other people?
  • Molly: *hopeful* You mean like exclusive friends?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Why not? Let's face it, this has been the best month. Even if we were friends who lived together *playing with his cigarette* Or, friends who stood up in front of their other friends and vowed to be friends forever.
  • Molly: *grinning* You've thought about that sort of thing?
  • Sherlock: More than is healthy, yes.
  • Molly: *sits up and strokes his arms* One day, we might even hear the pitter patter of tiny, little friends.
  • Sherlock: I'd like that.
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Me too.
  • Sherlock: *flicks the cigarette; smirks* Quick game of tennis before work?
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, why not? *kisses him*
Bluepulse Headcanons

-Iris and Joan taught Bart how to cook. In the beginning he was really bad at it, almost burned the kitchen twice. It took him a couple months, but Bart became pretty good at cooking. He perfected his technique when once, while hanging out in Jaime’s house, he mentioned this to Jaime’s mom and she offered to teach him more recipes. Bart made sure she taught him Jaime’s favorites meals. 

-Bart jumps over Jaime to hug him when they’ve been separated for too long.

 -When Jaime is busy with college he forgets about eating, as soon as Bart noticed he started to worry and would usually argue about this with him. After a few failed attempts, Bart began to leave breakfast ready for Jaime. When he couldn’t cook something for him, he’d text him repeatedly until he’s sure Jaime won’t forget about having some food. 

-Jaime loves Bart’s laugh, so he’s often throwing puns he knows Bart will laugh at.

 -Bart once fed a cat while walking back home, so the cat followed him all the way there. He didn’t have the heart to kick it out and tried to hide the cat. Jaime found the cat two hours later. He wasn’t even surprised, he had been expecting Bart to get some random animal into the house, so he just made sure the cat wasn’t hungry. Later they play paper-rock-scissors to decide the cat’s name, Jaime won and named it Misifu. 

 -When Bart and Jaime are sitting in the same room, but not together they unconsciously lean a little in each other’s direction. 

 -Bart and Milagro teamed up to embarrass Jaime. She particularly likes telling Bart stories from Jaime’s childhood. Bart’s favorite is that one where Jaime was around a lake, and a frog scared him so much he fell into the lake. 

 -When Jaime’s particularly stressed about college and stuff, Bart leaves cute notes of support for him in his notebooks, laptop, over the table, anywhere he knows Jaime will find them in the right moment. 

 -Jaime’s often getting gifts for Bart, it sometimes it’s Bart’s favorite donut, a jar of ice cream, a flower o even books he saw a thought Bart would love. 

 -After particularly long missions with the team, they get home, cuddle and put a random movie on Netflix, even though they know they’ll fall asleep halfway through it. 

anonymous asked:

90s Kon has been taken advantage of by almost every adult in his life, please imagine him sleeping over at Bart's house or a Bat safe house and just?? Being really confused that Mac and Helen and Bruce and Dick /aren't/ like that like he's like??? Okay what's the catch??

ok so AU where Max notices that Kon acts weird around adults and goes and pokes into what’s going on with his life, because he’s A Dad™ and is concerned about this kiddo who seems to have nobody looking out for him

and then when Max figures out what’s going on he drags Kon to live with him and Helen and chews Clark the fuck out for not keeping an eye on him

Alternatively, AU where Dick notices that Kon acts really confused and intimidated around him, and goes and Detectives™ his way to figure things out and then beats up literally everyone who’s ever hurt him and offers to let him crash in the ‘Haven if he ever needs someplace safe to stay

Puppy Love - Damian Wayne x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  Damian’s reaction to reader getting turned into a happy go lucky golden puppy by Clarion.

“Where is (Y/N),” Damian demanded once the squad exited the bioship. He had been pacing in the hanger, waiting for them to return. 

“Uhh, about that,” Beast Boy began, meeting his other teammates’ eyes. They didn’t know how to say it. 

Damian spun to glare at Beast Boy. “Where are they? They broke off communication,” Damian growled, turning his glare to the rest of the squad who refused to meet his gaze. 

“Well,” Bart stumbled, choking when Damian locked his bat-glare on him. He gulped before continuing, “You know how we ran into Klarion while in Brazil?”

“Get to the point,” Damian shouted, marching up to tower over Bart. Which is hard to do because Bart was taller than Damian. 

“(Y/N) got turned into a puppy,” Bart squeaked as a golden puppy ran down the bioship ramp to stop next to Damian’s feet. 

“Surprise,” Beast Boy cried. The others on the squad began to slowly began to back out of the room. as Damian stared down at the happy puppy at his feet. 

TT, why am I surprised,” Damian huffed, picking up the puppy. The puppy barked excitedly, licking his face. “Stop it,” Damian scolded, holding the puppy away from him. “You always had to make everything complicated.” Putting the puppy under his arm, he carried it into the main room of the watchtower to see if someone could undo this spell.

Damian woke up the next morning to abrupt hopping on his bed. He growled only to feel a wet tongue graze his cheek. “Stop it,” Damian groaned, pushing the puppy off the bed. 

Unfortunately, you were stuck as a puppy for at least three more days until the spell wore off. No one was pleased about it. Damian had taken upon himself to take care of you. However, you were more annoying than usual. 

He sat up in bed to wipe off the puppy spit on his cheek, only to see you appear over the side of the bed. You adorably hop to him, and he found he couldn’t refuse you. He let you sit on his lap, gently petting your head. You barked in response. 

“Well, since I’m up,” Damian grumbled, pushing you off him and standing up to get ready for the day.

You followed Damian around all day, much to his displeasure. Anytime he would let his guard down, you would swam him with puppy kisses. He didn’t know what to do as everyone remarked how cute you were and how it was sweet how you were so attached to one another.  

Damian couldn’t be any more displeased. He had wanted to admit his feelings for you that day when you returned from the mission. However, with you being a puppy, it wasn’t possible.

He was getting ready for bed after patrol. It was uneventful, leaving Damian unsatisfied. Also it didn’t help matters that you sneaked into the batmobile with him causing him to be scolded by Batman. You looked only too happy about that. 

As he left his private bathroom, he found you had made your way onto his bed again. You gazed at him with sad puppy dog eyes, melting his heart. How was it possible for you to still do that without being human? 

“You can stay on the bed tonight,” he breathed, giving in to your pathetic look. You barked happily at him as he laid down on the bed. Once he had the covers over himself, you curled up against his side, resting your head on his chest. He sighed at your position, but didn’t move you. 

“Good night, (Y/N),” he whispered, placing a gentle kiss on your furry head. 

Suddenly as his lips left your head, a flash of light blinded him. He blinked several times only to find you back to normal. Your head was still on his chest with your arms wrapped around his waist. 

“It’s about time,” you mumble, throwing a glare up at Damian’s blushing face. He shifted uncomfortable, finding it oddly exciting to have another person so intimately pressed against him. Especially when the person was you.

“How,” Damian choked out when he recovered from the shock of your sudden appearance. 

You close your eyes, burying your face in his chest. “Apparently, Klarion has a crush on me, and since he noticed you and I were close, he was jealous. So, to deal with his jealously like an adult, he turned me into a puppy. He made sure the only way to undo the spell was for you to kiss me,” you explain tiredly.

“Really,” Damian asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It took you long enough,” you grumble at him. “I thought I would be stuck a puppy forever.”

TT,” Damian huffed in response, tapping your head lightly with his finger. “I suppose you should go to the guest room now?”

You look up to meet his gaze, giving him a playful smile. “But it’s so comfortable here,” you whisper alluringly in his ear. Your lips met his in a gentle first kiss. 

When you broke apart, Damian’s face was bright red. You laugh at him before laying down with your head back on his chest. A tiny satisfied smile slipped onto Damian’s face as you both fell asleep. 


the first official meeting of the Young Justice…. and of course it was a sleep over, though I can’t imagine sleeping in a skintight outfit is very much fun, also the artist made Bart WAY too beefy, the kid’s suppose to be a stick, any ways I love that its Robin, the shadowy Bat of this little team who’s self confident enough to be open about his feelings and fears, while Kon and Bart totally front 

  • *camping in a forest*
  • ...
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Sorry you were stuck with me.
  • Molly: *also awkward* No, it's fine. Mary would have complained all night.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Their only time away from the baby.
  • Molly: Exactly.
  • -certain noises begin from John and Mary's tent-
  • Molly: *embarrassed* And they're making the most of it.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* We could always-
  • Molly: -do the same-
  • Sherlock: -listen to your music.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Sherlock: I like your idea better.
  • Rose: Bart, did you eat my Olive Garden left overs?
  • Bart: ...-looks around the room to see that her swords are in her reach-
  • Rose: You know lying about it will make me more mad right?
  • Bart: I ate them. And I have only one regret.
  • Rose: Just one?
  • Bart: My only regret is I didn't have an Andes Mint to finish it off.
My Immortal (A Bluepulse Fanfic)

These wounds won’t seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There’s just too much that time cannot erase.

  Knock knock. “Bart? Are you okay?” Nightwing’s voice echoed past the metal door of Bart’s door. “Can I come in?”

  Bart was lying in his bed, his face in his pillow. “GO AWAY!” he yelled, voice muffled.

  There was a whoosh as the metal doors opened, and Nightwing stepped inside. He walked over to Bart, placing a hand on his shoulder.

  “Come on Bart, it’s been a week. I need you. The team needs you,” he insisted.

  “The team needed Blue too!” Bart said, turning to face him. His eyes were red and puffy from crying.

  “You can’t help what happened. Jaime-”

  “I SHOULD HAVE SAVED HIM. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!” Bart exclaimed, sitting up suddenly. “He didn’t deserve to die. I came here to save him. I had nothing before I came here. I… I loved him.” Tears streamed down his face.

  Nightwing sighed. He sat next Bart, moving the covers to the side and wrapping his arms around the smaller boy.

  Bart continued to cry. It was all he could do.

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears. When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears. And I held your hand through all of these years. But you still have all of me.

  Jaime woke up screaming. This was the third night in a row.

  Jaime Reyes, screaming is not an effective way to wake up from a dream.

  “Shut up bug,” he muttered to himself.

  “Blue, is everything alright? Did you have another nightmare?” Bart asked his boyfriend, sitting up and scooting close to him.

  “Yeah, cariño. But I’m fine. Go back to sleep.” He looked at Bart, smiling fondly.

   Bart traced a pale finger against Jaime’s bare back, sending a shudder through his spine. “But I don’t want to go to sleep with out you.” He grinned, knowing the battle was won.

  Jaime pressed his lips against Bart’s forehead.

  “Okay. I love you, dork.” Jaime slid next to him.

  “Te amo, Azul.” Bart replied.

You used to captivate me by your resonating light. Now I’m bound by the life you left behind. Your face—it haunts my once pleasant dreams. Your voice—it chased away all the sanity in me.

  They were fighting a group of aliens when it happened. The night that changed everything.

  Jaime was flying above everyone else, distracting the main alien. Bart kept watch from down below, silently cheering on his boyfriend.

  The alien swiped its spiked claw at Jaime, knocking him to the ground.

  Time slowed. Jaime stood shakily, trying to ready his canon, when the monster drove his spiked claw though his abdomen.

  “BLUE!” Bart screamed, drawing everyone’s attention to the injured teen and the red ring of blood forming on his exoskeleton.

  Bart ran, catching Jaime before he could fall. Jaime coughed, spitting up blood and sputtering incoherently.

  “No no Blue it’s going to be okay te amo te amo I love you we’re gonna get you through this.” Bart was ranting as he held Jaime close. “Somebody help!” He stroked Jaime’s face, wiping away the sweat and dirt.

  “Bart, I don’t think I’m gonna make it.”  Jaime said breathily.

  “Yes you are Jaime I won’t let you die like this.”


  Bart Allen, if Jaime Reyes dies, I die with him. We are connected through Zatanna’s magic. There will no longer be a Blue Beetle.

  Bart’s eyes widened. No Blue Beetle?

  “Bart… take care of Milgaro for me okay? Tell her what a hero her brother was. Tell my parents I love them.” Jaime smiled.

  Bart was crying now. “Yeah, okay Blue.” He smiled back.

  Jaime grabbed his hand. “I love you Bart Allen.”

  “I love you too Jaime Reyes.”

  Jaime’s eyes closed. And Bart cried, holding Jaime for the last time.

  It was all he could do.

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone. But though you’re still with me. I’ve been alone all along.

  Bart found himself walking along the cemented path of the graveyard, looking at the graves protruding from the green grass. He kept walking, silent, with flowers in his hand.

  There it was. A plain gravestone that read “Jaime Reyes: Brother Hero Friend”.

  Bart sat, wiping off the dirt around the lettering.

  “Hey Blue,” He started, as if greeting an old friend. “I brought you flowers. I know, you used to tell me they were pointless but I still wanted to bring you something and I didn’t think a bag of Chicken Wizzies was appropriate.” He chuckled.

  “The team’s doing alright. They’re a bit lost without you and the sassy bug of yours. I am too, I gotta admit.” He coughed.

  “So I was looking through your stuff… again, and I found a ring box.”  Bart shook a finger at Jaime’s grave. “So when were you going to propose hermano? By the way, blue sapphire. Hilarious. You know I don’t look good in blue.” His smile faltered.

  “I would have said yes. Oh god would I have loved to say yes.” He sobbed. Tears flowed gently down his face. “I’d wear that ring every god damn day of my life to get you back you big blue dork.” He buried his face in his hands.

  Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He froze, then turned around slowly. There was no one there. He smiled.

  “Thanks Blue.”

  He got up and walked away, leaving the flowers.

  He knew there was someone there to appreciate them.

Wally in Young Justice Season 2: Bart after this is over take the KidFlash mantle.
Wally: Disappears into seemingly nothing.

Shrio in Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2: Keith lead Voltron if something happens to me.
Shrio: Disappears into seemingly nothing.