“[Don Foresta’s daughter] Giulie with George Harrison during a visit to his home in Henley on Thames.” - Don Foresta

Photo: Don Foresta [x]

“He’s one of the few morally good people that rock ‘n’ roll has produced. He’s one of the few people who have turned their attention into goodness and being good, and he’s extremely generous and he backs and supports all sorts of people that you’ll never, ever hear of. He’s a wonderful bloke. He’s simply interested in goodness and spiritual values and whatever is of worth and merit in the world. And he does a lot of things, which are good, which are certainly missed out by the Mary Whitehouse form of Christianity that passes for Christianity in this part of the world…

When he heard, for example, that another friend, Barry Sheene, was trying to raise £150,000 sponsorship to race Formula One cars, George promptly offered to pay £150,000 for a Barry not to do it, because he was worried about the risk to Barry’s life. On another occasion, George heard that it was the birthday of Dot Mitchell, then the landlady at The Row Barge, his local public house [in Henley-on-Thames]. He called her to one side and, teasingly, told her to hold out her hand and close her eyes. Then, he dropped three perfect, impossibly valuable rubies into her hand. 'Have a nice birthday,’ he told her.” - Eric Idle on George Harrison, 1978