When I decided FOR SURE I was moving to Atlanta, I did some research to find and follow rad artists down here via Instagram. I found Barry Lee and his amazing illustrations through these chances jaunts. I had the luck to interview him last week for Creative Loafing about his art, unique challenges and unwavering patience: 

Four fingers on either hand didn’t stop Lee from picking up a pencil. He started very young, sitting in front of the television drawing from the screen on stacks of white printer paper. “I used art as survival,” he says. “Art was the only way to talk to people … [during elementary school] it was a true defense mechanism. The more I grew up, the less people bullied me — because I drew them pictures.”

Peep the whole piece here, if you’d like — and definitely be sure to catch his collection, Home Is Where You Drown, at Octane Westside during the month of November.