Introducing Ink Brick no. 5

We’re proud to announce that INK BRICK no. 5 is now available for preorder from our online store!

Yet again our submission pool brought us more excellent work than we could hope to print, and as a result this will be our largest to date. Part of the book is a special section excerpting Jenny Zervakis’s upcoming book Strange Growths, which will be published jointly by John Porcellino of Spit And A Half and Tom Hart of the Sequential Artists Workshop. 

80 full-color pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, perfect bound. Featuring original work by 29 creators:

Louise Aleksiejew
Kurt Ankeny
Nicky Arscott
Colleen Louise Barry
Aaron Cockle
Letisia Cruz
Allie Doersch
Shawn Eisenach
Winnie T. Frick
Mike Getsiv
Dina Hardy
CB Hart
Jason Hart
Aurélien Leif
Courtney Loberg
Maxine Marie
Antoine Medes
Laurence Musgrove
Myra Musgrove
M. A. Noreña
Thilini Perera
Ellis Rosen
Sam Ross
Alexander Rothman
Alexey Sokolin
Deshan Tennekoon
Paul K. Tunis
Jenny Zervakis