Barry Longyear

sweethoneysempai  asked:

For the writer ask, 14 and 45?

14 : Do you have a favorite writing-related quote?

I do!  It’s a little weird, and it’s pretty obscure, but here it is.  It’s from the foreword to Barry Longyear’s collection of short science fiction stories, It Came From Schenectady.  Longyear is talking about being at a convention, and being interviewed on television by a very earnest TV host who has absolutely no idea what she’s doing.  He also hates being asked where he gets his ideas.  He writes:

“The interviewer concluded her talk with the shadow, and then she smiled at me and asked … it!

“’Mr. Longyear, where do you get your ideas?’

“I refused to cry.  I looked around to make sure that Jean was not within audio range, then I turned back to the interviewer.  ‘Members of the Science Fiction Writers of America are supposed to answer that question with a post office box number in Schenectady.  You send in two dollars and a self addressed-stamped envelope, and you will be sent back an idea.’

“The interviewer stared at me.  ‘Schenectady?’


“The interviewer smiled.  ‘I see.’“

45 : Do you find it harder or easier to write when you’re stressed out?

Oh, much harder!

Thank you!  Definitely having fun with these!