Barry’s Tea TV Ad - Andrew Scott (x)

A young Andrew Scott in an Irish tea ad from 1997!


Height Difference | Allenbert Headcanons       

• So it’s kinda common knowledge that Julian is tiny and Barry absolutely loves it.

• Julian is short enough that he is right at the base of Barry’s neck when they’re standing, so that’s where all of his hickeys are.

• Julian absolutely refuses to ask Barry for help getting things from the top cupborads so he struggles to reach the items. Naturally, Barry puts most of what Julian uses on the top shelf so he can admire the view of his boyfriend stretching.

• When Barry just stands there obviously checking him out, Julian angrily admits needing help. Barry could just grab the things but instead he smirks and wraps his arms around Julian’s middle and lifts him up so he can reach the top shelf, Julian is a little embarassed but he just starts giggling. it ends with Julian sitting on the counter and soft kisses.

• Julian later gets back at him by hiding everything in the bottom drawers.

• These nerds are each other’s number one cuddle buddy because the height difference is just perfect, whenever they’re exhausted from flash business, they just sit on their sofa and hug it out because Barry is just tall enough to rest his head on top of Julian’s and Julian is just short enough to nestle his head in the gap between Barry’s neck and shoulder.

• Barry once held a sample up and out of Julian’s reach for ten whole minutes, snickering at his boyfriend’s increasingly hillarious threats.

“I will climb you, Allen!”

He gave up the sample after hearing the distinct sound of a gun safety switch being flicked off.

• When they hug, Julian’s the perfect height to tuck under Barry’s chin and nuzzle his neck, followiong the pattern of moles there. Barry’s lips automatically start dropping forhead kisses when he’s not too busy chuckling.

• Whenever Barry’s leaning over the microscope and motions for him to come take a look, Julian just comes up from behind and rests his chin on Barry’s shoulder, observing, revelling in the fact that his boyfriend shares his passion then drops a quick shoulder kiss.

• Julian has to tilt his head a bit and just rise a smidge oh his toes to kiss Barry’s lips.

• When Barry’s in a teasing mood, he holds his head up and watches the other man struggle to reach him.

• Julian pulling the front of Barry’s shirt to get him to bend down and kiss him.

“Get your ass down here!”

“I thought you wanted to kiss my lips, not my ass.”

“I swear to god Allen–”

Barry ends up picking up Julian at superspeed, enjoying the startled look on his face before slotting their lips together.

• Sometimes Barry remembers how fearless Julian looks on the field, holding his gun with steady hands. He has a hard time believing it’s the same person he can see strolling across the kitchen in his comfy sweater as he stirs his tea, after having to stretch up on his tip toes to reach the tea bags Barry put on the top shelf, looking so sweet, innocent, tiny and domestic.

• Barry may be taller but he’s definitely the little spoon.

Diana Barry: What kind of tea do you want?

Anne Shirley: There’s more than one kind?

Diana Barry: I have blueberry, raspberry, ginseng, sleepy time, green tea, green tea with lemon, green tea with lemon and honey, liver disaster, ginger with honey, ginger without honey, vanilla almond, white truffle, blueberry chamomile, vanilla walnut, constant comment and… earl grey.

Anne Shirley: Did you make some of those up?

Territorial Jealous [a Barry Allen AU]


a/n: WHY IS IT ALL IN CAPS AHHHH…er, request evil and/or earth 2 Barry? or other characters

Wind sways the empty branches of the trees, dancing around your Adidas high tops while your fingers hang loosely on Barry’s. The colors of the sunset mix between a vibrant pink and a soft pastel purple, fading into a deep ocean of blue. His famous black and white checkered slip on Vans take each step carefully, mindful of the patches of ice coating the sidewalk.

He smirks at group of girls holding their Starbucks drinks and looks up at the sky, swinging your pinky in his. Barry isn’t one for PDA - in fact, he shouldn’t be out in public since he’s a wanted criminal - and you know this. Yet, when you hear one of the girls whisper that she wants to ‘get inside his pants’, you can’t control yourself.

You tug on his red flannel, causing him to halt, gazing dopily down at you; eyelids half closed in a daze and a sleepy smirk. Grabbing his jaw, you glance at the group of girls as you latch your lips on his, sucking and trailing your tongue over his bottom lip. The fabric of his black gloves comes into contact with your rosey, cold cheeks, his thumb rubbing on your skin.

He moans and goes to pull away but you reject his request, yanking his mouth back to yours. His lips pucker against your own, creating small incoherent moans that get louder with each movement. Again, he attempts to detach you, only to be met by another savory kiss. This is turning into a full-on makeout session.

Out of the corner of his eye, he notices the group of girls scoff and walk away, finally understanding. His now red lips curl into a smirk and you take a breath, nose touching his. “If I knew you were this jealous, babydoll, we coulda done so much better.” he winks, pawing at your waist. A gust of wind blows, whipping your hair to one side; the ruby red paisley bandana sways behind Barry, hanging halfway out of his back skinny jeans pocket.

Your eyes squint at him and you tug on your North Face jacket. “I’m not jealous.” you grumble defensively, leaning on your toes to reach his hat. Curling your fingers around his dark gray Neff beanie, you fix it so a small fluff of his light brown hair shows; he raises an eyebrow. “I’m territorial jealous. There’s a difference.”

“Territorial jealous, eh?” he muses, puckering his lips while his brain processes that. “Sounds fake but okay. If you say so, babydoll.” he shrugs, flexing his hands around your body. It’s getting really cold; his joints are starting to tense. He should get back to the safe house, he doesn’t need the speed force to tell him that.

The wind picks up, blowing through the bare trees, creating a howl. “It’s protecting what’s yours.” You roll your eyes, pressing your body to his. There’s a similar gleam of mischief apparent in his seafoam orbs as he peers down at you. “And I’m yours and you’re mine. End of story.” you grumble, clutching his torso.

He chuckles, continuing to walk, “That I am, babydoll. That I am.”

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Fluffy prompt, Barry introducing Len to Henry?

Henry wondered what the big news was. He was hoping - hoping - it wasn’t some new catastrophe in Barry’s life. It was always hard to tell, with him. But he didn’t tend to come up to the cabin too often, and when he’d called earlier in the week to say he was coming up on Saturday, Barry had sounded nervous, like it was urgent.

That tended to mean a catastrophe. Henry sighed, putting on a kettle for tea. If it was really a catastrophe, some new meta-terror, he’d hope that Barry would have sped out here sooner, so maybe that wasn’t it. And he’d said he was driving out, which was entirely different than normal.

So it was something. Henry just… couldn’t put his finger on what.

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The Flash #1

Summary: You and Barry work together. You go out for lunch and run into trouble. The Flash saves you and you confront Barry after.
The Flash Imagine #1

It was early in the morning and the sun had been shining through your windows for a few hours. You sat in bed scrolling through Iris’ blog on ‘The Streak’. She had articles and links to everything that there is on the internet about him. You thought that he was just someone decided to make up and add effects to some video footage and say that it was someone running at superhuman speed. You believed he was fake until today.

You were a sketch artist for Central City Police. You had been working there for a few years now and had managed to make a few friends along the way, including Barry Allen. He was one of your closest friends and you could literally come to him for anything as he could to you. There have been several late nights were you and him would talk about anything and everything and would just enjoy the skype calls and occasional phone calls.

You arrived to work a few minutes early and headed to your desk, greeting few people. Detective Thawne had come to you within minutes of getting your things out to start the day.

“Morning Y/L/N. We have a new perp for you. Several witnesses described what they thought he looked like.” He said dropping descriptive notes on your desk.

“What happened?” You said picking up the notes and looking over the features the people described to Thawne. It seemed like the perp was going to be difficult to draw considering he had a lot of details that stood out.

“There was a shootout down by 33rd Street. We don’t know exactly what happened because Allen still has to tell us what was going on but what we do know is that it was gang related and will probably happen again. So start sketching.” He said leaving you to draw. You took your drawing pad out of your bag and began to sketch the man. Halfway through the sketch someone had scared you when a cup of coffee was set down in front of you. You looked up and saw Barry trying not to laugh from your scare.

“Good morning Y/N. White chocolate mocha, two sugars and whipped cream.” He smiled proudly as he set your favorite coffee in front of you. You smiled taking the coffee.

“Thanks Bare. But I don’t think I’m the one you need to be bribing with coffee. West is going to know you’re late so I hope you have another coffee with you to give to him.” You said as you took a few sips from your coffee.

“Eh, I would think he’s more of a tea guy.” Barry said, throwing a wink your way and heading up to his office. You finished the sketch and your coffee and headed towards Thawne’s office. You knocked lightly on the door.

“Come in.” You heard. You walked in and sat in front of his desk, setting your rough sketch on the table in front of him. He looked it over cautiously, his eyebrows furrowing and his mouth pulling downwards slightly.

“Any idea who it is?” You asked hopefully. He shook his head. Without another word he left his office. Confused, you got up and walked out. Before heading back down to your desk you decided to stop by Barry’s office. You walked in and saw him typing away on his computer. You knocked lightly against the wall next to the doorframe. He looked up and smiled when he saw you.

“Hey Barry. Do you want to go and grab a bite?” You asked. He nodded with a smile and got up, grabbing his phone and walking down with you. You grabbed your bag before heading out to grab lunch with Barry during your break. Once you two arrived at a local sandwich place you started talking to him.

“So you know about the shootout that happened?” You asked him and he nodded.

“It was gang related. I have to go back again tomorrow to see if we missed any evidence. Why do you ask?” He added while taking a drink of his soda.

“I sketched out what the witnesses described and presented it to Det. Thawne and he just walked out of the room with my drawing. It was weird he didn’t say anything else to me.” You answered as your sandwiches came.

“Do you have a picture of your sketch? Maybe I could try to help.” He suggested, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

“Yeah I backed it up on my phone and my computer before I went to go see him.” You answered, you were about to show Barry the picture until bullets came flying in through the window. Barry leaped across the table, covering your body with his own. He dragged you with him under the table as the bullets kept going around. You began to panic as your heart rate picked up. Your hands began to sweat as you stayed hidden under the table .You were about to reach for Barry’s hand when you felt nothing. You looked over and saw that Barry wasn’t under the table with you anymore.

“Barry?!” You called out, not daring to get up but you didn’t want him to be in danger. When the bullets stopped flying around, stupidly without thinking you stood up and looked around. Your heart was pumping even faster than before as you caught no sightings of Barry. You couldn’t seem to hear anything but your heartbeat and feel nothing but panic and tears threatening to come out. Your head was filling with thoughts, bad thoughts. What if Barry was shot? Or kidnapped? What if he was killed and his body was taken away to throw away at some river? Your head continued to fill with terrible thoughts about where Barry was until you heard a sound that brought you back to reality.

You heard a gun cock right by the outside of your ear shell. Your body stiffened and froze. Your knees locked in place as the hairs at the nape of your neck stood straighter than a cat’s when it got scared.

“Turn around sweetheart. I want to see your face when I shoot you.” You heard a sickening voice growl out as they nudged you with the cold weapon. You raised your hands in the air out of instinct and turned around, looking at the man holding the gun. He was exactly the same as your drawing.

“So sad to see a pretty face like yours go to waste.” You heard him say and you closed your eyes as tears were falling down your face. You waited to hear the last noise you would ever hear. A gunshot.

It was quieter than you expected it to be. It wasn’t a loud boom that everyone describes it to be but it sounded like a whoosh. You didn’t feel the bullet or any pain but instead you felt…air? You dared to open your eyes and you realised that you were in the alleyway a few blocks down from where the cafe was. You were shocked and confused until you saw him. The man in the red suit that Iris was always going on about. He was actually real. Iris wasn’t lying. She wasn’t going crazy. It wasn’t some digitally added effect to the videos on the internet. He was real. And he was staring right at you. His green eyes were very vibrant. He looked familiar and you were lost in thought trying to figure out who he was. When he realised that you were studying his features he started to blur his face.

“Please go back and save Barry! He’s still in there!” You exclaimed, tears starting to fall down your face again.

“Don’t worry Y/N.” He said with a deep, voice. It was distorted, sounded almost mechanical.

Before you could choke out how he knew your name he was gone in a flash. You walked out of the alleyway and saw that the police had gotten there, taking ahold of the situation. You walked towards the police and Det. Thawne saw you.

“Y/L/N! Get away from here we are in a hostage situation!” He shouted towards you. He never threw a glance your way but instead kept his gun up pointed towards the coffee shop.

“Barry’s in there!” You said trying to get past the other officers.

“No he’s not. Get back or I’ll have a cop escort you home.” Thawne threatened. You refused to move. Thawne gave you a warning glare.

“Y/L/N. Go. Now.” He sounded threatening. You cowered back slowly. You were about to say something else until a red streak in your peripheral vision appeared. You walked towards where it disappeared from around the corner. You heard what sounded like Det. West’s voice talking to someone.

“You told me that you were going to make it seem like you don’t like Y/N but when there’s a hostage situation going on who’s the first person you save!!!?!” West sounded angry. Who was he talking to?

You were rounding the corner expecting to see West talking with someone but he wasn’t.

“Det. West?” You asked and he turned around. He gave you a fake smile and shoved his hands in his pockets, rocking on his feet.

“Y/N,” He exclaimed, surprised. “I was just uhm..talking to myself..” He said.

He looked like he was lying but you didn’t want to pry your boss for answers.

“You should go home. Barry’s home if you’re worried about him we took him out of the situation and sent him straight home.” West said. You gave him one last skeptical look before you turned around and started walking in the direction Barry’s apartment was in.

You arrived at Barry’s apartment and knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Barry opened it. Once you saw him you instantly wrapped your arms around him, engulfing him in a massive hug before you started to cry in his arms. Barry hugged you back just as tight, rubbing your back and whispering comforting things in your ear.

“Y/N, I’m fine I was worried about you but you were gone when I looked over.” He said, still hugging you. You pulled away from the hug.

“You were gone before me. I looked over and you were gone.” You said looking at him.

“You shouldn’t of stood up and looked for me that was very stupid I mean you could’ve gotten shot if I didn’t get there faster.” Barry mumbled, you could only make out a few words such as ‘stupid’, ‘shot’, and ‘faster’.

“What?” You asked.

“Nothing. I’m just glad you’re safe.” Barry said, smiling at you slightly, wiping your tears that still were streaming down your face. You laughed and looked up at him. Barry leaned in and gave you a kiss on the corner of your mouth/side of the cheek.

“You’re too beautiful to cry.” Barry mumbled again, but this time you caught every word. You looked up at him and his cheeks were red and his eyes sparkled. His eyes…
“Do you have anything red?” You asked all of the sudden, surprising him. He set his hands down, shoving them in his pockets and nodded.

“I have a red superman shirt.” He said looking at you confused. You pushed past him and went to his closet looking for the shirt. You scanned through the closet. You found a red shirt, but it wasn’t the superman one. This one looked old and had STAR LABS written across the front. You held it up towards Barry, who was standing by the door to his room, still confused.

“Can I cut a sliver out of this?” You asked him. He nodded and went to go get scissors. He handed them to you, still not knowing what was going on.

“Y/N why are you cutting up a piece of my shirt? If you need a red shirt I could just give you one.” He finally decided to ask. You ignored his questions and cut two holes in the shirt and cut out a section with the holes on it. You made a makeshift mask and held it up to Barry’s eyes. Barry’s confused look soon turned to a frowned one. He figured out what you were doing. He was your savior. The hero that Central City had. The red makeshift mask you held up to his face made you realise that he was real. He was the Flash.

Barry took your arms and pulled them away from him. You could tell he wanted to say something but was speechless.

“Barry. You could’ve gotten shot when you saved me!” You said, still processing the fact that he could have almost gotten hurt because of you…and that he had superpowers.

“If I didn’t move you then you would have gotten shot!” He argued. You rolled your eyes.

“Barry please don’t ever take a bullet. Please.” You begged him, just wanting him to be safe.

“Then don’t ever put me in a situation where I have to take one for you.”

A/N: This wasn’t requested. I’m so so so so ssosososoosososososososo sorry I kind of been MIA for like the longest time but my tumblr completely deleted everything that I had saved in my inbox along with my likes so I’m sorry if you requested something and I didn’t answer it wasn’t because I was ignoring you but it was because of the problem I had. Love you all and don’t be afraid to request now that my tumblr is up and running now! I KNOW THAT THIS IS A DC CHARACTER AND EVERYTHING BUT I TRULY LOVE THE FLASH AND ARROW AND THE SUICIDE SQUAD SO FEEL FREE TO REQUEST FROM ANY OF THOSE CHARACTERS OR ANY MARVEL CHARACTER AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO WRITE FOR YOU!!! I honestly love anyone who reads this and thinks it’s decent tbh I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A NICE DAY/NIGHT AND PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

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Will you be making any more barry allen fics? Or are you restricted to just batman / superman? What about green arrow? Do you write for oliver too?? Sorry for the amount of questions

So far I don’t really have any requests for bally allen so maybe not yet. I am not restricted to writing just batman / superman though! I would like to try and write more Barry Allen / Oliver Queen imagines. It’s alright actually! I don’t mind getting these sort of questions! 


I found a familiar face in an old irish ad for tea


here’s a nice video from one of my absolute favorite youtube users, yanghaiying. a lot of these videos are just her making tea and speaking softly about the tea and sort of just rambling, or humming. she describes her videos as “curious, tedious, ordinary and kind of fun as well as boring”. she has a very nice voice and a very inspiring attitude. it’s very comforting, and this one gets pretty inspirational after a while (don’t skip ahead, just open it in another tab and casually listen).

i found hai ying yang through the wonderful lynda barry, who recommended one of her more topical videos (“demystify chinese painting”) in the back of her marvelous book “picture this” (which I also strongly recommend, along with every other lynda book).

i hope you like this, i like it a lot!

“i think the tea is almost ready to drink”