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*repeatedly slams hands on table* BARRY KISSES BARRY KISSES BARRY KISSES


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  • First kiss(es).
    • Barry stuttering until the moment your lips press against his.
    • A lot of saliva for the first few seconds until he pulls away and dive in for a deeper, and harder kiss.
    • Awkward. He’s not sure where to put his hands.
      • Opts to put them on your shoulders.(And then your waist).
      • Cupping his jawline and tracing his skin slowly under your fingers.
  • Really fast kisses.
    • Barry giving you quick pecks as he walks by at a fast pace.
    • Barry using fast kisses to silence you.
      • Really fast kisses to your cheek, especially when he’s excited.
      • Barry really likes fast kisses.
  • Equally as slow kisses.
    • Loves how passionate and warm they are.
    • Barry holding your cheeks in his hand and stroking your face gently as he kisses you slowly.
    • Struggles to keep the pace, because he naturally wants to move faster.
    • Diving your fingers into his hair.
  • kisses on your fingertips, shoulders, neck, etc.
    • Barry likes to press hot kisses against your fingertips, especially while sitting around and watching TV. He’ll just grab your hand and start idly placing kisses onto your fingers.
      • Kisses on your shoulders are more rare, but do happen every once and a while. Usually, when he’s half awake and trying to wake up in the morning.
        • Kisses on the neck are pretty self-explanatory. Usually happens after a heavy make-out session, during sex, or when he’s just feeling playful.

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EZRA MILLER IS SUCH A HUNK! And it would be such an honor if you wrote for him ESPECIALLY AS BARRY ALLEN 😭😭😭😭


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Title: Dismissed.
Pairing: (Onesided) Barry Allen x Reader.
Words: 543.
Rating: K.

“(Name), (Name), (Name), (Name)!!” You’d heard Barry say your name many a time, but this. This was something else. You knew of his ability, the one that allowed his to travel at speeds that were unimaginable to people like you. But, as he continued spewing your name, it seemed like it was getting faster and faster the more he said it. Perhaps, it was just a trick that your mind was playing on you, or, it was completely possible that Barry was spitting out your name unreasonably fast to capture your attention. Strange enough, you snorted to yourself, he didn’t need to do that to get your attention. He always seemed to have it, and for as brilliant as Barry was, he seemed to be blind to this notion.

“Barry,” You finally replied to the over-stimulated man in front of you. He’d managed to stop speaking, his plump, pink lips pressing together before he reached back into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out something unfamiliar, but still holding a lacked sense of familiarity. Your senses heightened as he traced the sharp edge of the bat shaped blade between his fingertips. It was a barely there motion, that you still caught hold of while the worry of Barry cutting himself washed over you. “Wh-…”

The smile that pressed itself onto his cheeks was immediate. It was childish, as if he had just found his favorite candy bar at a candy store. “Isn’t it amazing?” Barry eluded, “I don’t even. I can’t—” Barry swallowed, the muscles in his neck convulsing with said action. This happened a lot, or so it seemed. His mind would run far ahead of what his mouth was trying to say. “I knew it was going to happen,” That was the first coherent thought that had managed its way out of his mouth. Barry clenched his jaw for a moment, staring at the blade in his hands, “It was just a matter of time.”

You had this conversation, more than once. And it was always left at a minimal pace for you, and Barry explained as best he could. He knew his super ability at speed, with the untapped potential for more, would be recognized and he’d be off to use it for the greater good. He always knew, and deep down, you knew as well. Barry was destined for great things. “I’m so happy for you.” You managed to peep, and it was a quiet sound.

“I really need this,” Barry explained to you and rubbed his thigh with his free hand, “Get myself out of my room, away from all of this,” He gestured to the computer screens that were scattered around the room you were in. but, your gaze rested on the familiar red suit sitting across from the two of you, “not that it’s a bad thing, but I-I can finally make friends, you know? Who are different, enhanced,” He fixed his wording, “Like me… Maybe, I’ll finally get a girlfriend.”

The sound of that felt like a sharp knife to your stomach. “Yeah, like me…” You whispered. Obviously, Barry hadn’t heard you as he continued going on about what had happened, and who had offered him such a position. But, you weren’t listening as intently anymore. You only wished that he would, that he could, see what was in front of him.

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