every westallen scene ever (123/?)

The beauty and grace that is Westallen 🙌🏾

Guys I’ve never been so obsessed and so freaking in love with a couple like Westallen. I literally cannot watch a single second of their scenes without crying and screaming. We are blessed with cuteness and beauty and grace that is Westallen and I just cannot handle it. I love both of them as individuals but they together… oh boy it’s all I want in my life because they are literally everything 😍😍 I can hear my heart break when I see how much these two are loving each other and honestly if you don’t agree you can fight me because I’m gonna defend them till my last breath (which I have no doubt will be because of them; let’s be honest I died a couple of times in the past watching them and that’s how I would wanna go 😂). Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like my soul and heart are getting ripped out every time I see them and loving it because they are literally goals 🙌🏾❤️ I’m thankful that the writers gave (and still giving) us this healthy relationship and I’m thankful for the fandom cuz no matter where you’re from or who you are the love we feel for Westallen connects us and we would pretty much start a war if anything would happen to them 😂😘  P.S. they are so sweet I can’t even choose a gif without wanting to cry ❣️🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾

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Wedding Fever: Barry Allen Imagine

Based off of prompts #61 and #121

Summary: The reader and Barry attend the reader’s sister’s wedding

“Hey Barry?” I say running my fingers through his hair. His hums in response as his eyes flick up from the tv. “You’re free tomorrow, right?” I ask and grab the remote to mute the tv. He furrows his brows thinking and replies “Um yeah, I have no plans. Why?”. I trace my finger along the bridge of his nose and say “Just making sure. We have a wedding to go to”. He sits putting his arm around my shoulders. “A wedding?” he questions, glancing down at me. I turn to him nodding and say “Yup. It’s my sister’s wedding. We have to pack tomorrow, we’re staying at the hotel Saturday night. I’ll help you pick out what to wear later. We have to be at the hotel early so I have time to get ready. Also, don’t go to bed too late tonight. I don’t want you tired at the wedding”. Barry chuckles, nodding his head and says “Sounds good” then leans down to peck my lips and un-mutes the tv.

I apply one last spritz of hairspray and check over my makeup once again and finally decided that I am satisfied. I walk out of the bathroom wearing my bathrobe only to find Barry, still in his sweatpants, laying on the hotel bed. I grab his suit and my dress from the closet and lay them on the bed. Barry grabs his outfit and quickly changes into them as I remove my dress from the bag carefully. I take off my robe and step into the dress and Barry steps behind me to zip it up for me. I turn to face him and take in how incredible he looks in his suit. He smiles at me and says “Y/n, you look amazing”. I laugh and fix his tie before saying “You don’t look too bad yourself”. I glance over at the clock and say “We better head downstairs”. Barry nods but as I am about to walk to the door, he grabs my hand and pulls me in so he can give me a soft kiss.

Everyone applauds for my sister and her new husband as the music starts for the couples first dance. “She’s looks so happy” I whisper quietly to Barry as he reaches out and grabs my hand. We watch the happy couple for a moment and then a voice came over the speaker inviting everyone else to the dance floor. Barry stands up, pulling me with him, and says “You wanna dance?” I smile and nod and we walk onto the dance floor. My arms wrap loosely around his neck and his arms snake around my waist, pulling me in close to him. Dancing with Barry always felt safe, being held so tightly by the person you love most. I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder as we sway to the song, wishing this feeling would never have to go away.

After dancing for hours, the wedding is over and we are back in the hotel room, in our pajamas. I hop onto the bed and settle in next to Barry, who grabs my hand and laces it with his. He looks at me and says “I had a great time. That was a lot of fun”. I smile and say “Yeah it was”. Barry turns to me suddenly and says “I want our wedding to be like that. Fun and exciting and beautiful”. “Our wedding? Barry Allen, are you saying you want to marry me?” I joke. Barry rolls his eyes playfully at me before saying “Well obviously I want to marry you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m kind of completely and utterly in love with you. You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m not proposing or anything, but I would like to one day”. I move my free hand to his cheek and lean in to kiss him. He let’s go of my hand and rests his hands on my waist, kissing me back. We break apart and I smile saying “I am so totally in love with you Barry. And just for the record, I would love to marry you some day. You are definitely the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me”. Barry smiles and kisses me and we lay down. I feel two strong arms wrap around my torso and I snuggle into Barry’s chest. We both mumble quiet I love you’s and good night’s and Barry kisses the top of my head. We slip into sleep, both thinking about our future wedding.


The Flash 3x13 “Attack on Gorilla City” Sneak Peek - Barry and his team travel to Earth-2 to rescue Harry from Gorilla City, but are captured and brought to Grodd, who tells them he needs their help to stop Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City, from invading Earth-1. Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Jesse and Kid Flash hit the streets to stop a metahuman who can control gravity.

The Best Friend / Part 1

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Pairings: Barry Allen, Iris West, & Reader (Trio of Besties/BestFriends); Team Flash & Reader (BestFriends); Eddie Thawne & Iris (Dating)

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1,037 <—- WHAT? This is literally the longest thing I’ve ever written… I’m not even joking…

A/N:Hello everyone! I hope you like it! I know the reader isn’t really in this as much. But she will be in the next part a lot. Also, please send me some requests. :D

Third Person POV

“Hey, I’m ready to see this atom smasher smashing. Also, (Y/N) is going to meet us there,” says Iris.

“There was a shooting today, and Joe needs me to process some evidence. And I don’t know if we’re going to be able to make it to Star Labs,” he says.

“Seeing this thing turn on is like your dream. Your little sad nerdy dream,” she says before taking a fry from Barry’s box.

“I canceled a date for this.” she said while chewing on a fry.

“Hey! Hands off my fries,” he told her. “Unbelievable.”

Then, a familiar woman walks in with a bright smile.

(Y/N)’s POV

“Hi!” you say excitedly.

“(Y/N)?” they both say in shock.

“In the flesh!” you say to them.

“What are you doing here?” said Barry.

“Well, I thought that I could surprise both of you,” you say. “Seeing the particle accelerator run for the first time is like legendary!”

“What’s so important about this particle accelerator anyway?” asks Iris.

“Well, Harrison Well’s work in quantum theory is light years ahead of anything.” says Barry.

“Which is extraordinary!” you beam.

“You two are doing that thing where you don’t speak English again.” she says.

“Imagine this dot represents everything we the human race, know as of right now.” he says.

“Does that include twerking?” she asks.

“A very weird question indeed, but yes.” you answer.

You pick up a dry erase marker and draw a big circle around the dot. “This is what we can learn from the particle accelerator. It’s a brand new way of looking at physics!” you say with a mixture of happy and very very very excited.

“It will literally change the way we think about everything!” he beams.

“You’ve got to get yourself a girlfriend.” says Iris while resting her hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, leave him alone,” says Joe. “He’s working.”

“Hi dad.” says Iris with a warm smile.

“Hey, Joe!” you say before you hug him.

“Hey (Y/N),” he says with the same warm smile that Iris had. “Glad to see you back in Central City.”


“Your test thingy is done,” says Iris.

“I think the Martin brothers are hiding in a farm,” says Barry. “The fecal matter I found on the street was cow manure, which contained traces of oxytetracycline. It’s an antibiotic. There are only four farms in the area that still use it in their feed. And if you find a really sweet Shelby parked at one of them.” Barry then gives Joe a paper.

“So, since Barry solved your poop problem. How about letting him go to Star Labs,” says Iris with her arm wrapped around Joe’s neck.

“Please Joe?” you beg.

“Fine, go.” replies Joe.

“Yes!” says you and Barry before high-fiving.

Iris smiles and kisses her Dad.

“Thank you, Joe.” says Barry before running off to get his coat.

“Bye!” you tell him before leaving with Barry and Iris.


“So, Barry how was your trip?” you ask. “I heard that you went to Starling City for a bit.”

“Did you find proof of the impossible?” added Iris. “Or did you just make my dad mad for no reason?”

“Sorry guys, I have to go in. I’m supposed to be in the cortex soon. I’ll see you guys in a bit, though.” you say before walking away to the back entrance.

“Okay!” says Iris.

Third Person POV

“Actually, while I was away I had a chance to think about you know relationships,” he says. “Oh, well… I’m not in one. And you’re not in one either. You’re my best friend, Iris.”

“You’re mine too,” she says. “Why else would I be here?”

“That’s not what I meant-” he says before getting cut off by Iris.

“I know what you’re going to say, Barry.” she says.

“I’m not sure you do.” he says back.

“Even though we pretty much grew up in the same house together and that we’re pretty much like brother and sister because we’re not brother and sister.” she continues. “It can get… weird and awkward to talk to me about girls I just want you to know that it shouldn’t be awkward.“ 

He nods knowing that she really doesn’t understand what he’s really trying to get out.

“There’s nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the wonderful guy that you really are.” she says with the warm smile that he fell in love with.

He smiles trying to cover up the fact that it’s really not what he meant.

“Took the words what out of my mouth.” he says.

“Aw, aren’t you glad that I know you so well?” she replies.

Everyone starts to clap for Harrison Wells.

“Thank you,” he says. “My name is Harrison Wells. Tonight, the future begins.”

Cameras start to flash while he speaks.

“The work my team and I do here will change our understanding of physics. We will bring about advancements in power, advancements in medicine. And trust me, that future will be here faster than you think.” says Dr. Wells.

Then, suddenly a man walks by Iris and grabs her bag. She turns around quickly.

“No! Hey! That has my laptop in it! It has my dissertation!” cries Iris.

Barry turns around and runs after the man with Iris’s bag.


He runs into a gentleman and says sorry to him. Quickly out of breath, he continues to sprint towards the robber after a quick breath. The burglar hits Barry with Iris’s bag, Barry falls back and tries to consult the teenage looking boy. 

“Alright kid, you don’t have to do this. Alright? Just give me back my friend’s bag, and we’ll call it even.” he consults. “Yes, alright…”

The teenager slowly holds it out forward and then instantly shoves it up to Barry’s stomach, and runs off.

“Barry!” says Iris worriedly. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he says trying to catch his breath.


The teenager runs away and climbs over the fence. Looking back once, a light is shined at him.

“Freeze.” says a man. “Police, or do you want to find out the hard way with a bullet?”

Not Your Wife

A/N: I’m back and working on request I have backed up. Plus a part two to one of my other imagines. Based on this request from anon: Imagine you where engaged to Harry he abruptly breaks off the engagement and goes back to e2. leaving the team to pick up the pieces of your broken heart. Fast forward a few years Harry comes back needing help of the team and seeing you happily dating Barry or HR which bothers Harry. After the 100th time seeing HR or Barry kiss you he finally snaps saying something like “don’t touch my wife” and wants u back.

Having your ex-fiance coming back to your earth wasn’t exactly something you looked forward too. You had been heart broken when he had called off the engagement and returned to his earth.

Which is why for the life of you, you couldn’t figure out why after kissing your current boyfriend Barry. Harry had blown up pulled you to his side and yelled, “stop kissing my wife!” At a bewildered Barry.

“Um, excuse you?” you snap, yanking your arm out of his hand. “You lost any right to call me that when you broke off out engagement.”

Harry for once kept silent.

“Take me home Barry?” you ask turning to the speedster.

“Yeah,” Barry agreed before scooping you up into his arms and speeding off.

Earth 38 [Barry Allen Imagine]

You are a hero from Earth 38, the same as Supergirl, and work with her frequently due to your similar powers. One day a speedster shows up to National City and takes off with Kara. You, being the great friend that you are, have to go and save her…

Warnings: None

I hope y’all enjoy reading my FIRST FREAKING WRITING! I know it’s not much… and doesn’t seem too much like an imagine… but there will be more parts! I promise! Don’t be mads!

btw (S/H/N) stands for superhero name ;)


The window shatters as Kara Danvers, otherwise known as the infamous Supergirl, plummets to the ground 20 floors below. I feel the need to jump through and save her with my own powers, but I can’t with everyone watching. Within about one second, a red blur goes up the side of the building, takes Kara, and leaves towards the desert just outside the city. I nod to Winn, as he helps frequently with our superhero endeavors, and head up to the roof. I quickly strip out of my work clothes and into my superhero suit. I leap from the building in the direction of the kidnapper. My white cape flows in the wind as I spot a man in red standing next to Kara.

I look closer to see that Kara is, on fire? The man in red tries to motion to put it out but decides not to touch Kara as the fire had spread to her upper chest. Kara sighs at the inconvenience and leaps into the air joining my side. Leaving her civilian clothes behind

“(Y/N)! Did you see that?” Kara stares in disbelief.

“Yeah, everything happened so quick! Even for me!” I say this because I have been training with Kara. About a year ago, I found out that the DEO was the home operations for all things Supergirl. Naturally, I went to them to try and contain and control my powers. They were very similar to Kara’s so getting along with her wasn’t very hard to do. I just wasn’t a Kryptonian and my power supply was unknown.

We decide to head back into the city. Just as we go I spot the blur on the ground, somehow keeping up with our speed. I pull Kara down to the ground with me as we stop right in the man’s path.

He stops with a slide and looks towards the both of us with confusion. His scarlet red suit covers him from head to toe with gold accents in the seams. A lighting bolt plastered in the center of his chest.

“Wait? Who are you two?” The mysterious man asks.

“We could be asking you the same question,” I say with a hint of sass. He turns his head with a small smirk on his face and a glimmer in his eyes.

“I’m the Flash.” Kara and I turn to each other in confusion. The Flash? “I’m the fastest man alive?”

“The who now?” Kara blurts out. The corner of my lip turns up into a smirk. Oh, Kara. The Flash just shakes it off and speaks again.

“Now that I introduced myself, why don’t you two do the same?”

“I’m Supergirl and this is (S/H/N)!” She points to herself and I and puts on a signature smile and rests her hands on her hips.

“The who now?” The Flash retorts. I try to stifle a laugh as Kara’s face shows the crinkle between her brows that she absolutely hates. He shoots off more questions regarding weird names neither of us had heard before. Green Arrow? Black Canary? Firestorm? Each question answered with a no. The Flash then sighs and takes off his mask revealing his tousled brunette hair and bright emerald eyes. A sudden look of distress spreads across his face.

“I’m Barry Allen, and I think I’m on the wrong Earth.”