Before taking questions he played a three minute scene or us that was cut together from the early days of the shoot – a scene where Barry Allen in casual clothes enters an abandoned, graffiti marked building, a warehouse of sorts.
A few steps in, Barry opens a circuit breaker where he inserts a battery – that’s already sitting inside of it – into a socket before closing it and pulling the switch. Sparks fly, not even phasing Barry, and the power activates to what’s best described as The Flash HQ. The concept art in the War Room of the Justice League set refers to this place as Barry’s “apartment” but it seems to serve more as a hideout for Barry to track crime and store The Flash costume which sits upon a mannequin to the right of his massive workstation which featured easily over a dozen screens abstractly placed all over the main wall.
- Justice League Scene Description: Batman Recruits The Flash

With Arrow, what I decided is everything relates to Oliver, everything, in some way. Even if it’s a new character’s theme, in some way it has to relate to Oliver because it’s all about him and his experience… With Flash it’s a little bit different because it feels a little bit more ensemble. It’s all about Barry, but it’s a little bit more ensemble. So, in that sense, it doesn’t have to be a love theme from like Oliver’s viewpoint, it could be a love theme from both Iris and Barry’s. So, I don’t really combine their themes. Like, their love theme, the first theme was–the first theme was–really Barry’s, and now I’m starting to develop more of a love theme between them, and it’s just–there’s not like a combination. It’s just their love theme. Instead of saying “this is Iris’ and The Flash coming together”, you know what I mean? It’s like ’this is a love theme FOR them’.
—  Blake Neely on creating the Westallen Music Themes and whether he just combines Barry’s theme and Iris’ theme…
Now Who’s The Villain

Singular, most important moment in The Flash S3 preview.

Reverse Flash shouting at Barry, “Now who’s the villain Flash? Now who’s the villain?”

And I’m like…

Here’s one of the most frustrating aspects of The Flash - there are very few consequences to time travel. Barry letting his mother die in the S1 is one of the few exceptions. It was exquisitely heroic of Barry and then The Flash UNDID IT in the S2 finale. So, the fact that Thawne is even POSING this question is leaps and bounds ahead of what The Flash normally does. Typically, The Flash goes on and on about all the terrible consequences of time travel, but then sweeps those consequences under the rug whenever it suits them. Bottom line? What Barry did, while completely understandable in his grief, was unbelievably selfish and not remotely heroic. Flashpoint is Barry messing with EVERYONE’S lives without giving the slightest consideration to anyone’s feelings but his own. Barry took everyone’s free will away because he thinks he knows better. And that’s what villains do. That’s how heroes BECOME villains. So Thawne is really laying a significant moral question at Barry’s feet, with a heavy dose of…

Could Season 3 be season The Flash finally holds to all those time travel consequences they are constantly promising? Could Season 3 be the season the season Barry FINALLY has to deal with those consenquences without a quick fix? God I hope so.

anonymous asked:

your art is so so wonderful!! ❤️ could I request Barry braiding cisco's hair and putting flowers in it? I feel like he would do that when he's bored and he just uses his speed to quickly braid cisco's hair lol

Thank you so much ❤️ and thanks for the request!!

I couldn’t figure out how to make it look like Barry was doing Cisco’s hair at super speed, so I changed it a bit to have him concentrate on not tangling it, hope that’s okay! 

Requests are closed for now 

…Iris and Barry went to school together. They’re also barely acquaintances, but Barry still knows that that conversation on the porch happened with Iris, that kiss took place, and is going to kinda try to force all of those relationships to happen.
—  Grant Gustin on Barry’s relationship with Iris in the Flashpoint storyline.


Why can’t I hold all of these precious speedsters akjdcjkxnxjs ; u ;

Anyway~ Seeing lots of SDCC news gives me 19929348389W84x the hype especially EZRA MILLER AS THE FLASH FROM THE JUSTICE LEAGUE TRAILER AAAAAA

Since I finally get to see his official suit, I really have to draw him with Evan Peters!Quicksilver! I hope I did them justice ; w ;. And tbh, I couldn’t choose which one has the best design, so I just love all of them and I wanna adopt ALL OF THEM /stabbed

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS! Also go see the my first two speedsters (ATJ!Quicksilver & Gustin!Flash) drawing HERE!