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Which Les Mis songs do you think could change the world? :D (omg I'm too original haha)

I already answered this but there’s room for another!:D 

Aside from DYHTPS and maybe the Finale (which is really a reprise of DYHTPS anyway, GEEZ that’s an Excellent Song) 

I really think Beggars at the Feast is super underrated (though so is the whole Thenardier plotline,tbh). “Clear away the barricades and we’re still here”  is one of the best lines in the whole show,  even if I’m not sure that it’s like Intentionally good, it gets at one of the political messages of the story so well  

(and now gives me intense 1848 emotions but I don’t expect a not-19C/French-history-nerding person to get that because good grief why would they) 

In Paris tonight they’re doing a “Barricades Night” to protest against France’s current politics & the elections and everything and,,,, imagine Enjolras

me, perfectly relaxed and doing work on my computer: i need the full version of Barricades.

me, checking my phone: i need the full version of Barricades.

me, talking with someone on the phone but not paying attention to them and instead thinking: i need the full version of Barricades

me, getting up to drink some water: i need the full version of Barricades

me, listening to Barricades on the preview: why is this so short

I bet that Grantaire is the kind of guy that buys books from charity shops and then goes through them trying to find any notes or anything that the previous owner had left.

But then one time, he manages to find a really, really old one, probably from a second-hand bookshop that specialises in antiques. And it’s from 1831 and all the notes in it are super faded and near-impossible to read but he treasures it because the person writing them is so passionate and he reminds him of Enjolras…

Little does he know…

les amis as things my writing teacher has said
  • Enjolras: For this prompt, don't write about cis men. Don't do it.
  • Courfeyac: We should have a walk like a t-rex day where everyone in the school walks like a t-rex.
  • Combeferre: The computer science class is exploiting me.
  • Jehan: Adverbs are very pretty much not your friends. See what I did there?
  • Grantaire: Does anyone else think life is just one sick joke? I feel like God is punishing me.
  • Joly: I went to Stanford for psychology and was an overachiever. Now look at me.
  • Bahorel: D-A-D-D-Y is here. See? I didn't say it that time because you guys yell at me.
  • Feuilly: If I won a million dollars I would reform the school so they could pay teachers more.
  • Bossuet: Hey guys? You need to stop talking.
  • bonus:
  • Eponine: I thought you were my bae but you're just a weirdo.
  • Marius: Our printer can't do anything right. I feel like it's a metaphor for me and ultimately this class.
  • Cosette: Who was writing about the angels? This is good. Oh it's a ten grader.
  • Muischetta: Guys are weak and easily manipulated. Take care of them. They're children. Poor things.
  • Montparnasse: *shouts loudly as he exits the school building in front of a group of children* MOTHERFUCKER!