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musical theatre meme [2/5] movies that became musicals → heathers (1988)

“Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count”

people with the purest voices

will connolly
ben platt
mike faist
george salazar
troye sivan
Barrett Wilbert Weed

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: don’t hate on popular musicals and call them generic and boring most of them have won tony awards and are truly inspiring works of genius why do you think they’re popular in the first place oh my god also there’s no such thing as fake fans and people aren’t oblivious to the deeper meanings of shows it’s just fun to have AUs and ships and stuff and never ever call actors untalented why do you think they got the job speaking of jobs don’t get angry when actors have to move on from their current show to a better opportunity this is their profession and how they make a living not just an opportunity to have fun and chill with their castmates okay just stop hate in the musical community please we’re supposed to be artists why are we acting like fucking trump @ mexico

EDIT: hoooooly fucking shit, this blew up. thanks so much for the love! now, I know some people are irritated by the Trump joke and it was a bit uncalled for as a sensitive subject, but for the moment please try to think of it as a joke and nothing more. if it becomes a problem, I’ll get rid of it. again, thank youuuuu! *twirls away*


I myself have fallen down the “heathers videos on YouTube” rabbit hole sooo many times. But if for some reason you haven’t (or you’re new to the musical) these are my top 13 favorite videos on the tube that feature heathers. Some of these are OBC and some are other productions. I’ve literally probably watched all these videos like 5 times in their entirety. Enjoy.

1. OBC previewing the show:

2. Original Heather Duke (Queen Alice Lee) covers Candy store:

3. “JD Never saw that point shoe coming”:

4. Live footage (not illegal!!) of OBC!:

5. More non-illegal live footage of OBC!:

6. Dead girl walking in the recording studio:

7. This performance of candy store: (features OBC minus Alice Lee..Kristolyn played Duke in the original LA production tho!!)

8. Aaaand this performance of candy store:

9. This cover of seventeen:

10. This medley:

11. This performance of dead girl walking:

12. Jessica’s mashup of Beautiful (Carol King) and Beautiful (Heathers):

And finally

13. Blue:

Congrats! You have been heathers educated. But for real, just listen to the cast album and you’re good to go. This is useful for late night video binging, though.

Cute things boys do

- kiss you and tell you they worship you
- sneak through your window and fucks you
- kills your best friend and enemy
- shoots the boys who bully you
- scares the shit out of you to make you fake your own death to get away from him
- attempts in bombing the school so you can cuddle by the fire
- and lastly blows up themselves leaving you there having to explain and clean up the mess

So cute…

Heathers and Hamilton are basically the same

- main guy is kinda a douche who gets angry over nothing

- has a girl really in love with him who will do anything to be with him (fight for me vs helpless tho)

- stars clique of three other side kicks who will love and support main two (heathers vs schuyler sisters vs mulliganlafayettelaurens)

- gay subtext

- cinnamon roll will die or nearly die

- angry songs of characters overreacting

- sinny sin sin sin

- girl squads

- main who fucks up a lot

- shitty parents 

- set in 80′s

Dead Girl Walking But You're Standing Outside of JDs Window
Dead Girl Walking But You're Standing Outside of JDs Window

It’s Dead Girl Walking, but You’re Standing outside of JDs Window (you creeper)

This took me an hour on garage band and three computer crashes. Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was.

Is it also incredibly weird if you think too much about it? Yes, yes it is.

(inspired by this post)