Barrett Weed

My main problem with Heathers: the Musical

why was the first day of school on a Friday? Why would they only go to school for the one day? Even from a musical standpoint having the song go “September 4th, 1989″ would still be in rhythm since ‘fourth’ and ‘first’ both have the same number of syllables. The only way having school start on a Friday would help the plot, is if the party was that following weekend, but Veronica clearly states she has been friends/coworkers with the Heathers for 3 weeks prior to the party, ruling that out as a valid reason for school to start on Friday. Also can you imagine being a student with a messed up schedule or not knowing where your classes are and you can’t resolve any of those issues until the following week? And having school start on Friday wouldn’t even benefit the teachers since they don’t usually give a lot of work on the first day of school because some students change/fix their schedules. I really don’t understand why school would start on a Friday


so if i had a chance to choose, the things i’d change- the me i’d lose to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

“People are going to see the ashes of Westerburg Highschool, and they are gonna think there is a school that self destructed not because society didn’t care, but because that school WAS society. The only place that Heathers and Marthas can get along, is in Heaven!!”


I Knew You Were Trouble/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together performed by Barrett Wilbert Weed, Jenn Damiano, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Andrew Durand, and Preston Sadleir at 54 Below

(sorry for the bad quality and shaky camera and portrait orientation and stuff)


Lost- Barrett Weed

Hilariously funny. Not to mention her voice. Flawless

Seriously. If you don’t love her after watching this then something’s wrong with you