Barred Owl (Strix varia) by Amy Kay


Houston got offended when Bubo hooted at nothing 😂

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Had a cool surprise in conservation bio today! The biologist that came to speak about owl conservation has this gorgeous barred owl that was rehabilitated after being hit by a car. Due to her friendliness and lack of depth perception (she lost lens) she couldn’t be released and now lives with the biologist! She’s 3 and a half and her name is Kernel. She was very soft and sweet!!


Another coloured batch of Inktober 2016 pieces.

1. Barred Owl as Totem - Strix varia (Unavailable)
2. Great Skua as Totem - Stercorarius skua (Available at Etsy)
3. Roe Deer as Totem - Capreolus capreolus (Available at Etsy)

All done on illustration board in watercolour pencil, pencil and ink, with some metallic/iridiscent paint for highlights (that never turns up in the scans, hence the photos, lol).