Sunday morning bonus!

I took my dog out to the woods early this morning, because we’ve had a thunderstorm last night that broke the heat wave a bit, and the dog NEEDS. TO. RUN.

Coming down the wide path leading to the exit, who should I see but this owl, sitting as pretty as you like in the middle of the path. I stopped and photographed him, then moved a bit closer and photographed him again. Repeat, repeat, until I was so close - maybe 20 feet away!

I’ve met photographer/hiker teams several times in these woods, trying to capture a photo of this owl. I’ve heard the owl call a bunch of times near sunset - the dog is freaked out by the sound! But I’ve never seen the owl, and then here he was, like a little gift for me.

As I nudged a little closer, he flew up into a low branch of a nearby tree, and at that point, I heard the second owl (mate? mother?) flying to my left, and saw her swoop up into a high branch of a second tree.

So cool!

Watercolor Illustration by Jada Fitch of the owls of the Northeast United States. Available on tees, totes and more.


Juvenile Barred Owls by Al Berto