results of stream so far xD

so at first this started out as me shit posting cause i wanted to get outa a slump i was having then next thing ya know im doing full on pictures x3

1st is octi he gets so embarrassed when spell tells him hes so cute as an octopus

2nd sai playing the guitar  i wanted to do something for auhigh and this ended up showing up xD i think ill make sai help the choir or something with background music playing his guitar~

3rd is a request/ i asked her what to draw  for faa she wanted to see all her octopi bbys on me cause for some reason they love to hang off of me xDD thanks @furgemancs for helping me figure out what i was saying

4th another request/ i asked her what to draw for @foreverafterall she wanted lossi to give sai the raspberries but we thought it might be to hard so she chose hugs instead but i was able to get the raspberries in as well xDD

This picture is MIGHTY SMOL. I don’t know why i drew it so tiny… but well..

THESE ARE OCTAVIOR’S BROTHERS! So meet Suffix and Barnaby, Octi’s older brothers. I am sure i will give you bigger doodles of them that aren’t miniature, but for now this is what you get.

so Barnaby is the eldest, Suffix is the middle child, and Octi is the BABY.

Interesting facts —> Suffix has only seven tentacles, one was cut off when he saved Octi from a fight.
—-> Also Barnaby has thicker, bigger tentacles than the other two, he is the largest of the three in terms of body type.

yup… i will probably share more, but ya can ask me about them, i will answer when i got time~

Things I’ve learned from watching Midsomer Murders

1. Everyone is from old money.

2. Everyone has a big house.

3. Everyone is having sex with everyone else.

4. Joyce Barnaby has the patience of a saint.

5. When it comes to murder in a small English town, you either go big or go home.

6. There’s an unusually large amount of incest, whether unintentional or not.

7. Blackmail is the main form of currency.

8. Class warfare is the name of the game.