Barker Dam

Remember how I said that I lived behind a dam and that as long as that held, everything would be fine?

Yeah… Trying so hard not to freak out right now but here, goes: 

I live behind Addicks Reservoir, and by behind I mean nearly 4 miles or so… and Addicks Reservoir is what holds the water when the dam is up and they want to control flooding… it’s really super neat to watch a big natural pond or tiny lake fill up when there are storms in the area. 

For our last drought years, it was a forlorn sight of all yellow, dead grass / dying trees, etc… 

I have NEVER seen it as high as it is right now.  NEVER.  Not during Allison, not during Ike… Addicks Reservoir and Addicks Dam hold up like champs!

But maybe not this weekend: according to the Metereologist team that I trust the most (ABC13 in Houston), the Army Corps of Engineers is monitoring Addicks and Barker Dams (I live between the two of them) and that it is possible that Hwy 6 North of I-10 could flood… which is where I live… 

Houston, a town built at sea level, prepares for street flooding by building houses up high.  My townhouse sits high up off the street, so I should be okay… driving might be difficult for a bit, as well… 

And now, I’m all stomach-clenching nervous.  

My Dad is coming here today for other reasons and our route takes us by the reservoir so I imagine we’ll be talking about it.  Gonna ask him to help me get some large bottles of water just in case.  


Went out to Joshua Tree this past weekend for 3 nights of camping. Getting to that time of year where it’s finally cooling down out there. Didn’t do too much real shooting, but snapped a few shots that will be great reminders of the trip. 

These were done with a combination of a Nikon D4, Nikon D700, and Fuji X100s.